SOOEW Chapter 133 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XV

After a moment, he felt as if he had seen Qingniao.

“A Yi! A Yi, are you ok? “

Fang Ran hurriedly ran down. Zhang Ning ran away in a panic when he realized the situation was going against him.

Xia Yi, because she fell on Wen Ying, did not have a serious injury. She quickly stood up with Fang Ran’s help. She looked at Wen Ying’s appearance in pain. Her brain was still confused. Subconsciously, she reached out to Wen Ying and said, “You, how are you……”

She didn’t know how Wen Ying caught her, but Fang Ran was the nearest one to her. Maybe if she pulled herself, she wouldn’t fall down. But Fang Ran didn’t.

This made her unconsciously stay far away from Fang Ran.

Wen Ying’s lips were slightly white, but she smiled at her, “It’s fine. I only scratched the skin……”

“Don’t move around randomly!”

Jiang Tianye’s voice suddenly rang out. He squatted down and frowned at Xia Yi, saying, “Your entire person was just weighed on her. If you don’t get it right, it will hurt the bones.” His eyes turned to her wound. Because of the friction with the steps, a large piece of skin on her leg was worn off and bleeding. Jiang Tianye only felt his brain buzzing, and he felt dizzy.

However, in front of him, there was a pair of hands covering his eyes.

At the moment when they touch each other’s skin, Jiang Tianye suddenly felt familiar with the owner of these hands.

Wen Ying drew back quickly.

Without waiting for him to understand, Xia Yi’s voice came from the side, “Ah, yes, Jiang Tianye, you are dizzy at the sight of blood. You should stay away from here, and don’t cause trouble!” She immediately took out her cell phone to make an emergency call.

“While you wait for first aid, you might as well send her to the infirmary immediately and let the school doctor have a look first. As for blood……it’ll be fine as long as I don’t have to look at it. ” Then he turned his eyes to other places. He just suddenly had the idea to help her.

When he turned his sight, he just happened to meet Wen Ying’s sight head-on.

Strangely, this time, he didn’t feel disgusted at the sight of her.

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In the end, Jiang Tianye brought Wen Ying to the infirmary for an examination. Fortunately, the bone was not injured, but her ankle was sprained, and there were certain areas of abrasions on the lower leg and thigh, so long as she rests for a few days, she should be fine.

Jiang Tianye took the medicine and went back to the medical lounge, where he heard two girls exchange their thoughts.

Xia Yi’s feeling was very complicated. After several times of changes, she doesn’t know where to start. She just murmured in compromise, “It seems you guessed right. I didn’t expect that Zhang Ning really came here to express his craziness……”

“Don’t think too much, you just have a bad eye.” Wen Ying comforted her.

Xia Yi angrily glared at her, then remembering her move just now, she couldn’t help softening again, “Then what about you, why do you help me?”

“I think it’s strange too……” Wen Ying’s voice lowered, “Do you remember last time, when I wanted to explain to you why I framed you? The reason actually is, I’m jealous of you. “


Xia Yi thought she heard wrong.

Wen Ying continued: “Xia Yi, do you know why you have no good friends around you from childhood to adulthood? It’s not because your family is too rich, and it’s also not because you are too good-looking or bad-tempered, but because you are too happy. This kind of happiness is not even simply because of your family background, but because you are naive and simple. Even if you were bullied, you still would believe foolishly that the world is beautiful and human nature is good. ” As she continued to speak, she couldn’t help smiling lightly, “Everyone always feels that something is not right, only you would not. You say, this type of you would attract how many bullies……”

“So you too……are jealous of me? “

“That’s right. I’m like them, I want to bully you and make you unhappy. It’s just……” she looked at her injured leg and said nothing more.

“It’s just that when you see me injured, you still can’t help but to save me.” Xia Yi’s nose was sour, and she almost burst into tears. “You’re so strange. You’re setting me up, yet you’re also saving me. I don’t even know what to say about you anymore. I’m also curious. It’s clear that you sent my ugly pictures out behind my back to frame me, but I’m not angry with you at all……”

Wen Ying loosened her grip, “Hence, you are naive and easy to cheat.”

“You’re so annoying!” Xia Yi looked at her angrily, and suddenly thought of something, “Wait a minute. This means that you let me paint those make-up, because you are jealous that I look better than you, and are deliberately vilifying me? !”

“Who says you look better than me? I think your make-up looks good like that. It’s only ugly now. It’s normal for people to have different aesthetics. “

Xia Yi looked at her suspiciously, “Is what you saying true or false?”

Wen Ying didn’t answer, but winked at her.

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