SOOEW Chapter 140 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XXII

Because Wen Ying was not familiar with this world, Jiang Tianye was not at ease letting her live outside by herself. After calling Li Shu to report his safety, he spent the night outside.

The next day he went to class and also brought along Wen Ying.

As soon as Li Shu saw her, he was stunned for a long time, as if he was once again immersed in the beauty of Wen Ying. After a while, he pushed Jiang Tianye, “Didn’t you say that you hate the role of Qingniao, how can you find someone who looks so similar to her……”

Before he finished speaking, he was slapped on his mouth by the book Jiang Tianye was holding and the words were blocked in his throat, unable to exit.

Jiang Tianye observed Wen Ying’s spirit. He saw that she was looking at the classroom and the students with curiosity. He seems to be relieved that she didn’t hear what Li Shu said just now. He didn’t want her to hear those types of words.

Wen Ying looked at them, “I just seemed to have heard ‘Qingniao’……”

Li Shu raised his hand like a concubine waiting for her tile to flip*. In the sight of Wen Ying’s doubts, Jiang Tianye had to let go.

*Ancient Emperors flip tiles of Imperial Concubines every night to decide who to sleep with that evening

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“Yes, that’s what I said. Qingniao is a person I like very much. You……you and Qingniao look very much alike. You’re both beautiful. ” He admired from the bottom of his heart.

“Thank you.”

“You should have seen that……” comic too.

Before his words came out, Jiang Tianye suddenly covered Wen Ying’s ears. In their confusion, he calmly said, “Noise pollution, listen less.”

What the fuck!

Li Shu immediately jumped to protest.

The atmosphere in the university classroom is relaxed. Before class, they can’t help whispering and exchanging such questions about gossip.

They were attracted by the movements between the three of them. First, they focused on the people who looked like Jiang Tianye’s girlfriend. During the discussion, they looked at Wen Ying frequently. Then they saw that the person concerned didn’t respond, so they changed the topic into the latest news. It is said that a girl in the school came out with the nickname “Sleeping Beauty”.

After hearing this, Li Shu smiled at Jiang Tianye and said, “Guess who this sleeping beauty is. It’ll scare you once I say it! You also know them. ” The words were spoken toward him, but his eyes were always facing the direction of Wen Ying. It seems that he was deliberately discrediting the relationship between Jiang Tianye and other girls.

Jiang Tianye leaned back and blocked his sight completely. He asked casually, “Who?”

“The Chinese Department’s class flower, Wen Ying! Xia Yi’s good friend, first-hand news. I’ve contacted Xia Yi, and she really lives up to her reputation. It’s said that this is the second time. Her friend may have some rare disease. She always sleeps for several days without any reason. But her body function won’t be consumed. She doesn’t even need to hit glucose. Everything’s alright. “

Jiang Tianye was stunned. It’s her.

Up until now, the appearance of the other party rushing to save people still stayed in his memory. Even when he contacted her, there was a sudden electric current between them, a strange sense of familiarity.

“I don’t know who spread it. I went to many people to verify it, but I failed. With Miss Xia there, I don’t think she will allow people to get close to her friend. But because of this, the rumors outside will get more and more intense. I estimate that one day will be enough to spread all over the schools in C City. ” He suddenly came to the interest, “Ah, you and Xia Yi are familiar. How about bringing me to see the contemporary Sleeping Beauty’s peerless sleeping face?”

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