SOOEW Chapter 126 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga VIII

Jiang Tianye doesn’t think it’s tiring to communicate with girls all the time. After all, all the people who can walk around him have a good eye and none of them would dare to trouble him. However, a person from another dimension is not the same. Under the situation where he tried not to reveal that she is just a cartoon character, he describes how she crossed through the void to his dormitory. Even though he thought he spoke very clearly, he was still dizzy and upset by her series of questions. He couldn’t help but glance at her coldly, “Do you have an end?”

Originally, she was the role he didn’t like the most, but he just had to run into her. If it was the other two people, they would have probably been delirious for a long time.

He rubbed his temples with a headache.

How about he just tell them and let them worry about it instead.

People’s emotions can infect others. Of course, she saw his annoyance in her eyes. The Qingniao played by Wen Ying gradually stopped talking. She only wore his broad T-shirt and held a big pillow in her arms to cover the scenery between her legs. She was silent and stupefied.

As soon as the atmosphere turned cold, Jiang Tianye felt uncomfortable again. Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly heard the sound of the door unlocking.

He suddenly froze and subconsciously tightened the bedsheets.

“A Ye1familiar way of calling someone, come down and help!” As soon as the door opened, he heard his roommates’ urgent shout.

“What’s the matter?”

“Wang Shunxing that crispy skin was hit by a bicycle on the way back……that’s not right, you faint at blood. Forget it, forget it. Don’t come down. “

“Bleeding?” Jiang Tianye frowned. He gave Wen Ying a signal, telling her to stay still and he climbed down from the bed. “If it’s serious, go to the infirmary. You won’t be able to carry him alone.”

Knowing that he, himself would faint at the sight of blood, he paid special attention to not to look at the wound. But strangely, at the moment when he got out of bed, the color in his sight suddenly seemed to be pulled away, leaving only black and white. He saw that Wang Shunxing, his roommate, was bleeding from his leg, but it seemed to him just like……ink……

He looked back thoughtfully at the closed bed.

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Kamikaze group’s Qingniao is good at medical treatment and is regarded as the private doctor of the team. However, her skills are very weak. In short, it is color control, which can deprive others of color perception and give color filling. It sounds interesting, however, it doesn’t have any practical significance during the end of the world filled with zombies.

Hence, the appearance of this character was very unpopular with him.

But now……

Speaking of it, the characters of the second dimension can also use powers in the third dimension, which was a bit against the sky. He suddenly felt lucky that Bi Fang, his favorite character from the team, didn’t come. Otherwise, his impulsive firepower would burn the dormitory building in an instant and destroy the world order.

After the three came back from the infirmary, the room was still quiet. The other two didn’t think there was anything wrong. Isn’t it good that they didn’t meet any thieves.

But for Jiang Tianye, who knew that there was someone in the room, it seemed like a signal. He couldn’t help thinking: did she go back?

Otherwise, would ordinary people wait for him to come back so quietly?

When he crawled back into the bedsheets, he was suddenly pulled on from the corner of his clothes.

He took another breath.

The light from the ceiling in the bedroom was blocked by the bedsheets. She held her knees in the semi-dark light, and looked at him pitifully with a pair of wide cat eyes, saying: “Hungry.”

Although they often don’t have enough to eat during the end of the world, the first time the two roommates entered the room, they were carrying the bread for Jiang Tianye’s dinner.

The smell of freshly baked bread makes people’s appetite soar.

The wounds of his two roommates healed and they forgot their pain. They already started to discuss the new gossip circulating about, “I never thought that the Fang Ranzhang from the Chinese department isn’t too bad? Their xueba who always received first actually joined the cosplay club, which scared a lot of people causing their jaws to drop.”

“A Ye hasn’t said it yet. What’s more frightening is that when the film comes out, it amazed the audience.”

“Oh, who did they cos?” Jiang Tianye casually agreed and stretched out his hand. “Hungry, give me the bread.”

“Who else can it be? It’s the character who is most popular right now, Qingniao from《The end of the world kamikaze group》.”

“En?” Wen Ying subconsciously hummed, a subconscious response towards heading her own name.

The dormitory became silent.

Li Shu, another roommate, had already delivered the bread to Jiang Tianye’s hand. Hearing this hum seemed like a girl, he suddenly retracted his hand and looked at Wang Shunxing.

“I say A Ye……”

He hei hei said with a laugh, “I just thought it was strange that the sheets you washed two days ago were hanging on the balcony, and the curtain was pulled before it was dark……under the bed, you couldn’t possibly be hiding a girl?”

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