SOOEW Chapter 129 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XI

Compared with Fang Ran, Li Shu was even more interested in Jiang Tianye’s “mysterious friend” who he brought back to the dorm and even let her sleep in his own bed.

He still remembered his own shock when Jiang Tianye asked people to contact the real estate agency. He even wanted to rent a house for her outside, emphasizing that the decoration should be suitable for “women”. This is the rhythm of keeping a mistress in a love nest ah!

On the third day, Li Shu’s heart was tickled, so he skipped a class and sneaked back to his dormitory to look at the person!

In his conjecture, since Jiang Tianye could hide the person to prevent them from seeing her, she could only be very ugly and he was afraid of losing his face, or she was very beautiful and he was afraid that their hearts would be moved. According to the silhouette that they caught a glimpse of the day before yesterday, the second one was more likely, so he couldn’t help being angry. Would a brother do such a thing?!

Hence it should be fine for him to have a look!

With an inexplicable and uneasy mood, Li Shu opened the door.

During the daytime in the dormitory, the light comes in from a row of six side glass windows on the balcony, and the whole room looks very bright.

The girl he wanted to see was washing something in the sink on the other side of the windowsill. When she heard the sudden sound of the door opening, she turned her head.

After a moment, Li Shu’s brain went dead.

“You you you, me me me……”

She took a step back.

He couldn’t help shaking his hands and taking a step forward, “That what, I didn’t……”

“Li Shu!”

Jiang Tianye’s roar of anger loomed. He held his hand on the doorframe and gasped for breath. It was obvious that he was in a hurry to come back. Right after, he pushed Li Shu away and strode in front of Wen Ying. Wen Ying also cooperatively hid herself behind him.

“You see it all?” Jiang Tianye’s eyes were bright.

Li Shu’s brain that became a machine did not respond, “Ah?”

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“I asked, did you see it all? “

“Saw it all……right?”

As if the other party was not sure, Jiang Tianye did not dare to relax and continued to ask.

“What did you see?”

“Love at first sight!” Escaped his lips.

The three people in the dormitory were all stunned.

Li Shu awkwardly “ha ha” laughed, “no, no, I meant it felt like seeing an old friend at our first meeting!”

Although his words were said like this, his mind was still playing back the picture from just now.

The girl carried the bed sheet she had slept in, and had foam on her hand. She had turned her head when she heard the sound of him entering. At that moment, the picture was frozen, and the braids that she messily put up had flowed to her chest. The cold masculine sheets were softer in her hands, adding on her unique and beautiful face, caused the impact of that moment.

He couldn’t help feeling that Jiang Tianye was really lucky ah ah ah!

Just when the three people were still in a state of confrontation, it happened that the dormitory administrator was checking the use of high-power electrical appliances on the first floor and had already opened the door and entered the room next door.

Jiang Tianye heard the voice, and immediately ordered: “Li Shu, close the door!”

He, himself, pulled Wen Ying into the bathroom and told her to hide here. If necessary, she will lower her voice and pretend to be a boy taking a bath. However, before he went out, he was suddenly held by her hand.

“What’s the matter?”

“Ah Ye?” She called him tentatively. Seeing that he didn’t feel disgusted, she continued, “I feel like I’m leaving.”

He was shocked, “What?”

“It’s my own premonition, that is, there seems to be a voice saying that I’m going back…….in a word, if I really go back, I want to tell you first. Thank you for taking care of me these three days. ” She said her thanks, but her eyes were filled with longing. “It’s a pity that I can’t see what the world is like in peaceful times. But seeing you and your roommates getting along, I want to go back and work hard with my friends!”


Jiang Tianye was silent.

She hesitated for a moment, then suddenly reached out her hands to hug him, and then backed away.

He was unprepared. After calming down a little, he sighed, “Forget it. If there is another chance, I’ll take you outside to take a look.”


She exposed a bright smile, “There will definitely be a chance.”

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