SOOEW Chapter 135 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XVII

After they greeted each other, they looked at each other and there was a pause.

After the light from the comic book dissipated, the corner darkened again.

“It’s so dark……” Wen Ying looked around, then looked to the stage, “Where is this?”

Jiang Tianye was afraid of the person falling down just now, and subconsciously held her waist. When she turned her waist, her T-shirt lifted slightly, and he felt more and more clearly the delicacy and flexibility of that small waist. It seemed that there are many emotions that he can’t understand. Even he felt confused. At the moment when she appeared, was the flash of emotion in his mind actually pleasant surprise?

“This is a rehearsal venue for a club. What’s playing on it is……”

In the middle of his careless words, he was stunned.

“En? What’s the play about? ” She stood up from him, peered over to the other side on tiptoes, and looked back at him, a little excited, “I haven’t seen any entertainment programs for many years! Ah, you don’t know, we just experienced……the greatest catastrophe of mankind, or in other words, it is currently in progress. We are all fighting for survival, so we seldom even laugh.”

“…… I know.”

“En?” She hesitated for a moment as if she thought of something like, “By the way, the first time I appeared, you called me by the code name of “Qing Niao”, but I think this world is very peaceful, not like the end of the world. So how do you know me?”

In the dark, Jiang Tianye’s expression was imposing for a moment.

In fact, it had nothing to do with him. Even if he discovered her both times she had appeared, she can’t force him to take the responsibility of protecting her. Even if she found out that she was just a character in the comic book, what can she do? It will not have any impact on this world.

She would be the only one who would break down.

He paused for a moment and replied, “Of course I know. Actually, the world you live in is our past.”

She looked at him in surprise.

The boy said slowly and seriously, “This is the future. Mankind has come out of the most difficult period. The time and space you live in may be hell, but it’s not the end of the world. As long as you stick to it, you will be able to go to the future. “

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Wen Ying paused for a long time before she said softly: “……so it is actually like this.”

So, the actor on the stage was not acting out the character of a cartoon, but it was instead a tribute to the heroes of the past?

She did not expect that under the seemingly impatient appearance of the other party, there would be such tenderness.

Before Jiang Tianye said this, he had already kicked his comic book under the chair.

At this time, the lights were bright, and there was warm applause under the stage, representing that the first rehearsal was very smooth. Then, there is the readjusting of individual scenes. Everyone rehearses on the stage according to the screen and sequence they need to perform.

Wen Ying looked at it, her cheeks were flushed with excitement, “Hence, I’m right. Are the people on the stage really playing us? I didn’t expect that the Shenfeng group would also have a day where we would be performed on stage. “

Jiang Tianye stood up from his position. When he heard this, he just “bang” himself when he placed his hands in his pockets. He was ready to take her away after taking a leave.

Suddenly, his arm was grabbed by her and dragged to the stage.

“Let’s go and have a look, too!”

“Hey, I didn’t promise……”

He protested, but did not ignore her will to take her away, so the 1.8-meter-old boy was quickly dragged to the bottom of the stage by the 1.6-meter-old girl.

After all, it was a rehearsal room. It was said to be a stage, but the height is not high. The so-called big screen and two scenes are roughly defined, which is convenient for everyone to remember and walk. Hence, the scene can be seen very carefully.

In front of the stage, they just happened to act out the most classic scene of the comic. It was the act between Qing Niao and Bi Fang.

After the end, the applause rang out. Jiang Tianye saw that Wen Ying was very serious, and he couldn’t help asking, “How is it?”

“Not too good.” Wen Ying shook her head.

Her voice was not very loud, but it just happened to ring at the end of the applause, so it immediately became highlighted.

The atmosphere inside became oppressive and tense.

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