SOOEW Chapter 131 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XIII

The background of《The end of the world kamikaze group》is a doctor full of crazy ideas about scientific experiments created a unique gene sequence change, which enabled people to have the ability to transcend themselves and become powers. Once the gene solution came out, there were countless responders, but when it was really used in people, there were variations. In addition to becoming psionic, there were more people who had become what people called zombies. They live by cannibalism, lost human consciousness, and have no reason. People who have been bitten by zombies are likely to be infected and become zombies. Hence, the number of zombies was growing, to the point that it was out of control, and the whole world was in panic towards reaching the end of the world.

At this time, the group commissioned by the powers appeared.

In the latest chapter, the Shenfeng group was employed by another highly respected doctor to go to Dr. Crazy’s secret laboratory to search for the original data of gene solution. The task was difficult and dangerous. Although Qingniao couldn’t help in battle, she was born in a medical family. Influenced by her parents, brothers, and sisters, and elders, she had a high enthusiasm for learning medicine and a good atmosphere to grow up with. She was rich in medical knowledge and does not adhere to the unique instruments of modern science and technology. Even without these sophisticated tools, she could still find a way.

She seemed confused, but her concentration at the critical moment is very comparable, so she was included in the Shenfeng group.

But this time, when she was carrying out emergency treatment for her teammate Bi Fang, the team’s besieged mutant animal broke through the encirclement and attacked Bi Fang’s back.

Bi Fang’s attack power was strong. It could be said that he was an indispensable person when the team attacks.

At the critical moment, Qingniao pushed her teammate to the ground and was caught by the mutated leopard in one swipe!

The last panel was the bloodstain left by claw scratch on her back, and the expression of Qingniao suffering from pain, fixed in the panel of the cartoon.

Jiang Tianye closed the comic book with a snap.

When you close your eyes, you can see the same scene in your mind, except that the faces of the characters in the cartoon have all changed into the appearance of the bluebird in the third dimension. This association made him frown again.

Suddenly, the musical ring from his phone interrupted his thoughts, and he picked up the phone.

“A Ye, have you finished the latest issue yet?”

“En, I just finished reading it.”

“That’s great. I wanted to doze off while studying in the library. Why don’t you send the comic books over to me? Let me increase my spirits!”

Jiang Tianye agreed to come down. He took his wallet and keys and headed out.

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When Wen Ying returned back to her body, she didn’t immediately use her wand skill again. It can be seen from the last contact with Jiang Tianye that he doesn’t like the role of Qingniao. A short time together can leave an impression in his heart. Coupled with the particularity of the secondary identity, it is enough to have an impact. If she stayed with him all the time, he would instead create a distance from her, just like the ordinary female students.

She was looking for a suitable opportunity, which, of course, depended on the plot of the cartoon.

During this period, she studied and relaxed as “usual”. After sleeping for three days last time, she naturally missed several classes. She was considering whether she should ask for leave every time she used her skills.

That day, she came out of the library and ran into Xia Yi and Fang Ran.

Currently, Fang Ran has become famous. A xueba suddenly joining the cosplay club has shocked people’s jaws off. What’s more, her role as Qingniao was so good that she can score five points from appearance to temperament, which immediately set off a storm among the students in our school who were pursuing the cartoon《The end of the world kamikaze group》.

Wen Ying and Fang Ran only had a second of collision between their sights before they separated.

As for Xia Yi, she was currently walking out and didn’t see Wen Ying. She only saw a boy walking up the steps outside the library, exposing their face. It was the class hottie from the class next door that she likes.

She excitedly trotted to the steps, “Zhang Ning, you also came to read?”

At this time, Fang Ran had already come to her.

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