WFILTU Chapter 185 – Seats IV

After she finished her tasks, Yin Fang brought the new books back to the classroom, and entered the classroom with a lesson plan under her arm.

“Be quiet!”

All of a sudden, the original lively classroom suddenly quieted down, silent without a sound.

The nun had accumulated power for a long time last semester, and the class was still very afraid of her.

She nodded, pushed her glasses, and her stern eyes swept over the crowd——

“In the new semester, our class has eight familiar people who left and eight new people who entered. Now let the new students introduce themselves.”

Originally, only seven people needed to be made up for the first class, but Cheng Mingjiao had transferred schools for some reason, so they needed to add another one, to make up for the eight.

Yin Fang finished speaking, chose a name, and the person quickly stood up to introduce themself.

These were those who entered from the ordinary classes. Their strength was not weak, but the resources from the experimental class and ordinary class were very different.

In fact, when Yin Fang introduced them, she was not very attentive. After so many years, she found a strange rule.

After entering the experimental class, many students who were very strong in the ordinary class would no longer receive all the attention of the teachers because the original chicken head turned into a phoenix tail, and their grades began to decline.

Even if it’s not downhill, it’s still hard to move forward.

Those who truly can come out, is only one-two out of ten.

After the eight people introduced themselves one by one, Yin Fang nodded, swept the crowd, and continued, “Next, let’s arrange our seats. Everyone, stand in the back.”

In an instant, people stood up one after another and went to the back.

Yi Tianyu’s heart jumped when he heard about the change of seat. He doesn’t know about the disturbance in the office before, and was worried for a moment.

He pushed his way to Xue Jiao, then bumped her, lowered his voice and said anxiously, “Wei Wei! Nerd!”

“En?” Xue Jiao raised her head in doubt, her brain still thinking about the problem just now.

She has finished the questions Lin Zhihua collected for her, so now they are both talking at night and making their own questions.

It’s not a logical question, and many questions may not be solved, but the question types were novel, and the investigation point was comprehensive.

Lin Zhihua’s problems were quite powerful. He created a problem himself before. It took Xue Jiao two days to solve it.

He promised her last night that as long as she could finish the problem today, he would give her another one.

That’s why Xue Jiao has been calculating since she got to her seat, hoping to calculate all of them before tonight.

Yi Tianyu was worried: “It’s time to change seats!”

“Oh……” Xue Jiao was still dull.

Yi Tianyu patted his thigh and said, “Forget it forget it, where are you going to sit? You are the first one!”

Xue Jiao paused, her brain pulling out from the question briefly. She thought about it, and said: “Just in my original seat.”

Why would she want to change from a seat that she was already used to?

In the fourth row close to the podium. She just needs to look up to see the teacher and the blackboard, and she doesn’t have to eat chalk. Why should she change it?

Yi Tianyu blushed.

Nerd……wanted to sit with him, too, probably.

It must be like this!

Yi Tianyu was happy, and then nervous.

Nerd Xue Jiao was the first, and he was the first from the bottom. Unless there was no one in front that would pick the seat next to Xue Jiao!

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How the hell was that possible!

Despair rose on Yi Tianyu’s face.

“First, Gu Xuejiao.”

Yin Fang finished speaking, Xue Jiao basically immediately sat directly in her original seat and then buried her head in hard calculation.

“Second, Shang Zhiyuan.”

Shang Zhiyuan chose to sit in the middle of the classroom. He was the last person who would be willing to sit with Xuejiao.

The first and the second in the experimental class are said to be very powerful, but there is no way. Nowadays, many people only care about the first, and the first is much better than the second.

Xue Jiao shot him down from the first and turned him into the second place of ten thousand years. Shang Zhiyuan doesn’t want to be too close to her.

Next, many people didn’t choose to sit with Xue Jiao.

In fact, it’s not that they didn’t want to choose Xue Jiao. Everyone has their own opinions. Xue Jiao was the first in the class, and even brought Yi Tianyu to make a lot of progress.

However, she looks too good. Typically, because she studies too much and is too serious, she basically has no communication with the girls.

As a result, there were no girls who dared to choose to sit with Xue Jiao, and always felt that the goddess was a Kaolin flower 1 Kaolin flower – metaphor for things that can only be seen from a distance and not touched . They did not dare to approach.

Boys were even more afraid. If they choose Xue Jiao today, then they would be beaten tonight.

All the way until the thirties rank, a boy who just entered class one walked straight towards Xue Jiao.

He used to be a favorite student of many teachers in the ordinary class. His typical chicken head, plus his good appearance, was very popular.

The famous goddess of the grade had no deskmate, so he went straight over.

“Cough!” At the later, Yi Tianyu coughed desperately.

Before the man sat down, he stared right into a pair of threatening and scary eyes, with a murderous “whoosh” floating eye knife.

As soon as he didn’t pay attention, the man sat behind Xue Jiao.

One by one went over, if anyone wanted to sit next to Xuejiao, Yi Tianyu used the same manner to threaten them away.

All the way until it was him——

There was almost no suspense, he rushed straight towards his original position.

He didn’t release a deep breath until he got to his seat. Fortunately fortunately.

He stared at Xue Jiao who had her head buried beside him——

Bookworm! Just now so many people came to you, how could you not know how to shake your head!

On the platform, Yin Fang sighed.

She didn’t help any of the parents. The result was like this. This cannot be blamed on her……

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