SOOEW Chapter 139 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XXI

As soon as Wen Ying arrived, she immediately rolled on the sofa.

“It’s so comfortable!”

“The back of this sofa can be placed down.” He bent down to adjust the back of the sofa, a wide shadow hit her forehead, she covered her eyes. Just listening to the sound of the mechanism in the sofa, he put the back of the chair down horizontally. In order to maintain balance, he supported the cushion with one hand, but it was closer to her who covered her eyes.

Jiang Tianye suddenly realized something, got up and retreated two steps, “I placed an iPad here before, do you want to watch a drama?”

“Love to shoot*?” A question mark rose from her head. “What’s this?”

*pronunciation for iPad

“You don’t know it?”

Jiang Tianye asked the question, and then he suddenly remembered that the two of them belong to a different time and space. The setting of the end of the world was an era of underdeveloped electronic technology. It was the author’s intention to avoid drawing from popular communication tools such as microblog and WeChat, to avoid the chaos of the Internet, and focus on creating realistic plots.

Thinking of this, he explained naturally, “I remember that your time is relatively backward, so there is no such thing yet.”

Lies would always get bigger and bigger. Similarly, they become easier to say.

Wen Ying found that he was very cute when he lied seriously. She couldn’t help laughing in her heart. On the surface, she acted as if she suddenly realized. Her acting skills were first-class, and she carefully read the cartoon “The end of the world kamikaze group”, and added a few details using her own understanding, so she can perform the role of Qingniao more vividly. Currently, she showed the ignorant appearance of Wen Ying’s brand of Qingniao, acting her out very well.

He opened his microblog and registered an account for her with his email, “Come here.”

Wen Ying sat on the sofa side by side with him. He handed her the iPad and let her play with it using her own interests.

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It’s hard for anyone to resist the many pleasures of the Internet in the era of the information explosion. Even though Wen Ying didn’t really come into contact with it, it was the first time that she paid attention to the network information outside the school forum. She was immediately attracted by the world’s network celebrities and all kinds of funny jokes.

But she was “not proficient” in operation and often asked him how to operate it.

When he just handed her the iPad, he moved his right arm away and placed it on the armrest of the sofa. Now he needed to teach her, as soon as he placed his finger on the screen, he found that he almost held her in his arms.

However, she even added fuel to the fire. She felt that it was uncomfortable to lean her back against one arm, so she simply leaned on him, and the whole person was in his arms. Along the way, she also found a comfortable position, with her legs bent up, and placed the tablet on her bright thigh.

“Wu, so you can actually switch accounts like this.”

Jiang Tianye remembered the demonstration in the afternoon and suddenly asked her, “Do you normally……act so casually with Bi Fang? “

She did not even raise her head. “Not only with Bi Fang, I can play casually with all the others. However, Bi Fang is really different. He is the one who has the most tacit understanding with me, both in battle and in life. “

He was silent for a moment.

“Success! You see——” She held up the trophy tablet and showed it to the person behind her. She tilted her head and fell more and more intimately into his arms. He found out that she chose another account from the account switching page, that is, the one he used. She followed him with her own account and followed her with his account.

“Following each other” came into view. Just as Jiang Tianye felt a little different, he heard her say, “It’s a pity that the person who comes here is not Bi Fang. He likes to play games with his tattered mobile phone. Every time he finds something to generate electricity for him, he has to make trouble.”

Even her complaints showed a feeling of intimacy. He just felt annoyed and didn’t know what was bothering him. He pushed the person out and said “go to bed early”, but he didn’t find Wen Ying supporting her chin behind him and looking at him quietly.

After getting along with him several times, she found that Jiang Tianye was very aggressive towards people he didn’t like or some specific people. He seemed to have an extroverted personality, but in fact he was very introverted. If she didn’t stimulate him again and again, he would easily ignore his feelings and treat her as an illusion or something that didn’t exist.

But she’s not sure. After all, it’s the first time that she acted as a cartoon character. It’s hard for people who will disappear at any time to ensure the other party’s all-round investment.

She rubbed her forehead with a headache. It rose fast in the early stage and rose slowly in the later stage. The advantages and disadvantages of this skill are very obvious.

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