WFILTU Chapter 165 – Love I

【Lin Zhihua: En, regretting is good.】

After sending it out, Lin Zhihua felt that this sentence was a bit wrong, and followed with another one——

【It’s going to be March soon. Are you ready for the competition?】

Speaking of this, Xue Jiao immediately came out of her regret. The world is endlessly grand, but learning remains the grandest.

She had a tangled face——

【I feel that the content of the competition has all been practiced, but I don’t know what the competition situation is like in the third round. I’m at a loss……】

Lin Zhihua quickly replied to her——

【The first round is the foundation stage, and the second round depends on your learning ability and logical ability. In terms of mathematics, now only big problems that test your research ability remains.】

Research ability?

Xue Jiao paused slightly.

【Research ability?】

【Lin Zhihua: Yes, there were only two problems in the third round during my year. The first problem was a celestial calculation problem that integrated a lot of physical knowledge, and the second problem was solving equations.】

Solving equations?

Isn’t that basic knowledge?

Hence, she asked——

【Isn’t solving equations the most basic part?】

【Lin Zhihua: Yes, it’s basic, but it can’t be solved through the typical path. In the second round, we didn’t have induction problems, so in the third round, we first used mathematical induction to get the rules, and then used the inverse method. The number of calculations necessary was very large, and the final result had nine decimal places.】

Xue Jiao paused, then exclaimed——

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【It’s that hard?!】

There are a few problem sets in the third round of the competition. The third round of competition is different every year, and there is no connection. Therefore, the market has not sorted out the problem set. The problem Lin Zhihua discussed was one that Xue Jiao has not seen before.

But it sounds like it’s very hard.

Lin Zhihua replied——

【Yes, it was a little difficult. That year, there was only one person who got it right. 】

Xue Jiao subconsciously asked——


The corner of Lin Zhihua’s mouth raised slightly. The frown that had been tightly wrinkled had already been released unconsciously, which made his expression relaxed and natural.

He pulled on his tie, feeling a little hot, and finally took off the suit that he would take off as soon as he got home.

The solitude in the air also disappeared.

He picked up the phone again. Lin Zhihua’s finger lightly typed a word——


Xue Jiao: “! ! !”

That’s right oh, Lin Zhihua had won the prize in the mathematics competition before!

【There was only one first prize in your competition that year? ? ?】

Lin Zhihua’s fingers became even faster, and there was a little smile at the bottom of his eyes. He didn’t notice it. He was eager to show his performance now, much like a male peacock in the process of courtship.

His reply was calm, as if his heart were calm——

【No, there were several first prizes.】

【I also won the grand prize.】

Too awesome!!!

Xue Jiao was stunned.

Grand prize!! There is a special prize!!!

【You are too excellent!!!】

Lin Zhihua’s mouth turned up and he tried to press it down again. With a calm tone, he typed——

【Not too bad.】

Xue Jiao: “……” Are big bosses all so modest?

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