WFILTU Chapter 177

The last time she decided to deal with Xue Jiao, Mingjiao was shouting Gu Xuejiao’s name and poking the doll madly.

At that time, she didn’t receive her attention. Later, after being hated by Li Shu, Liu Yazhen was busy maintaining her friendship in the circle of Madames, ignoring Cheng Mingjiao.

At the end of the term, Liu Yazhen began to panic when she saw Cheng Mingjiao’s failing grades and abnormal mental state.

“Tell us about the situation……” Li Sitong frowned and asked.

“Why don’t you take your daughter away from my daughter! Mingjiao became this way because of Gu Xuejiao’s fault! ” Liu Yazhen roared.

“Yazhen, don’t be anxious first. Speak clearly. What’s the matter with Mingjiao?” Bai Xiumei’s eyebrows were scrunched very ugly. Although she was disappointed with her granddaughter before, she was still her biological granddaughter, so her heart still thought of her.

“Mingjiao……Mingjiao got depression because of Gu Xuejiao……”

“How is it because of Jiao Jiao?” Li Sitong glared, “and I don’t think Mingjiao’s condition is much like depression, more like a mental……”

“You shut up!” Liu Yazhen’s pair of eyes glared, and didn’t even care for the big group of people present, “Your daughter harmed my daughter into this, what do you want in the end!”

“Sister-in-Law, what matters now is what happened to Mingjiao!” Cheng Shuo frowned. He was still very concerned about his niece, who he has cared for many years. Now the most important thing was his niece’s condition, not quarrels and arguments.

Liu Yazhen cried as she said: “Gu Xuejiao and Mingjiao quarreled many times at school, which made Mingjiao lose her friends and be excluded by everyone. She was really under great pressure. Gu Xuejiao also stimulated her, Mingjiao……Mingjiao can’t stand it anymore! “

She covered her face and cried, as if everything was Xue Jiao’s fault.

The others were stunned for a moment, and looked at Xue Jiao. Cheng Kai’s eyes especially started to become a little bad. Bai Xiumei’s face was completely cold.

Xue Jiao inhaled deeply, placed down the cup in her hand, and looked towards Cheng Mingjiao——

“Mingjiao, you have to admit that there are many people who are better than you in this world. You can’t accept that Gu Xuejiao, who has been under your pressure, has become excellent. You were jealous and committed a wrong. Then, the students in the class begin to become afraid of you and alienated you. Under such circumstances, I’m getting better and better, you’re getting crazier and crazier, you can’t stand it, so you forced yourself to become like this. But why don’t you work hard? Why don’t you try to catch up with me? “

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Xue Jiao paused for a moment and continued to say: “I, Gu Xue Jiao, used to be like this before. You forced me to the dust, friendless. The only few friends I had wanted to harm me. You flaunted your excellence……but I knew it was useless to be jealous……I worked hard, trying my best to be what I am today. On the contrary, you start to resent……

But no one is born to be nobler than anyone. Jealousy is never the solution.”

Xue Jiao moved her sight to Liu Yazhen and said seriously——

“Cheng Mingjiao’s situation is a psychological problem. You don’t have to hate me, blame me. The only way you can save her is to teach her——jealousy, is of no avail.”

“Ahahah——” Cheng Mingjiao screamed, covering her ears.

“Eldest!” Bai Xiumei slapped her hand on the table and said in a cold voice, “This year’s dinner will not be eaten. You can take your family back first.”

Cheng Shuo looked at Cheng Mingjiao and nodded: “Alright.”

When he brought the three people and Xue Jiao to the door, he stopped and whispered to Cheng Kai——

“Jiao Jiao……has spoken some truths……Mingjiao’s problem can’t be solved by escaping. “

With that, he took Xue Jiao and them and left.

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  1. Daddy Cheng is so good *clapping hands* even though he’s worried about his niece, he understood what made that girl became this way

    CM is too jealous of Jiao Jiao and can’t accept that she’s getting better and better, her mother LY is no better either, your daughter slandered Jiao Jiao and got ostracized after getting exposed yet you still dared to blame Jiao Jiao, the audacity

  2. Inside Xuejiao right now there is a transmigrated soul, that’s why it was easier for her to change for the better, if the real Xuejiao was still alive, she probably would have become like Mingjiao: mentaly broken down.

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  4. Yeah. If you escape this one, you would risk making your daughter meet another “Gu Xuejiao”.

  5. LST is again awfully quiet. Not going to bother bring up all the harm they tried to toss her daughter’s way?? Oh Right, she’s afraid. She was an accomplice herself who was fooled and got strung along by such an obvious trick.

    • You’re just hating on her out of principle now. Should she scream madly like Liu Yazhen so the situation get’s crazier?

      • Stand up in a calm manner and object to the obvious defamation maybe? Is calm and collected reasoning not an option to you? You rather have her shirk in the background and let her daughter take the blunt of everything like she used to? Even screaming back in hysterics is better than the cowardice she’s displaying.
        “Hating out of principle” how deluded.

  6. Depression might be there too with the pressure to succeed they put on their kids here but this outburst is like Xue Jiao said out of jealousy.. and also amplified by Liu Yazhen‘s bad parenting. People bash Sitong for her lack of parenting skills but she listens to reason while Yazhen here supports her daughter’s delusions in using Xuejiao as a lightning rod for anything negative.

  7. Parents putting blame on other GXJ…when it was obv that they started their hate to aunt and stepkid first. The CMJ adapted on that thinking and lived with it. Now that the GXJ who they belittled and shamed became better…they can’t accept lose.

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