WFILTU Chapter 182 – Seats I

Mother Lin’s wailing voice froze, even the clapping action had stopped.

Father Lin, who was patted by her, was not much better than her. His hand, which covered his heart, froze, and his breathing stopped.

“Dr. Su, please do a check on the boss’s father, and see if it will affect the departure today.” Chen Yan’s cold voice fell to the ground, and Dr. Su immediately stepped forward.

Father Lin was rigidly supported by him, and his blood pressure and blood sugar were measured.

After manipulating for half an hour, Dr. Su finally stood up.

He put away all the tools and said seriously, “Secretary Chen, Mister’s condition is normal and he doesn’t need medicine.”

Well, the meaning is clear——pretending to be sick.

Chen Yan seemed to have expected that, and his face was expressionless: “Then these two, let’s leave now.”

“Now?” Mother Lin jumped up, shocked.

Father Lin’s expression was also not much, and didn’t pretend to be sick anymore, “Call Lin Zhihua over! Let him come and talk to us in person!”

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“The boss is very busy. Will Mister and Madam pack your things by yourselves or should I ask someone to help?”

Father Lin: “……”

Mother Lin: “……”

Oil and salt both didn’t enter Chen Yan. Father Lin and Mother Lin both coerced and bribed, and all 18 martial arts were useless.

Finally, the Lin parents were placed on the plane with tears in their eyes.


“Boss, it’s done.” Chen Yan bowed his head and stood respectfully beside Lin Zhihua.

His attitude was quite different from that of his towards the Lin parents. He was extremely respectful.

After a moment, Lin Zhihua nodded: “Alright, you did a good job.”

Chen Yan moved slightly.

Lin Zhihua raised his brows: “What’s the matter?”

“I didn’t tell Mister and Madam that you1formal you only asked them to reflect on what happened for half a year……” Chen Yan was honest and frank.

Lin Zhihua raised his mouth a little and placed his pen on the table. “It’s fine. If they can’t reflect for half a year, they will continue to stay.”

Chen Yan’s eyebrow also loosened a bit. Following such a boss, was really his luck.

There were too many horses in this world. Not every horse can meet Bo Le2Bo Le – a horse tamer who was a famous judge of horses . How lucky Chen Yan was to meet a Bo Le like Lin Zhihua.

“Has the arrangements on Elder Lin’s side been made?” Lin Zhihua asked again.

“Yes, all his contact information has been cut off. The psychologist has also moved into the old house. He will take care of the Elder’s condition from time to time, and the Elder will not have the opportunity to contact other people.”

Lin Zhihua nodded: “After the New Years’, it will be Lin’s official operation in Beijing. There is a tough battle to fight, no one should be allowed to take advantage of it.”

“Yes!” Chen Yan paused for a moment and said, “If the Elder’s state is not so good……”

“It’s fine. He can’t bear to die. As long as he doesn’t die, he can do whatever he wants.”


“Chen Yan, the New Year has been hard. This year’s tasks are arduous, and the bonus at the end of the year is double.”

As soon as Lin Zhihua’s words fell to the ground, Chen Yan’s face was still expressionless, but his eyes were full of surprises.

The two small hands in his heart excitedly rubbing, only missing looking up into the sky and laughing.

The bonus given by the big boss was the conscience of the industry, and it’s even doubled!

When Chen Yan walked out of Lin Zhihua’s apartment, his steps were light, and then he frowned slightly when he saw the person at the door of the apartment.

“What are you doing here?”

Lin Zhihua’s assistant, Tan Qi, had wrapped himself up into a rice dumpling with only his face exposed. Compared with Chen Yan in a suit and leather shoes, Tan Qi was like a person from another world.

When the other party saw him, he was obviously very excited, “Secretary Chen, you finally came out!”

Chen Yan was still frowning and approached: “Aren’t you on vacation? How did you get here? “

Tan Qi approached, and his fluffy down jacket rubbed against Chen Yan. He was stupid and dumb, but he just had to feel that he was smart. “Wasn’t it because the boss had already asked people to send information to him yesterday. The boss is alone in this apartment. I’ll see if I need to help him do something!”

“No need.” Chen Yan coldly dropped a word, “This year Lin Shi would be very busy. You start on the fifth day, there are still two days left.”

Tan Qi: “……”

Only the third and fourth day of the whole holiday! Secretary Chen, can you not say it!

Chen Yan’s mouth slightly rose, “Since you are already here, help me drive.”

Tan Qi: “……” why???

As if guessing his inner reluctance, Chen Yan looked at him: “Because the boss said you were to do chores for me.”

Tan Qi: “……alright.”

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