WFILTU Chapter 179 – Moving II

But forgiveness is not an easy thing……Li Sitong did not let her see the real trust, it was difficult for her to reach out the hand that had already been hurt.

Seeing that Xue Jiao didn’t speak, Li Sitong drank a full glass of wine bitterly.

Cheng Mingze took a look at the two and said with a smile: “I will also report my studies in the past year. My grades have not changed much. I have stabilized the first place and entered the last round of the mathematics competition. I have rejected the recommendation of C University, but in the new year, I will strive for a much better guaranteed position, or get a high score on the college entrance examination! “

With that, Cheng Mingze finished the red wine in one gulp.

“Good!” Cheng Shuo took the lead in clapping, “Brother was very excellent this year. In the new year, brother has to take the college entrance examination. I hope brother can stabilize his grades and get a good result on the examination!”

He looked at Jiao Jiao again: “Next, it’s time for sister, who has made the greatest progress this year, to report her situation!”

Xue Jiao’s face turned red. Her movements were like 70% of what Li Sitong had just done. In addition, she had a similar look, blood relationship……was a really magical thing.

“I……I got the first rank in my grade this year and entered the last round of the math competition. I didn’t understand much before, but I won’t be like this in the future. In the new year, I will work harder, sit stably at the first rank, and strive to make progress! “

“Good!” Cheng Shuo took the lead in clapping, “The best member of our family this year is our sister. This is a reward for our sister!”

Cheng Shuo took out two bankbooks and handed the first one to Xue Jiao. “Jiao Jiao, your mother and I gave you this reward. Mingze also has this, but your reward will be less than half of Jiao Jiao’s. When you are admitted to your ideal university, I will prepare the start-up fund for you. You should learn to manage your own money. “

Xue Jiao reached for it and didn’t open it.

In her last life, Xue Jiao didn’t know what it was like to have a family member. Although there were all kinds of problems in her life, in the end, at this moment, Xue Jiao realized what a warm feeling it was to have a family member.

Maybe it’s the kind of world where she could roam, but there was always a direction behind her, giving her support, giving her advice. There were contradictions, but it’s always warm.

The feeling of having family was the feeling of being supported.

In front of this man who was not her own father but was no different from a birth father, and this person who has a lot of problems and also committed many wrongs, but was still her birth mother…… because of them, she could study and work hard without worries.

“Thank you, Mother. Thank you……Dad.” Xue Jiao opened her mouth slowly.

Cheng Shuo was stunned, as if he had heard something unbelievable. Then he looked at Li Sitong, his hoarse voice shook and asked, “Jiao Jiao……is calling me?”

“Yes……” Li Sitong’s eyes were slightly red, and she nodded vigorously, “Jiao Jiao is calling you father!”

“Aiaiai! Father’s good daughter!” Cheng Shuo’s eyes were completely red. He rubbed them in a hurry, hoping the tears haven’t come out yet.

Immediately, the three people looked at Cheng Mingze together.

Cheng Mingze: “……”

He looked at Li Sitong who was staring at himself for a long time and then slowly opened his mouth: “Thank you……Mom.”

“Aiaiai! Wuwuwu……” Li Sitong cried in response.

Then Li Sitong and Cheng Shuo held each other and wiped their tears. Xue Jiao and Cheng Mingze looked at each other and smiled.

Forget it, just let these two be happy.

It’s just that…… the boy(girl) in front of them will always be their own brother (sister) now!


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Li Sitong was so happy that she drank too much and got drunk. She was carried back to her room by Cheng Shuo.

“Jiao Jiao, your mother is drunk. Let us three keep watch for the New Year tonight.” Cheng Shuo said with a smile.

Xue Jiao touched her head and said softly, “Dad, I seem to be a little drunk, too.”

“Ah? Then hurry up and head up to have a rest! ” Hearing the word “Dad”, Cheng Shuo immediately turned around and said with a faint smile.

Xue Jiao nodded and went upstairs.

Sure enough, half an hour after she closed the door, the sound of the car starting came from downstairs.

Xue Jiao didn’t turn on the light. She only lightly walked over to open the curtain and glanced out.

She knew that Cheng Shuo and Cheng Mingze were going to Cheng Kai’s place. After all, she was still their cousin and their niece. Elder Cheng wouldn’t have a good New Year tonight. Cheng Shuo and Cheng Mingze can’t ignore them.

They should have originally wanted to keep their company for the New Years, then wait until they were rested before heading to the old Cheng manor.

If Li Sitong slept and Xue Jiao was also ‘drunk’, they can head there earlier.

Xue Jiao smiled lightly.

She was not angry at all. If Cheng Shuo was not a person who attaches great importance to love and righteousness, it was impossible for him to treat his stepdaughter sincerely.

Xue Jiao fell over onto the bed and blinked her eyes.

It was almost eleven o’clock now. Does she go to bed directly or…… does she keep guard for the New Year and do some exercises?

Oh well, she’ll do some exercises.

She climbed up, turned on the lights, and took out her papers. About an hour later, her phone vibrated.

Xue Jiao turned on her mobile phone. WeChat message. It was Lin Zhihua——

【Are you at home? Staying up for the New Year’s? 】

Xue Jiao’s finger typed away——

【En, at home, I’m going to stay up for the New Year while doing the exercises. 】

Lin Zhihua on the other end of the phone looked up and saw the bright window. Only Xue Jiao’s was still brightened.

He saw Cheng Shuo and them headed out by car before. Tonight, she was probably watching the New Year alone.

Thinking of this, Lin Zhihua has two points of heartache.

He typed in slowly——

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  1. He’s an amazing stalker, but he’s such a St. Bernard that I just can’t find much resistance in my hear to it???? XD XD XD


  2. Yep he is a softer yandere but he is 100% a yandere.

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  4. I get he likes her, but why are you sitting outside her houseeeee? Also, I love cheng shuo so much!!!!

  5. All these good moments and some yandere slipped in. *Sighs* I’m too tired of this sh*t, it’s like authors are trying to justify that there are good yanderes despite all the controversy about them instead of teaching readers that all types of yanderes are out there (seriously, learning so much from these black-bellied b*stards)

    • Are you telling me that he WALKED TO HER HOUSE?! AT NIGHT, IN WINTER?? How does he even know where she lives?

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  6. My focus is on the siblings. The moment Xuejiao called Cheng Shuo (i love this man) “Dad” was very touching. I nearly cried. Cheng Shuo got his efforts rewarded and while Li Sitong is not the best, she tries to be and is willing to admit her wrongs and change albeit slowly. When Cheng Mingze called Li Sitong “Mom”, although it was not as much as Xuejiao and Cheng Shuo, I was also touched. The parents are never perfect and will make mistakes that may hurt you but you (some) will at times crave for their affection and love, and it is one’s great happiness for one to have it reciprocated. The parent-child relationship development is something I can relate.

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