WFILTU Chapter 175

He laughed at himself and looked up at the sky.

It turned dark very early in winter. At this time, it was already very dark out. Snowflakes were floating down onto the ground. It was only a night, but it must be an endlessly white world.

His memory also meandered away with the drifting snow.

Lin Zhihua graduated from Stanford more than three years ago.

At that time, he had another good plan. The scale of the company he founded as a graduate student was just taking shape, and it was the time for it to make a big show……

Mother Lin made a phone call. Lin Shi mansion was about to collapse. Elder Lin had fallen ill. Lin Changji and the other “Lin Family members” who were holding onto shares were already planning how to make more money before Lin Shi fell.

Lin Zhihua sat down all night and thought about it a lot. He thought about his original escape to foreign countries because of his “physical problems”. He thought of the Lin family, and the elite education arranged by the old man when he was a child……

Finally, he sold the company he had just formed and returned home with a batch of funds.

At that time, Elder Lin was estranged from him, but there was no resentment.

Lin Zhihua still remembered what he said at the beginning: I will receive Lin Shi, but from today on, Lin Shi’s Lin is the Lin of Lin Zhihua.

After more than three years of drastic rectification and adjustment, Lin Shi took on a new look and prospered.

He already knew that his body was healthy. Instead, he had a psychological problem.

But what does that matter?

He never felt that human beings needed to place the instincts of animals in the first place. If he were not interested in women, then there was no need to be interested.

Elder Lin, his parents and everyone around him all tried to plan a route for him.

Once he doesn’t go ahead according to the plan, then they would use the banner “for your own good” to do something harmful to him.

Many people may succumb to the “compulsion” of their parents wrapped in the banner of “love”.

But Lin Zhihua can’t.

Lin Zhihua could only choose, and not be forced.

His own life, of course, was his own decision.

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The snow was heavy. Lin Zhihua stood for a while, and his shoulders were white.

His pale fingers reddened slightly, becoming frozen in the freezing cold.

Should he not have come back at the beginning?

The idea just rose, but Lin Zhihua gently smiled, as if thinking of something. His eyebrows carried a small smile. In an instant, this man who seems to be integrated with the snowflakes came back to reality, and the surroundings became warmer.

Lin Zhihua took out his mobile phone, opened an interface with the words “Jiao Jiao” and gave it a kiss.

If I don’t come back, then I wouldn’t have met you.


The Cheng family.

To be honest, Gu Xuejiao didn’t want to eat this meal at all. The old lady Bai Xiumei originally did not like her, and the mother and daughter pair who hate her to the point that they just want to poison her……

Most of this family did not welcome her too much.

“Happy New Year, Mom, Dad!” Cheng Shuo said with a smile, following with Li Sitong handing over a gift.

“Happy New Year, Mom, Dad!” Li Sitong finished speaking and looked at Xue Jiao, “Mingze, Jiao Jiao, come and bless your grandparents!”

“Happy New Year, grandpa, grandma!” Cheng Mingze was smiling.

“The same wishes to you!” Elder Cheng and Bai Xiumei narrowed their eyes into smiles and handed out a red envelope.

“Happy New Year, grandpa, grandma.” Xue Jiao also said with a smile.

“Jiao Jiao, Happy New Year!” Bai Xiumei rushed to speak before the old man, still smiling, as if there was no difference in the treatment between her and her other grandchildren. She also handed over a red envelope.

Xue Jiao received it and laughed even happier.

Not bad, not bad. It’s pretty thick.

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  1. Aww, this chapter made me feel for Lin Zhihua. Like overbearing relatives who just think they’re right when they can’t do anything else so they try to meddle in his life just to satisfy their sense of superiority

  2. How many of us are living a life they didn’t like nor wanted, because they were forced by their parents to do so, “for their own good” ? Lin Zhihua, I feel you…

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  4. Even though the “If I didn’t come back, then I wouldn’t have met you” is kind of cliche, I still love it every single time

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