SOOEW Chapter 134 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XVI

In the era of the mobile phone, there were many good people who recorded what happened in front of the library. After Wen Ying’s rescue video was posted to the forum, rumors about her framing friends broke. You can clearly see that at the beginning, she just stood far away, until Xia Yi was entangled by Zhang Ning, and then she seemed to walk forward as she couldn’t let her heart go, and then saved Xia Yi at a dangerous moment.

She did not stand close, but the explosion of strength in that moment was enough to see that her idea of saving people was far more important than her own safety.

This made those who had attacked her cease fighting and shut up one after another, and let people refresh their impression and cognition of her. After all, in the past, although Wen Ying was kind to others, she never had such a label as “bravery”. Her image was no longer one-sided, but made more people like her.

A week later, the school day is coming. All the students, classes and societies were actively preparing for the school day performances.

Jiang Tianye’s tennis club was originally an unpopular club, and there was no business for them in the school celebration activities, but this time, the famous Cosplay Club caught the “strong men” in the tennis club. They were sincere enough to change the program into a joint production of the two clubs. With the help of the president of the tennis club, they sent people including Jiang Tianye to participate in their rehearsal.

Young master Jiang was not very interested in wearing this type of wigs on his head. Hence, as soon as he arrived, he consciously sat on the bench and read the latest issue of《The end of the world kamikaze group》.

Far far away, Fang Ran, dressed as Qingniao, saw him.

She walked around the noisy crowd and came to him. Jiang Tianye looked up at her, only to hear her curiously ask: “Do you also like to read《The end of the world kamikaze group》? We are going to perform it on the school day. Which role do you like? “

“Bi Fang, probably.”

Jiang Tianye replied, but he hesitated a little more than he did before. Following he found out the appearance of the person in front of him.

Because in the last days, in order to facilitate the fight, Qingniao usually wears a short T-shirt and shorts with a small waist. As a psychic, she has a good adaptation to the climate after strengthening her body. If the weather is not too bad, she is not afraid of the cold. This style of painting is undoubtedly a feast for the eyes of male readers.

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Her weapon is a tang dao. Because the ability has nothing to do with fighting, so Bi Fang gave it to her after she joined the team. He also taught her how to use it.

In front of him, Fang Ran was also dressed in cool clothes. Tang dao, a prop, was held horizontally and pressed on her snow-white thigh. The combination of the two made her particularly attractive. She bent down to see him: “I like Bi Fang very much, too. He is rebellious, seemingly indifferent, but he treats people very carefully. He is always picky about Qingniao, but he is the first one to protect Qingniao in case of danger. ” Fang Ran said with a smile, “I always felt it’s the same character as you.”

They were very close to each other. As soon as she said this, the atmosphere became ambiguous.

Jiang Tianye leaned back and said frankly, “sorry, I’m not used to being too close to people.”

Fang Ran straightened her waist as if he were generous, but he unconsciously pinned his hair behind his ears, which made him look a little embarrassed. Just at this moment, a cry came from the other side of the stage, “Fang Ran, Qingniao, come here and stand in your position quickly.”

She was relieved and secretly said that she was too anxious. Naturally, she said goodbye to Jiang Tianye with a smile and went back to the stage.

This is the first rehearsal for all members, including five members of the team, as well as other supporting roles with outstanding personalities and wonderful performances in the comics, and even zombie actors. After a wonderful dance performance, the whole staff retreated to the back of the second act, leaving only the performers needed for the scene, and began to perform the brilliant clips in the cartoon to highlight the character setting.

At this time, the lights of the whole audience are dim, only the actors are playing the spotlight, which makes the audience pay more attention.

No one noticed that in the corner of the side of the stage, a book suddenly lit up in white.

Jiang Tianye stares at the white light blankly. He was stiff and crumpled the edge of the comic book. It was impossible for him to have a chance encounter. It was impossible for him to have a second one. But in the next second, the air twisted and a bang was heard.

It’s like when he was a child, he watched the next door girl’s beautiful animation next door, and made a bang of fireworks.

Suddenly there was an extra person appearing on his leg.

The girl was sitting on his thigh, because suddenly she was unbalanced and caught him by the neck. The comic book is still sitting under her.

Her eyes were bleary as if she had just woken up. She looked around vaguely at her own situation. When she looked at him, her eyes suddenly lit up.

“Ah, it’s you! Long time no see!”

“…… Long time no see? “

He was stunned and subconsciously followed her to spit out these four words.

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