SOOEW Chapter 130 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XII

After safely getting through the difficulties from the dormitory management, Jiang Tianye directed Li Shu out to buy things.

When Li Shu came back with big and small bags filled with snacks, he found that the object of his flattery was gone. Jiang Tianye is the only one in his bedroom. He couldn’t help asking, “Where is she?”

Jiang Tianye flipped through the comic book and replied absentmindedly, “She left.”

“Left? ! When did she leave? “

“Just now.”

“Then when will she come back?”

Jiang Tianye didn’t respond but his hand that turned over the book paused.

This is exactly the page where she appeared. It was no different from before, but his eyes were fixated on it.

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Wen Ying broke away from the cartoon character, woke up from her body and found herself in the hospital.

“What’s the situation?”

“I’ll want to ask you what’s going on! I didn’t go back to the dormitory for two days when I saw you lying in bed motionless. If it weren’t for the fact that you still had a breath, I would have really thought that you were dead. ” Young Miss Xia Yi walked to the bedside with her long legs, “Pa” and dropped a stack of bills, “Here, I paid in advance, remember to return it to me!”

“……Thank you.”

“No need.” She rolled her eyes. “After checking extensively, the diagnosis turned out to be sleeping. I really……just count it as that I had eight generations of bad luck to become friends with you. “

Wen Ying thought of what the original owner had done and nodded her head sincerely, which made Xia Yi angry, but with nowhere to vent.

After such a few days, Xia Yi must have passed her initial angry state. Maybe because the friendship was too important in her life, and she also often refutes it for her, so she will go back to her dormitory again. She also felt soft at the moment so she personally checked for her and went through the in-patient procedures for the hospital.

Wen Ying felt that the time was almost up, and said, “In fact, I did it for a reason……”

Who knew that before her words were finished, Xia Yi suddenly took out her phone, opened a video, and stuffed it under Wen Ying’s eyes, “You take a look at it for yourself!”

The content of the video made Wen Ying feel very interested. It was actually Xia Yi’s favorite class flower who was confessing to Fang Ran. What moved others was that Fang Ran refused, expressing that: Xia Yi likes him, and she wouldn’t become a couple with a person that her friends like. That would hurt Xia Yi’s heart too much.

Xia Yi said, “Fang Ran is really good to me, so I won’t listen to your lies any more.”

“Did she send it to you?”

“No, it was taken by another person on accident and sent to me.”

Wen Ying paused for three seconds, and said sincerely again: “……in such a short period of time, the longer you live, the more you travel into the past?”


“Why don’t you use your head after eating my lesson?” Wen Ying took the orange at the head of the bed and peeled it peel by peel. “Fang Ran, she doesn’t want to be a bad person, so she brought you out as a shield. Can’t you see that?”

Xia Yi was not happy, “You set up your own friends behind your back, but don’t think that everyone is the same as you!”

“Then you wait. The person you like will annoy you sooner or later because of her refusal. Then, at that time, you will know.”

Wen Ying broke off a piece and placed it into her mouth.

Xia Yi stared at her. She originally wanted to spit it out, but the orange skin was broken and the juice that flowed into her mouth was pretty sweet, so she ate it.

Hmph, wait then I’ll just wait!

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