SOOEW Chapter 127 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga IX

Li Shu’s action of lifting the curtain caught people off guard. Jiang Tianye only had time to press Wen Ying’s head into his arms.

On the dim bed, the girl’s T-shirt only covered the base of her leg, and the neckline slid down due to the shoulder position from the strong action of the other party. She seemed to be a little curious, wanting to turn around from the messy hair. She showed a little white skin and trembling eyelashes, which was followed by his palm-full of compulsion and possessiveness, pushing her back.

“Have you seen enough?”

Jiang Tianye looked at Li Shu angrily, broke off his hand, and placed the curtains back.

Holy Sh**!

Li Shu’s nosebleed was about to spray out, murmuring and sighing: “White skin, beautiful big long legs.”

“What, what!” Wang Shunxing brought his injured leg, and the entire person jumped up, “A Ye really brought back a woman to the dormitory?”

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“Otherwise? Ah ah ah ah A Ye, let me have a look again. What does this sister look like? ” Li Shu desperately fought back, dying to pull open the curtains, “Don’t be so stingy. Even if we don’t see, doesn’t the sister want to see your good friends?”

It was hateful that Wang Shunxing was currently injured and he had to fight alone. Otherwise, he would have succeeded the first time!

“She didn’t bring any clothes. It’s inconvenient.”

Jiang Tianye coldly threw this sentence. Li Shu’s whole body seemed to be frozen.

Holy sh**! The picture was completed. He was going to spray his nose blood again……wait! You can’t cheat a friend’s wife. He just hasn’t dated a girlfriend. He’s not a lecher. Calm down, Namo Amitabha……

There was a sound from the curtains again, but this time it was a playful girl’s voice, and it was as pleasant as water.

“Sorry to disturb you guys.”

Oh, my God!

Li Shu thought of his bold and unrestrained action, and suddenly blushed. Just as he was about to say something, he was suddenly locked by Wang Shunxing’s arm from the upper bunk.

“Enough, this guy is controlled by me. You guys continue on. Just pretend that we don’t exist……”

Inside the curtains, Wen Ying’s face reddened. She gave a light cough and looked quietly at him from the bottom.

The narrow space, a man and a woman, seems to have an ambiguous atmosphere, such as the quiet flow at the bottom of the stream, even Jiang Tianye was uncomfortable. He only told her, “Don’t pay attention to them.”

Wen Ying nodded, her head still turned outward. It could be seen that she was curious about his dorm and his roommates, but she naturally listened to his arrangement out of her trust towards the first person she met.

Jiang Tianye doesn’t mean to forbid her to contact the world, it was only because of special consideration for her identity. A cartoon character appearing in the real world would easily cause a sensation. He was not at ease to tell his roommate about her existence at this moment.

His concealment and mystery caused the curiosity of his roommates more and more. The two people in the dormitory pricked up their ears and paid attention to their voices all the time.

It was a quiet conversation between a man and a woman.

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