WFILTU Chapter 178 – Moving I

Cheng Shuo and them had just left. Bai Xiumei looked at Cheng Mingjiao whose eyes were slightly red, and finally only said——

“Mingjiao and Gu Xuejiao……sure enough have a predestined conflict……”

Elder Cheng didn’t say anything the entire time. His eyes looked at Cheng Mingjiao, who was full of hate. He sighed gently, melancholy and painful.

“Second Oldest, find someone to take a look at Mingjiao. When her situation has become stable, transfer her next semester. Don’t go to Qizhong School anymore.”

If Cheng Mingjiao and Gu Xuejiao were to stay in the same school, the situation would only become worse.

Later on……let them stay further away from each other……

“Alas.” Cheng Kai answered with reddened eyes, gently embracing Cheng Mingyu who was scared unstably.

What kinds of things were all these!


After leaving the gate of Cheng house, Cheng Shuo, and the several others didn’t speak. When they got in the car, Cheng Shuo didn’t rush to start the car.

He sighed and turned around: “Jiao Jiao, you don’t have to bear any psychological burden. It has nothing to do with you. It’s the second couple who should really be responsible. The second oldest wants to start a business and left his children alone. Liu Yazhen……also didn’t really teach her children, only going along with them. It’s not your fault that Mingjiao has become like this. You’re just more excellent than her.”

Cheng Shuo finished speaking, while staring at Xue Jiao head on, afraid that because of this, she would carry all the psychological pressure on herself.

She was also just a child. It’s unreasonable to have an undeserved catastrophe.

Xue Jiao gently bit her lower lip.

Not every stepfather can be as sensible as Cheng Shuo. Compared with Gu Xuejiao, who was not sensible before, Cheng Mingjiao was a child who grew up under his nose. Who is more close or distant cannot just be spoken about.

Didn’t the old Madam just let them leave? She was just afraid that Xue Jiao would stimulate Cheng Mingjiao.

Wasn’t the Elder the same? Not a word was spoken.

Cheng Shuo can jump out of all these and look at everything rationally……

The eyes of Xue Jiao were slightly moist.

Cheng Mingze stretched out his hand and gently touched her head: “Jiao Jiao, you are excellent. You should be excellent all the time.”

The envy and jealousy of others have nothing to do with you. You are in charge of your own path.

Li Sitong also nodded. Cheng Mingjiao’s current appearance was really distressing, but opening and closing her mouths were words to tell her daughter to die. Based on what?

She should die because her daughter was too good?

She really wants to maintain her position in the Cheng family. She was willing to let Cheng Mingjiao a little, but that does not mean that she wants her daughter to die.

At the beginning, when her daughter was not sensible, she also didn’t yell for Cheng Mingjiao to die just because Cheng Mingjiao was too excellent, ah?

Xue Jiao nodded with tears. Every family has all kinds of problems, but there are warm moments from time to time.

Her chin raised slightly.

She was excellent based on her own abilities. She has no reason to make way for the weak.

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Back at Cheng’s house, the family of four quickly made a big table full of dishes, and the New Year’s Eve dinner was still eaten full of festivities.

Probably because something had happened today. For fear that everyone’s mood would be affected, Cheng Shuo seldom opened a bottle of red wine and poured a full glass for Cheng Mingze and Xue Jiao.

“Come come, today is the last day of the year. A lot has happened in this year, but it’s always getting better and better! Let me first report my work. Peng Cheng was booming this year. In the next year, I will work even harder, take more orders, do more business, make our company better and better, and make your lives better and better. Happy New Year!” Cheng Shuo held his glass and drank it.

His face was full of smiles, and his eyes were full of expectations and confidence for the future.

Li Sitong chuckled and said, “Congratulations to our children’s dad! Dad is working hard for our family’s rich life. Dad has worked hard! “

“Worked hard!” Cheng Mingze and Xue Jiao shared the same voice.

Xue Jiao’s eyes were a little wet. In the original text, at this time, the Cheng family’s life was a mess. All Cheng Shuo’s energy was spent on cleaning up Gu Xuejiao’s troubles. How was it like this life where he had the energy to strive to work harder, working hard on his career, and shining with radiance.

“It should be mom’s turn next.” Cheng Shuo looked at Li Sitong with a smile.

Li Sitong had a red face and said after a sip, “I haven’t worked hard enough this year, and I have some problems with the education of the two children, especially……Jiao Jiao, but I’m also learning to cook for you and understanding children. En……in the New Year, I will work harder to understand children’s ideas and change my own problems……”

As she said this, she finished her drink in one gulp, and then carried a bitter smile.

In fact, Jiao Jiao……still probably blamed her……she can feel that Xue Jiao treats her and Cheng Shuo the same in her daily life.

But one is a stepfather, and the other is a mother who has been with her since childhood. She was extremely alienated from her mother!

Because the mother in her heart, and the stepfather with no blood relationship was the same.

“Yes, although mother still has some small problems, she is striving for progress. Jiao Jiao give mother a chance. Whether you forgive mother or not should depend on her performance in the New Year! ” Cheng Shuo said with a smile, looking at Xue Jiao seriously.

Xue Jiao lowered her head in embarrassment. It turned out that……they all know her estrangement from Li Sitong……

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  1. Whenever I want to think she is just a another ordinary person who made ( a lot damn stupid ) mistakes
    She makes them again. It is difficult to forgive her when she keep making more and more mistakes
    You know

  2. Well, the problem is that Cheng Shuo is an excellent father, but you’re a shitty mother. Your daughter is right to trust him more than you.

    *hugs our heroes with ALL THE HUGS IN THE WORLD*


    • sigh. She is not a “shitty” mother. Just not a great one. She a) loves her daughter & b) is willing to accept her own faults and is trying to change for her daughter, which already makes her the best mother in the book (We have seen too little of Mrs Yi to really judge her).

      • She’s certainly not great, but not that shitty either. She’s just an average mother, facing difficulties and not knowing where and how to get help, just using her insecurities to feed back to her treatment of her child. Then again, many Asian countries still have a stigma to seeing a psychologist or counsellor—I think that if she tried to see a family counsellor earlier, they can help her point out her mental obstructions and to see Xue Jiao as her own person and not just an extension of herself.

      • She is a shitty mother! I’m asian and grow up in a traditional asian family. I’ve done shitty stuff while in school that is almost similar to MC, but my parents never slap me for it. They scold me. Sure. They punish me in others ways too. But they never hit me. I think once a person you love hit you, the love you feel for them can slowly die. Slapping her child even before knowing what was wrong is enough to make her a shitty mother.

      • She’s bad enough to never care about her daughter but always worry what kind of image and impression her daughter’s action has on others. She’s a lost case. She can’t even stand up to others when someone is cursing her child to death or when she got bullied at her step mother’s.

    • Remember how when the other mother made one of the rich wives dislike her or when the cousin made some kids her age dislike her it began to affect their business? Remember how the girl in the book got raped, blackmailed and then died with the path she was on? Remember how the mother originally died looking for her after she ran away Maybe I see it differently because I’m not Asian but it really seems like reputation is super important and as far as the slap, it was extra but I saw where she was coming from the first time the second she was unreasonable. She’s a flawed character and I love that she’s working to fix herself. Keep in mind that right after her father died her husband started treating her like crap and brought in his mistress all while listing her faults. She has her own insecurities that she’s learning not to project.

  3. Still, I pity the original GXJ, she was willfull and rebel not out of reason. Also LST, she did make a lot of mistake, but alienating her won’t solve the root of the problem. Every one should have another chance. Moreover, it is my first time seeing see chinese parents being so open about their flaw with their children ! such rarity ! lol

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  5. I dont hate the mother she is very flawed but not evil or negligent like Ming-jiao’s mother.
    But Dad is A+ for the win good father material perfect person to walk her down the aisle

  6. I want 4 Cheng Shuo in my life. I need a father like that, a brother like that, a husband like that and a son like that!

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