WFILTU Chapter 168 – Love IV

Gu Family.

“Why is she coming too?” Gu Shiyun frowned.

Wu Wanjun patted her daughter placidly: “Isn’t it still your father who remembered. The other now lives with the Cheng family. I don’t know what your father is remembering this for all day long. It’s really that those far away smell good and those that are near are smelly. “

Gu Shiyun’s brow was also wrinkled tightly. How can there be Gu Xuejiao everywhere?

Then, her resentment increased. Her father’s heart was still with Gu Xuejiao? Why does he have to call her over even on New Year’s Eve!

“Forget it, if she comes, then she comes. When she does come, it will be him who will be angry at that time!” Gu Shiyun said it like so.

Wu Wanjun’s eyes brightened: “That’s right, this is New Year’s Eve. If your father has a big quarrel with her, let’s see if he will still miss her in the future.”

Gu Shiyun also had a little smile at the bottom of her eyes: “It’s perfect as I have something to say!”

At twelve o’clock, Gu Xuejiao arrived at Gu Jingxu’s house.

She looked up at the gate, and many memories of Gu Xuejiao came out of her head.

Ten years ago, she was a little princess loved by her parents. The house was full of her laughter.

After ten years old, her grandfather died. Gu Jingxu and Li Sitong divorced.

At that time, she cried and refused to leave Gu’s home. Gu Jingxu took her hand and said——

This will always be your home. If you don’t want to leave, you can live here all the time. Dad will always treat you well.

Then Li Sitong took Gu Xuejiao and left Gu’s house. Also standing at the door, Li Sitong said——

Jiao Jiao, after this, you will only have mother. You can rest assured, even if there is no father, mother will always be good to you!

Most divorced parents are like this.

They feel that it’s just that the parents have separated, and the child still has a father and a mother. What’s the difference?

But in the end, when they get married, they will have all kinds of helplessness.

Gu Jingxu said: your sister is so obedient. You have to get along with her. Father loves you both.

Li Sitong said: you have to understand mom. It’s not easy for mom to stay in Cheng’s home. Don’t cause trouble.

Even later.

Gu Jingxu said: why do you always bully your sister! Why are you so ignorant?

Li Sitong said: can you stop causing me trouble? You are not sensible at all.

Xue Jiao never opposed divorced couples, and can’t force them to get along, but she only hoped that the parents after divorce can give their children a simple environment as much as possible.

Gu Xuejiao is not sensible, but she was the factor of the two families.

Xue Jiao gently exhaled a breath, then entered the door of the Gu family.

“Jiao Jiao has come!” The first one to notice her was Wu Wanjun. Her voice sounded very happy.

“Jiao Jiao, come, come and sit down. Are you tired? Auntie Wanjun will pour some water for you to drink!”

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Wu Wanjun’s voice was happy and surprised, but carried politeness. She could always let Xue Jiao realize that she doesn’t belong here.

Xue Jiao wanted to laugh. If it was the Gu Xuejiao of the past, she may feel uncomfortable, but she really has no feeling, so, with peace of mind, she accepted Wu Wanjun’s “service”.

“You still know to come. Do you still have me, your father, in your heart? !”

Xue Jiao immediately responded, “I don’t have.”

“You——” Gu Jingxu glared with his eyes.

However, it seems that he has been angered many times by Xue Jiao that he didn’t feel surprised at all??

“Forget it, I’m too lazy to scold you!” Gu Jingxu placed the cup on the tea table, “Get ready to eat.”

“I’ll go bring the dishes. Xue Jiao, you have a rest!” Wu Wanjun said quickly.

Before, when Xue Jiao came, if Wu Wanjun said it like this, she would help to bring the dishes immediately.

“Oh, alright.” Xue Jiao followed the advice readily and sat still.

Wu Wanjun was stunned for a moment, and looked at Gu Jingxu. Seeing that he didn’t have any reaction, she went to the kitchen in anger.

Gu Xuejiao has changed!

At this time, Gu Shiyun appeared from upstairs and said with a smile——

“Sister, would you like to come to my room for a while? I have a new doll here. Do you want to see it? “

Before, when Gu Xuejiao came, Gu Shiyun would invite her to her room.

Gu Xuejiao used to live in that room for several years. When she saw Gu Shiyun living in it, she would naturally become upset. Gu Shiyun would stir up a few more words, and eventually it became Gu Xuejiao’s senseless disturbance. Gu Jingxu would then scold her.

How many years has it been? Why is it still this routine?

“I won’t go. I used to live there for several years. There’s nothing special”

When Xue Jiao finished speaking, Gu Shiyun’s face was stiff for a moment.

Gu Jingxu also frowned: “Xue Jiao, speak properly!”

“I’m telling the truth!”


Gu Jingxu didn’t know what to say. Gu Shiyun inhaled deeply, calmed her mood, and then went downstairs to help Wu Wanjun bring out the dishes.

On New Year’s Eve, the meal of caring for the family is very rich, completing a whole table.

Xue Jiao had completed two problems in the morning, so she was also a little hungry, and ate seriously.

“Jiao Jiao, this was what Auntie Wanjun made specially to welcome your arrival!” Wu Wanjun said with a smile.

Xue Jiao’s fingers paused for a moment. Why does someone not let her have a good meal?

“No wonder.”

“En?” Gu Jingxu looked up at the same time, puzzled.

“No wonder there’s nothing I love to eat.”


Gu Jingxu glared: “Gu Xuejiao, you eat properly for me!”

“Oh, alright.” She ate a mouthful, then suddenly thought of what Lin Zhihua had said before. You can’t wrong yourself in life.

Clearly, she was doing the questions, but Gu Jingxu made her come to listen to these hypocritical words!

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  4. I forgot she has the original’s memories, so no wonder she’s pretty indifferent to the bio mom/dad. As an outsider, she sees the truth easily, but she gave them both a chance and was disappointed they didn’t even make the cut.

    • That is why. She had previously knows Gu Jingxu is a scum from early on. But she had reservation of Li Sitong. She thought she will be a good mother if she changed to become a good daughter. But reality proved her wrong. You know human is animal of habit. Li Sitong had been conditioned to “always demand from JiaoJiao” and “everything is JiaoJiao’s fault”. These is a deadly kind of poison you know. Just like how parents took it for granted when oldest child always endure for the sake of the youngest. Overtime, if the oldest speak up to late, they will feel it is okay to neglect the oldest existence unless the youngest demanded it.

  5. The words LST threw her way was so hurtful. She still values the impact and her standing in the Cheng family more than the feelings of her daughter. She’s got her priorities sorted long time ago. If you’d put her on the spot to choose between the daughter or the current family she has, I doubt she’d pick her daughter. Probably wouldn’t go as far as completely abandon her but satisfy her monetary needs but wouldn’t go as far as fighting the cheng’s for the daughter’s position. I don’t see her as this gutsy or loving.

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