SOOEW Chapter 137 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XIX

She heard the person acting as Bi Fang say that he was the president of the club. “If she is a cosplayer from a foreign school, she can be invited as a foreign aid. Even the appearance is very similar to Qingniao. It’s impeccable.”


“Calm down, I’m joking with you. Ran Ran’s Qingniao is also good.” The head of the club gave her a soothing smile and then looked down at the stage again.

Fang Ran’s expression became dignified. Seeing the other person’s appearance, she knew that what he had just said was not just a joke, but he could not confirm the other person’s identity and will, so the president just stabilized her for the time being.


She looked at the appearance of Wen Ying and Jiang Tianye leaving, her thoughts unclear.


After Jiang Tianye brought Wen Ying away from the rehearsal room, he didn’t bring her back to the dormitory. As soon as she came into contact with the outside environment, Xiao1 endearing term Qingniao was shocked by the blue sky, green trees and green campus. She went around curiously and was very interested in everything.

When he remembered their last parting, she had said that it was a pity that she could not see the peaceful world. This time, he could not help but let her go.

In addition, after meeting so many people, no one associated her with the Qingniao in the comic book, and he felt that there was no need to overprotect her. Only when she whimsically wanted to empty the supermarket mineral water, did he grab her, “Is your back injury better?”

“How do you know I was healing my injury  before I transmigrated over?”

“I guessed.” He said casually, “Since you’re a famous historical figure, I know which parts of your body have been injured.”

“Sounds very strange……”

She looked at him like looking at a strange uncle.

Jiang Tianye calmly turned his sight away, changing the topic, “Are you hungry yet? I’ll invite you to a meal at the buffet.”

The temptation of food was too big. Wen Ying completely dizzily turned her direction, and was fooled away by him.

When she had enough to eat and drink in the evening, her whole day’s excitement was over. She took a leisurely walk along the river with him.

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Jiang Tianye remembered her performance in the restaurant. Although she hasn’t eaten many fresh and hot foods for a long time, her attitude was very calm. It can be said that the good education of the old age has not been forgotten by her, and she doesn’t want to forget these things and degenerate into a primitive human.

He thought of her setting in the cartoon, which was really the top of the door. It was not until he came into contact with her that he suddenly saw a strange contradiction created by the comic writer in her.

Her setting is perfect, and her character is also very prominent. Even in the later battles, although she did not make a lot of contribution, she also played an important role. She appeared after the four people, but already has a huge fan group. With such a role, the author has never explained her experiences.

For example, the other members of Shenfeng Group all had the reasons for their character formation explained through one or more plots, enriching their settings, and making the characters more three-dimensional and full.

Only Wen Ying, she was like a mystery. What happened after the start of doomsday, until her finally joining the group, has all not been explained.

He thought she was a role the author used to attract and please male readers, but after getting along with her, he gave up the idea, or, it can be said that……he didn’t want her to exist, just to attract male readers.

“Yi, bookstore!” Her voice suddenly transmitted over in a light tone, “A Ye, let’s go to the bookstore and have a look!”

Jiang Tianye had a bad feeling in his heart, to the point that he ignored her calling his nickname more and more skillfully.

Why go shop around at the bookstore? “

“Didn’t you say I was a figure in history?” She blinked her long eyelashes and said playfully, “I want to look for a history book.”


Small theater:

Jiang Tianye: You are in the past, and I am in the future. We are looking at each other from both ends of time.

Wen Ying: Yi, then don’t we have a very large age gap?

Jiang Tianye: (Affectionate)  Age is not a problem!

Wen Ying: (Touching the head)Be obedient, call me ancestor.

Jiang Tianye: ……(╯`□′)╯(┻━┻

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