WFILTU Chapter 183 – Seats II

He paused for a moment and asked curiously, “What was the boss looking for you to do?”

“Doubling the bonus.”

“What?” Tan Qi was shocked first, then surprised, “Really?”

He rubbed his hands excitedly, perfectly copying Chen Yan’s inner action.

“Mine.” Chen Yan returned two words and went on1mine = two characters in Chinese.

Tan Qi quickly followed, “What’s yours!”

Two words came from the front: “Bonus.” 2 bonus = also two characters



After a moment, Tan Qi recovered and ran after him——

“Wei! Secretary Chen! You wait for me. Why didn’t the boss increase my salary? “

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After the New Year, only the tail end of winter was left.

Winter was a lively and desolate season. After the New Year, the third year of high school would begin in a few days.

Then, on the 14th of the first month of the lunar calendar, the first and second year of high school also began.

Qizhong School was back to its former bustle. A new year has passed, and it seems that everyone has changed a lot, but at the same time, there was no change at all.

Many students have been curious and angry, why does the school not wait for the 15th of the first month to start school after every winter vacation?

In particular, many times it was the 14th day of the first month, which really made the students angry and helpless.

Yi Tianyu has been waiting in the classroom for a long time. As a “poor” student who didn’t want to start school at all, he came very early.

He sat in his place from last semester for a long time, and it was not until nine o’clock that other students came to report under the guidance of their families.

“Brother Yu, you arrived?” Someone greeted him.

“En.” Yi Tianyu carelessly replied, holding his hand on the seat and looking to the back door with expectation.

After a long time, to the point that Yi Tianyu became a little flustered from waiting, a familiar figure followed behind a couple.

Yi Tianyu’s eyes brightened. He quickly took back his hand and turned his sight to the front, but he stared from the corner of his eyes at the back door.

However, the couple did not leave, standing at the back door with the familiar figure saying something.

After a long time, Yi Tianyu couldn’t help but say: “Is there still an end……”

At the door.

Cheng Shuo, who has just been promoted to father, sent his daughter to school. He was very excited: “Jiaojiao, If you have any problems, please tell us. Don’t hold back. If your teacher or classmates bully you, you have to tell us.”

“All right.” Xue Jiao answered obediently.

Today, she was wearing light blue cotton clothes, and had her hair in a casual bun that seemed extremely lazy and beautiful.

Cheng Shuo could not help worrying: “If……if there’s any bastard bullying you, remember to tell us! “

They didn’t know what Xue Jiao was thinking about. Her eyes were slightly dull. After a moment, she used her strength to nod.

Cheng Shuo couldn’t help laughing. Li Sitong rubbed her little head and said, “We’ll go to the office to find your teacher, but we won’t come later. You study hard yourself. You’re almost going to be in your third year. Jiayou!”

“Alright!” She nodded once again with energy.

“Go in.” Cheng Shuo said with a smile.

Xue Jiao stretched out her little hand from her clothes and gently waved it. She immediately drew it back and walked into the classroom with her school bag on her back.

Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong turned to Yin Fang’s office, and Xue Jiao headed back to her familiar seat from last semester.

“Wei! You came!” Up until Xue Jiao approaches, Yi Tianyu pretended to be calm.

Xue Jiao laughed. She normally doesn’t smile very much. Her facial features were delicate and small. In the words of some people who adore her, that’s the——spirit of immortality.

Now by exposing a smile, it instantly seemed like the ice and snow melting, all the flowers in full bloom.

Yi Tianyu’s heart was pounding. He doesn’t know what to say after the holiday. He just looked at Xue Jiao.

He looked at Xue Jiao exposing her little paws, breathed out a breath, and then opened the schoolbag.

Papers, books, pens……she took out everything slowly, and then placed her bag in the back cabinet.

She sat back, picked up her pen, and started to “brush brush” the problem.

Yi Tianyu, who just wanted to share his holiday to stir up a topic: “……”

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  1. Aww Return of our 2ML T-T I feel bad that he will never catch his white moonlight

  2. 2nd ML is having delusions in my honest opinion. Even if she has a relationship with Lin Zhihua it will not begin after her entering college (presumably Tsinghua, else it would really be a joke on the title)

    • It’s one of the places where I think the writer did well. The MC is clearly just focused on studying, and maybe helping out her deskmate to repay his help. She really didn’t flirt, get overly friendly, or had ambiguous interaction. His crush on her is really sustained by his imagination and his ability to hope against hope.

      • Ah, now that I think about it, it seemes true. I attributed it to his puberty. I mean, you’re in your teens, you have a good female friend who is helping you improve yourself & helped you get a goal. That’s a straight forward crush, right there. Didn’t notice that Jiaojiao could’ve handled it ambiguously

      • Well said, that’s why it’s ‘puppy love’ or ‘young love’; yes, love comes in many forms, but coupled with a sense of gratitude and enjoyment of the other’s company as well as seeing the effort they put in, even the most sincerest acts can be distorted into a sign of flirting somehow. I blame it on the lack of experience to differentiate types of love

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