WFILTU Chapter 184 – Seats III

In the office of the second year experimental class, the discussion was in full swing.

“Aiyo, aiyo I said that Gu Xuejiao was unusual. Teacher Yin, you originally didn’t want her to take part in the competition. Take a look, in the finals this time, we have Gu Xuejiao entering!” The math teacher narrowed his eyes with a smile.

Yin Fang also laughed and sighed with feeling: “Fortunately, I only wanted to persuade her at that time, but I didn’t really stop her. This Gu Xuejiao is really unusual!”

She was sure proud now. This Gu Xuejiao was in her, Yin Fang’s class! The days of being oppressed by the second class head teacher at the beginning had disappeared.

That was a math contest!

There were not many students who entered the finals from Qi Zhong school. Although there were three in year two, what about the other two?

Although the other two have got full marks, one was a student who has been training for the competition, and the other was a student whose subject was partial to science to the point that the Language and English teachers cried tears of pain.

Only Gu Xuejiao!

Ranked first in the grade! All the subjects were balanced, and she could still get the first prize in mathematics!

They were just missing the last round. Maybe her class will get a place to be recommended to a top university this year!

Yin Fang smiled happily again.

The second class teacher sat there without saying a word. When Chu Sheng took the exam, his position was not good. He handed in the paper early and didn’t receive a good result.

Gu Xuejiao also took the first grade from last semester, so he was naturally unhappy.

Looking at Yin Fang’s proud expression, Li Ping had no expression.

At this time, a couple knocked on the door of the office.

Yin Fang looked up and immediately stood up and said with a smile, “Gu Xuejiao’s mom and dad are here! Hurry and enter!”

Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong came in. Yin Fang pulled a stool for them and they sat down.

“Thank you, Teacher. Yin. You1formal you should sit too.”

Yin Fang narrowed her eyes with a smile, sat down and asked, “Does Gu Xuejiao’s mom have any problems? Did Gu Xuejiao encounter any problems in her life or her studies? Or are there any difficulties? “

Her attitude was very good. Li Sitong has held Xue Jiao’s parents’ meetings since she was a child. She has met her teachers many times. This was the first time that the attitude was so good!

Thinking about the attitude of last semester, Li Sitong sighed……

“No, No.” Cheng Shuo waved his hand and coughed, “I’ll tell you straight up. I hope the teacher can pay some attention when you arrange the position this year. It is currently the most crucial moment for Jiao Jiao, so she definitely can’t be distracted. How about……arranging a female table mate for her? “

“Female tablemate ah……” Yin Fang hesitated, “There is a big gap between men and women in our class, and there are more girls. In fact, according to my opinion, girls and girls sitting together are the best solution, but the head instructor said before that our class teacher should not be rigid and try to separate men and women……”

Cheng Shuo was not embarrassed either. He said with a smile, “That’s alright, I won’t give trouble to the teacher either. It’s just that it’s better to change Jiao Jiao’s deskmate more often.”

They were all millennial foxes. What else would they not understand.

Yin Fang realized in the next second. Gu Xuejiao’s parents meant that it was best not to sit with Yi Tianyu.

In fact, she had this plan for a long time. If it wasn’t for Yi Tianyu’s achievements shooting up, she would have changed their seats a long time ago.

Originally she was thinking that Yi Tianyu might also be a potential stock?

Hence, recently, she hasn’t thought much about changing their seats these days, but since the parents of the other party have already asked……

“No problem!” Yin Fang answered, “Then I will go in accordance with the ranking method of last semester. Xue Jiao is the first, and Yi Tianyu is the last. It’s impossible to sit together.”

“Then thank you, Teacher Yin.” Cheng Shuo stood up with a smile, reached out his hand and shook hands with Yin Fang.

“You’re welcome, you’re welcome.” Yin Fang said quickly.

“Then we won’t disturb teacher anymore. Farewell.”

Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong gave their farewells to Yin Fang and left the office while Yin Fang had a face full of smiles.

After seeing Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong off, Yin Fang sat back and thought about how to change seats.

At this time, a fat man like an upstart was standing at the door——it was Yi Dafa.

The headmaster was following behind his back. Yi Dafa smiled with a red face: “Teacher Yin, I’m here to talk about our children’s seats……”

Yin Fang: “……”

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  1. Just hope that Teacher Yin doesn’t crumble under pressure and plays “what if Xuejiao transfers” card. Apart from that, there wouldn’t be any thing she might use to defend.

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  3. Uhg. I understand all sides and I’m not sure what to hope for. I don’t think YiYu has a chance with our MC nor that him sitting next to her could affect her negatively. On one hand separating them might help him move on but this crush is very helpful for his development so like if he can’t get the girl he can at least get better results by sitting next to her…

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