SOOEW Chapter 136 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XVIII

The assisting teacher in charge of choreography and supervision placed down his hand and asked in a low voice, “Where is the shortcoming?”

“The movements are too gentle.” Wen Ying said frankly, “It’s true that there can’t be fierce fighting on the stage, but the last scene must show such a tense and urgent feeling, and the final cooperation will be natural and tacit understanding.”

Indeed, this scene was a scene in which Qingniao and Bifang were surrounded by zombies to highlight the siege.

Of the two, Bi Fang’s arm was injured and he was responsible for remote output using his fire abilities. Once someone would come close to him, he would be protected by Qingniao with a Tang knife. With their cooperation, they finally opened a gap, and they all started running in this direction.

However, the physical quality of the talent is directly proportional to the strength of the person. Seeing that Qingniao was far behind and would be surrounded by the zombies again, Bi Fang yelled at her and pointed the back of his hand behind himself.

Not even a moment later, Qingniao understood and jumped on his back with the help of the nearby buildings.

Bi Fang placed her on his back and ran away.

Later, they formed an excellent tacit understanding. When they retreated, as long as they exchanged eyes, Qingniao would once again lie on his back, which was joked as “the combination of the residual legs and the long legs” and “I am your leg”, which attracted a lot of CP fans.

Of course, reality is different from comics. First of all, Fang Ran can’t release a sidekick. The cosplayer of Bi Fang had to squat down so that Fang Ran could jump onto his back.

“What, if you really do the scene in the comic, it’s not cosplay, it’s cheap movie effects! Why don’t you go to the cinema instead then! “

“If you can do it, then you act. I think it’s very good already. Don’t beat a cosplayer’s enthusiasm, alright——?”

Those on the scene were either cosplayers or the staff who worked behind the scenes. Of course, they didn’t want their hard work to be denied easily. However, just as they rushed to Wen Ying in a noisy and discontented way, and their sight was on her, the atmosphere suddenly became strangely quiet.

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One meter and six tall with perfect proportions, white and straight thighs, T-shirt with small waist, braids on the chest, and……

Even if a second dimensional person were to come to the third dimension, there would still be subtle changes, but at this moment, almost all the people who see her have the same idea in their hearts: Qingniao??? No, who the hell is this cosplayer who came to kick their door? !

However, Wen Ying didn’t know the strangeness of the atmosphere. She explained clearer as she was afraid that others would not understand her meaning. She also demonstrated by herself, “There are many restrictions on the stage, and there are also physical reasons……but at this time, if the actor’s body movements and facial expressions can give you a sense of tension, they can still bring people into the play, you guys take a look——”

She retreated for a distance, and before running, she had a posture of accumulating strength. Her body lines were fluent and beautiful, as if full of explosive force. After a quick run, she jumped on Jiang Tianye’s back, unlike Fang Ran’s reservedness. Her legs naturally clamp the other’s waist at the critical moment, revealing a wild and exciting beauty.

At the same time, her expression was tense but excited, which is the emotion brought by the sudden encirclement.

After a moment, the people present saw the scene from the comic reappear live.

On the other hand, Jiang Tianye, without being informed, suddenly carried another person on his back and almost was flattened to the ground by her.

In the end, he didn’t fall down. He also stumbled a few steps to stand firm. He called to her in discontentment: “Wei, you——”

Wen Ying “Xi Xi” laughed for a while, while hugging his shoulder, and affectionately smiled, “A Ye is so good! I almost forgot that you’re not Bi Fang. I was even afraid you won’t be able to stand……” As she spoke, her head tilted slightly, and her playful braids slid to the front, rubbing against the skin between his neck, bringing a slight numbness.

Her relaxed attitude at this moment made him think that she and Bi Fang got along like this in private.

When Fang Ran, who was on the stage saw her, she felt a sense of crisis in her heart. When she saw her expressiveness and her interactions with Jiang Tianye, Fang Ran’s pupils couldn’t help shrinking.

She didn’t expect that someone would take the lead in approaching Jiang Tianye without her knowledge……

“It’s truly really good……”

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