SOOEW Chapter 132 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XIV

“Sorry, I’m here to see Fang Ran.” Zhang Ning nodded to her politely, then handed a cup of milk tea to Fang Ran. “Ran Ran, you must be tired after studying right? I went to buy it for you.”

Xia Yi was stunned, then subconsciously looked at Fang Ran.

She didn’t know why, but the words that Wen Ying said to her at the hospital appeared in her mind. This made her produce some foreboding to what Fang Ran would say.

She only saw Fang Ran reject with some difficulty, “Zhang Ning, A Yi is also here. Can you not leave me in a difficult situation?”

Zhang Ning’s eyes darkened. “Do you want to take care of her mood all the time? I just want to be nice to you. I don’t want you to accept me right away. Not even this is allowed? “

“This would place me in a difficult position……” She looked at Xia Yi apologetically, as if to say that she doesn’t want such a thing to happen, and doesn’t want the people Xia Yi likes to like herself.

Zhang Ning noticed and immediately asked, “Just because she likes me, then I can’t like you? How unfair is this to me!”

“I’m sorry, A Yi, she……”

Zhang Ning confessed to compromise, but he was rejected again. The name “Xia Yi” appeared again, which made him suddenly explode.

He suddenly pulled down Xia Yi’s arm, carrying some strong tones, “Xia Yi, if you like me, do me a favor, alright?”

The students who were entering in and out of the library, all slowed down and watched their play while whispering.

Xia Yi frowned in pain, “Everyone is watching. Zhang Ning, calm down, let go first……”

“How can you let me calm down? Every time it’s like this. No matter what I do, I can’t get a response, just because you like me! I’m really fed up with it, Xia Yi. I really don’t like you. Can you tell Fang Ran that you don’t like me anymore? I’m begging you!”

His words made her extremely embarrassed. After a moment, Xia Yi trembled with anger and tried to break away from him. Instead, she grabbed him with her long nails. “How can you say these kinds of words? You are begging me? Why don’t you kneel down and beg me……ah——” Zhang Ning was so hurt by her nails that he let go. She was unprepared and was about to fall down the steps!

Wen Ying has been standing behind them since they started. She didn’t go near until she found that Zhang Ning moved against Xia Yi, and their position was dangerous.

Just at the moment when Xia Yi was about to fall down, she was surprised. Without hesitation, she jumps forward to catch Xia Yi!

They fell down the steps together heavily!

The students in the surroundings issued a cry of surprise!

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When Jiang Tianye went outside the library, he made a call to Li Shu and stood outside waiting for him. He saw three people quarreling. Although he knew one of them, Xia Yi had made a lot of trouble ever since childhood. He was just like everyone else. The sudden drama was a farce, and he watched it in boredom.

However, the difference was that he noticed Wen Ying who was behind them.

Because he has seen this person around Xia Yi several times, he had an impression of this girl. He could see that she was a person full of desire. Xia Yi, who was single-minded, will only be fooled around by her. He reminded Xia Yi several times of this, but the other side turned a deaf ear. Hence, he did not care about it anymore.

When he saw her again this time, he only thought that she was watching Xia Yi’s good play, and he felt a little more disgusted.

However, the situation went beyond his expectations. Seeing that Xia Yi was about to fall down the steps, he ran forward with a “clatter” in his heart, only to see that girl suddenly flash out and under Xia Yi’s body!

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