WFILTU Chapter 176

“Mingjiao, come quickly and pay New Year’s greetings to your uncle and aunt!” Cheng Kai looked at Cheng Mingjiao.

During this period of time that she did not pay attention to Cheng Mingjiao, she had become very haggard, and her complexion was terrible.

In the past, if she had 7 points from beauty and 9 points when she dressed up, now there only remained 5 points for this gaunt appearance.

Her eyes seemed a little strange, too.

“Uncle, Aunt, happy new year.” Her voice sounded normal.

Cheng Shuo smiled and handed her a red envelope. He was a little worried and said, “How did Mingjiao lose so much weight? I wanted to take you to last year’s annual event but you didn’t go.”

In previous years, Li Sitong wouldn’t allow Gu Xuejiao to attend the annual event with her appearance. Cheng Mingjiao would ask to go to the annual event. Cheng Shuo also brought her along every time, but this year, she didn’t take the initiative.

“It’s fine. Mingjiao didn’t fare too well on the final exam. She lost weight because she was in a bad mood.” Liu Yazhen laughed far-fetched.

“Mingjiao, if you don’t do well on the exam, try again. Don’t worry. If you don’t do well on this exam, you’ll still have a chance. Try harder for the next time.” Elder Cheng also worried.

Cheng Mingjiao didn’t speak. Liu Yazhen bumped into her and then she nodded.

Xue Jiao’s eyes narrowed slightly. She looked at Cheng Mingjiao who didn’t even lift her head with some doubts.

Why does Cheng Mingjiao appear to be a little wrong?

It seems that at the end of last semester, she was already very silent. No one was looking for trouble, and Xue Jiao didn’t care about her. Today, when she suddenly saw her, why was Cheng Mingjiao like this now?

Liu Yazhen was also very strange. When Xue Jiao greeted her for the New Year, the other party quickly returned a red envelope, unlike the past, where she would, from time to time use irony, and ridicule her appearance.

If you look at her eyes carefully, even with the heavy makeup, you can see that she was tired and she had dark eye bags.

Soon, the New Year’s Eve dishes were brought up, and Xue Jiao took back her confused gaze.

Liu Yazhen, this pair of mother and daughter were quiet, and the atmosphere at the table was harmonious.

“That’s right, is Mingze and Jiao Jiao going to compete in the final round at the beginning of the New Year?” Elder Cheng asked suddenly.

“En, March is the last round.” Cheng Mingze replied.

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Elder Cheng laughed: “Hahaha, good job! Mingze should strive to be recommended to the university he wants to go to, Jiao Jiao too! “

“Thank you, Grandpa.” Cheng Mingze smiled with reserve.

Elder Cheng raised his glass and stood up: “Come, let’s congratulate Mingze, Jiao Jiao and Mingyu for their first rank in their grade last semester. By the way, I wish Mingze and Jiao Jiao good grades in the New Year! Mingjiao also work hard! Use the New Year to catch up with your grades.”

Everyone stood up with a cup raised in a smile. Even Cheng Mingyu, whose age was still quite young, stood up with a cup. Only Cheng Mingjiao was sitting alone.

Liu Yazhen pinched her and Cheng Mingjiao stood up.

The old man frowned slightly.

“Come! Cheers!” Cheng Shuo made around to ease the dispute.

“Bang——” Cheng Mingjiao’s cup fell onto the ground and broke into pieces.

“Peace in pieces, peace in years.” Bai Xiumei said quickly.

Cheng Mingjiao raised her head and pointed to Gu Xuejiao with a ferocious expression: “Her surname is Gu! Why should she be in our house! Get out of here! Get out of our house! Get out of my life!”

All of them were stunned as if they saw wrongly.

“Mingjiao! Mingjiao!” Liu Yazhen quickly held Cheng Mingjiao and clasped her hand on the back of her hand, clapping her placidly.

“Gu Xuejiao! Why won’t you just die! !”

“Cheng Mingjiao!” The Elder was immediately furious, and Cheng Shuo and Cheng Mingze were both frowning.

On the contrary, Xue Jiao, who was scolded, was slightly confused. Cheng Mingjiao……doesn’t seem too right mentally?

“Cheng Mingjiao, what did you say?” Cheng Kai glared at her.

“Mom, Dad! Don’t force Mingjiao any more! ” Liu Yazhen suddenly held Cheng Mingjiao and cried, “Mingjiao has depression.”

“What?” Cheng Kai’s cup fell to the ground, his face shocked.

“What’s the matter?” Elder Cheng also began to worry.

Cheng Mingjiao was a child of the Cheng family. She was their granddaughter. All of a sudden, everyone was worried.

Liu Yazhen was still crying.

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  1. Ah, even though she has depression I couldn’t quite sympathize with her, since she probably got it because of her strong hatred and jealousy toward Jiao Jiao

  2. Not to make light of depression, but the way Cheng Minjiao seems a little abnormal in a different way

    • Indeed. She might initially had depression but left untreated. Liu Yazhen definitely tried to “cure” her herself because she is afraid people will label her with “mother with crazy child”. This is what happened due to that action; Mingjiao getting worst and Liu Yazhen herself haggard with catering to Mingjiao’s episode.

  3. What?!?!?!
    Just because you’re depressed doesn’t mean her actions (aka death treats) are excusable?!?!?? What even???

    Many thanks

    • Yes, I can’t sympathize with her too especially when the reason of her getting depression because of her strong jealousy and hatred toward Jiao Jiao

  4. To be honest depression is different for everyone but she seems more manic than depressed. 🤔 well

  5. Well, she went crazy by herself, so…

    At this point, if they really wanted to save her mentality, they should send her to a calm and peaceful luxurious residential facility. But her recovery is dependent upon her willingness…


  6. Thank you for your hard work, I appreciate your efforts, the story is great!

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  8. Rather than depression, it seems more like she has some sort of mania?

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