WFILTU Chapter 181 – Moving IV

“Ah——” Xue Jiao screamed without any image and was pulled out far by Cheng Mingze.

Cheng Mingze clenched one hand and held out the other to protect her, ensuring her safety.

After skating for a long time, Xue Jiao stood up straight, stabilized her figure, then turned around and rushed towards Cheng Mingze who had already run away.

“Cheng Mingze, I’m not finished with you!!!”

“Come on, come on! Ha ha ha!”

Cheng Shuo sat down again. When Cheng Mingze reached out his hand before, he subconsciously stood up, scared. Only after seeing that the two children were alright, did he sit down again.

“This Mingze is getting more and more playful!”

Li Sitong covered her mouth with a smile: “Is it not good for them brothers and sisters to have a good relationship?”

“This is true too.” Cheng Shuo sighed, “As soon as I think of the two of them before……”

“Ai, don’t bring it up anymore”

Cheng Shuo nodded, stood up and shouted:

“Jiao Jiao! Mingze! Do you guys want to go skiing? “

The two people who were laughing and fighting together instantly looked up and yelled: “Go!!”

Then, they stared at each other.


On the first day of the New Year, even if Cheng Shuo and Cheng Mingze just came back from Cheng Mingjiao’s place, they didn’t say a word about her.

Instead, the family of four went out for a whole day.

On the second day of the lunar new year, Xue Jiao recited her textbook in the morning and did another math problem. Together with Cheng Mingze, who had a face of reluctance, Xue Jiao was brought by Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong to visit relatives and friends.

This time at the Lin family.

“The old man is angry again……” Father Lin hung up with a tangled face.

Mother Lin was sitting on the sofa, with a helpless face: “Ai, the elder is really too much. It’s the New Year, what is the need to introduce a partner. This is forcing Zhihua away.”

“Is that an ordinary partner?” Father Lin glared, “She’s a psychologist. Zhihua has a psychological problem. Finding a psychologist girlfriend, maybe your wish to have a grandson will come true soon!”

Mother Lin also glared: “Do you not want to hug a grandson? Besides, why are you glaring at me? If you have the ability to stare, why don’t you glare at the elder, or glare at Zhihua? Honestly.”

Father Lin held his forehead: “Lin Zhihua honestly too. Where is he running off to during the Spring Festival? Isn’t it just a girl. If he doesn’t want to meet, then don’t meet. What’s the point of running……”

At this time, Chen Yan entered with several people.

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“What are you doing? What are you all doing? ” Father Lin stood up.

“The boss told me to prepare housing for the two immigrants as soon as possible. Here are some residences I picked out. Please choose your favorite place.”

As soon as Chen Yan’s words fell to the ground, the four men behind each opened a picture.

“The first one is in the United States. It’s a manor with convenient transportation. It is the nearest manor to Chinatown. The boss has already bought it.”

Regardless of their gaping expression, Chen Yan pointed to the second piece of paper and said——

“The second place is in Semporna, Borneo, Malaysia. It is a sea view villa with beautiful scenery.”

Following, Chen Yan pointed to the third one and said——

“This is in the Maldives……”

“Not going!” Father Lin interrupted Chen Yan, with a face of anger, “Are you revolting? What is this for?! Sending us out of the country? “

Chen Yan’s face was expressionless: “The boss said that he has already given you a chance before. If you get involved in Elder Lin’s business again, then please emigrate.”

Mother Lin stepped back, in shock: “Zhihua……how could Zhihua send us abroad? “

“That’s what the boss said.” Chen Yan bowed his head slightly, but his voice was still expressionless.

“No! You let Zhihua come here! I don’t believe it!” Mother Lin began to deceive herself.

Chen Yan bowed his head respectfully: “Boss has already brought these four places. Please make a decision early.”

“What if I don’t move?” Father Lin smashed the cup on the tea table to the ground.

“Then I’ll have to force you two to move.”

Father Lin raised his hand and pointed to Chen Yan. He was furious: “Chen Yan! Lao Zi recruited you into the company! “

Chen Yan didn’t speak. He looked like a robot with his head down.

He had really entered the company during Father Lin’s period. He thought it was a promising company, but he didn’t know that once he entered, he would find that the internal corruption was obvious.

Sure enough, Lin Shi would collapse soon.

Chen Yan was still struggling at that time, whether to change jobs or stay until his contract expired.

Chen Yan’s mother was ill at that time, and the money in his pocket was cleaner than his face.

At this time, Lin Zhihua returned home.

At that time, Lin Zhihua said: You will work for me in the future, and only listen to me. You have to be on call 24 hours a day, all year round.

Looking at Lin Zhihua, who was young but had a straight face, Chen Yan subconsciously wanted to refuse. After hearing Lin Zhihua’s annual salary, he withdrew his refusal.

Ever since then, he has only one boss, Lin Zhihua.

In fact, he has not followed the wrong people these years. Lin Shi has become a legend in the industry.

The boss works hard every day, in order for Lin Shi to fight in front. Chen Yan has no sympathy for those people who drag the hind legs.

Father Lin’s words enter in his ears, but there would be no emotion.

In fact, the boss didn’t want them to stay abroad forever. His original words were to send them out to live for half a year to reflect on themselves and don’t get involved in his affairs in the future.

But Chen Yan only said that they were going abroad, and he didn’t add on the later half of them returning back half a year later. He let the couple in front of him turn pale.

Father Lin saw that salt and oil did not enter him, suddenly covered his chest, and gasped.

He slightly tilted his head and gave Mother Lin a look.

Mother Lin suddenly realized and rushed over with a worried face: “Old Lin ah! Don’t be angry. What can you do if you get angry! Don’t worry, Zhihua still cares about you as his father. It’s impossible to force us to move away regardless of your body, Old Lin! “

Mother Lin only yelled but couldn’t shed tears. She took a look at Chen Yan.

Chen Yan clapped his hands expressionless. A doctor in a white coat came in with a medicine box.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please don’t worry. I’ve brought my boss’s personal doctor.”

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA I know it’s rude to laugh at his parents but I feel so satisfied right now XD I dislike his parents meddling with his life too much, especially when they made light of the murder attempt on Lin Zhihua just because the other party is an elder

    • his “family” is like the corpse flower… no one wants to smell it but then seem to cant turn away… kinda like seeing a train wreck

    • This is why I just can’t get behind the male lead. He does NOT respect anybody, yet demands respect from everybody. He is rude, obnoxious, condescending, nasty, overbearing. Just because he currently tones down those traits in front of one person, does not mean they are not his normal character. He is just a terrible endgame romantic partner for anyone, let alone a 16 year old girl.

      • Sweetie his parents are turning a light the fact that his grandfather tried to kill him
        What would you do if you where him?

      • En, the guy is suffering from psychological problems and never got a clean bill from his friend (though usually they wouldn’t want to say goodbye for nefarious reasons) so I don’t really want him to give that up; as a kid currently struggling with social anxiety, Asperger’s and self-inferiority with Asian parents who clearly don’t believe in therapy, having the chance to pay for your own treatment is really considered a luxury. Plus, it might be different later on if he does get the girl, but has anyone thought of if he doesn’t (hypothetically)? Would he seriously die alone without offspring because the one girl he liked didn’t want him and stopped trying to get to know anyone? I’d rather he somehow try to attempt getting over the psychological trauma his family caused and cure his yandere tendencies than saying it’s fine with 1 person without a back up plan. Not like he ever flaunts his achievements or is openly obnoxious.

      • Eh? You’re going to smile and hug the people digging literal pitfalls with pikes in the ground all around you? Oh mother Theresa.

  2. Uh. Just stop ambushing you’re son with blind dates and you’ll be fine. Damn people, he isn’t even 30 yet and they’re acting like he’s on his last prayers. Unfortunately for the grandson-seeking parents, his target is a girl that is determined to go to university, so….it might be awhile.

  3. Yeah, get the troublesome people out of the way so you can woo Jiao Jiao in peace!

  4. This chapter was really heart-warming! Chen Yan is awesome!!


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  6. This is one of the best Leads that I have read, usually they will leave the parents annoy everyone.

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