WFILTU Chapter 164 – Pain IV

Xue Jiao also lied on the bed stupefied.

After a long time, she took out her mobile phone, opened the chat interface with Lin Zhihua, and edited it——

You are actually Lin Shi’s big boss!!!

No, that’s not going to work!

This seems like an interrogation.

Xue Jiao deleted this sentence and edited it again——

Why did you also attend the annual event today?

No, this can’t work either!

This is not good either.

She deleted it again, and edited a phrase——

You were hurt?

Before Xue Jiao’s message was sent out, a message came from the other——

【Lin Zhihua: ?】

Xue Jiao paused for a moment, then hastened to delete that sentence, replying——


The other responded in a flash——

【How long do you still need to edit?】

Xue Jiao: ……

【No……I just want to ask……how’s your hand……】

The other still responded in less than a second——

【Lin Zhihua: Not so good. It hurts very much.】

Xue Jiao was stunned. This made her at a loss to respond. After all, she naturally thought that the other party would say it’s nothing……

After thinking about it, Xue Jiao replied——

【That……remember to bandage, if the situation is not good, go to the hospital.】

On the other end of the phone.

Lin Zhihua, who was wearing the black suit from the annual event, sat quietly in his study.

This is the first time he sat down idly for several hours ever since he took over Lin Shi. The last time he sat down idly, was when he was considering whether or not to come back to take over Lin Shi.

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At that time, he was only a little tangled. Today……he felt that it hurts.

As he grew older, he thought he would never have a day where he would sit idly in his life.

The room was warm and the light was on, but Lin Zhihua felt that the temperature was not enough.

It’s snowy outside, but it’s almost the same inside.

For the first time, he felt the pain in his injured hand.

En, this is the first time that he knew that the pain was not easy to endure.

Lin Zhihua, who was like an iron man and a machine, would also be unable to endure.

He sat stiffly as if he were unconscious.

He held the phone, and only responded after a long time——

【I wanted to greet you when I left. Where did you go?】

Xue Jiao quickly shot a reply back——

【I went to dinner with my deskmate. I didn’t eat tonight.】

【Deskmate? 】Lin Zhihua knocked out these two words.

Doing business is like fighting battles. Immersed in doing business, even if he already knew the information of the eighteen generations of Yi Tianyu’s ancestors, he still calmly asked the questions.

【En En……don’t mention it anymore. I only went out only to have a meal but suffered a lot, and was also found by my family. I don’t dare to do this type of thing again!!】

Lin Zhihua’s fingers moved.

It seems, it’s a little less painful?

【It’s true that you shouldn’t sneak out, especially when your deskmate seems to be a boy.】

Xue Jiao has been educated in turn today. Seeing Lin Zhihua’s words, she almost said it subconsciously——

【No!! Never again! I regret it to death!】

It certainly was. She was frozen silly after heading out. After eating food using a lot of energy, she harmed her stomach!

She went through h*ll to go back to the hall but was caught by family and received a lesson……

Lin Zhihua’s fingers moved again.

He can be sure that his hands are really fine.

There’s no more pain.

He moved for a while, and the chill in the room seemed to be driven away in an instant.

The heating began to work and the temperature rose.

Lin Zhihua fingers tapped away, continuing to respond.

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