WFILTU Chapter 174

“Zhihua……” Lin Zhihua was dealing with the problems that Lin Shi had at the end of the year. Mother Lin came over.

“En?” Lin Zhihua didn’t look back.

“That……your grandfather said……he’d like to come over and celebrate the new year together tonight……” Mother Lin said tentatively.

“No way.” Lin Zhihua hardly hesitated before immediately refusing.

Even if he always spoke like this, Father Lin and Mother Lin were still not used to it.

“Son of a b**ch! When you were a child, your grandfather loved you so much. Lin Shi was also left by your grandfather. He only came to have a meal. Why don’t you want to? ” Father Lin rushed in.

Obviously, he had just hid at the door and waited. He didn’t dare to come in and say this himself. He had to hide first, but because of Lin Zhihua’s words, he couldn’t endure it.

Lin Zhihua raised his head: “Celebrate the year? Do you think he came here to have a proper Spring Festival? “

Lin Changji was still locked up in prison, and it was impossible for Elder Lin to have a proper New Year celebration.

“But he’s still your grandfather after all. It’s just to have a meal together, Zhihua, and send him away after eating!” Mother Lin also advised.

Elder Lin was Father Lin’s birth father after all. He has been raised by Elder Lin since he was a child. The last time Lin Zhihua’s car accident was all Lin Changji’s intention. Although Elder Lin intervened, he didn’t want to kill Lin Zhihua.

In addition……

“Only him?” Lin Zhihua raised his brows, his fingers stopping.

Mother Lin laughed, a little embarrassed: “Also your grandfather’s neighbor, Uncle Xu’s granddaughter……”

Lin Zhihua sneered: “It’s really hard for you two. You can still arrange a blind date for me while celebrating the new year.”

“It’s not like that! That girl happens to be in the Xu family for the new year this year. Your grandfather said to just bring her over for a meal. If you don’t want to see her, just let your grandfather come and have a meal. ” Mother Lin anxiously voiced.

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Father Lin frowned, and then said, “That girl is very good, and her career is quite special, just right……”

“Old Lin——” Mother Lin glared at Father Lin, motioning for him to shut up, and then looked at Lin Zhihua with a smile. “It’s fine, it’s nothing. If you don’t want to see her, it’s fine. It’s just a coincidence that she’s in the Xu family.”

“What occupation?” Lin Zhi stared at Father Lin, his voice calm.

Father Lin was stunned for a moment, his voice lowering unconsciously: “……A well known psychiatrist. “

“Oh.” Lin Zhihua sneered and stood up.

Reaching out his hand, Father Lin subconsciously backed up. Lin Zhihua only took the clothes from behind him, placed them on and headed out.

“Where are you going?” Father Lin raised his voice.

Lin Zhihua didn’t speak and walked out of the Lin house quickly.

Father Lin’s angry voice came from behind him——

“This is the attitude that you have?! Your grandfather said that if you want him to accept you, you must have more contact with that girl! Lin Zhihua! You stop!”

Lin Zhihua kept on walking. However, as soon as he came out of the Lin house, his feet paused slightly.

He wanted to ask Chen Yan to come and pick him up, but then he remembered that Chen Yan has gone home on holiday. Tan Qi has also gone, and even the driver has taken a few days off. He was alone now.

The whole company was on holiday. Even the doorman who has been there all year round locked the door and went home for the new year.

On the contrary, only the boss himself was left——

A solitary person. The world was endless, but there was no place for him to go.

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  1. LZHs home life is so sad and lonely 🥺 And he still has to wait YEARS for our girl to grow up ☹️

    Thanks for the chapter 😢

    • I cant hate them too much remember they said they would support him marrying a man or a woman or even just getting a test tube baby. I feel like they had him late in life and now just want a grandchild before they die. Maybe not the purest of reasons but I would be tempted to kick my kid into ever mixer possible in their situation.

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  3. “If you wanti him to accept you”, dude I bet that LZH gives a shit about that.

  4. LZH is a grown man and a proven genius with a great reputation. He can handle his own romantic affairs without his family’s meddling.
    If they’re worried about him inheriting Lin Shi, he could probably start his own business just as well!

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