SOOEW Chapter 144 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XXVI

“Thank you.” Wen Ying first gave her thanks. She was very familiar with the breath of the newcomer. Whether it is the height perceived by the shadow, or the strength of helping others, it was consistent with Jiang Tianye. But her present status was undoubtedly different from that of Qingniao. The relationship was more alienated, so she cannot help but show a certain sense of distance.

Hence, she stood firm on her foot, and backed out of the other’s arms.

She saw that the clothes she was wearing were the same as that of three days ago and was going to go back to her bedroom to change.

The reporter over there still hasn’t left. He asked in a very gossipy way, “May I ask who is this classmate?”

Jiang Tianye saw that she was alienated and didn’t say anything. He just casually dealt with the reporter: “Her classmate.”

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Just now he was standing at the door, when he heard her say “I don’t have parents”, there was a moment of difference in his heart. Maybe it’s because he accompanied Qingniao to the orphanage not long ago, and he came into close contact with those children without fathers and mothers, which made him feel something.

He didn’t expect that she was also an orphan.

Because Jiang Tianye had come to oversee the person on behalf of Xia Yi. As soon as he heard that Wen Ying was going to leave, he asked her to wait in the room first, and he went to ask the doctor to come see her.

When he came back, he found that there were three more boys in the room. They looked fierce and were harassing Wen Ying.

“You want to go when you see us coming, this isn’t too good, right?”

Another nodded, “That’s right, if someone didn’t tell us, we didn’t know that pure class flower had stepped on so many boats.”

“We are all very sad. Have you ever thought about how to compensate us?”

They came together to stop her, some pulling her wrist, some holding her shoulder, and some touching her long hair. The action was very irregular. She frowned and broke away for a moment, but she would soon be caught and entangled again.

However, that newspaper reporter didn’t have the consciousness to stop people. Instead, he was like digging out some big news. He was so excited that his pupils dilated and he pressed the shutter button repeatedly.

Jiang Tianye immediately became angry. He pulled the door first, said his “apologies” and closed the doctor out of the door.

He strode to the reporter, who was caught off guard, grabbed the other’s camera and smashed it on the ground.

The camera collided with the solid ground and made a huge sound, attracting people’s eyes to him.

“Are you trying to film an AV in the patient’s ward?” He sneered, “If not, could you please let the person go first?”

The reporter, who originally wanted to be angry, after hearing his words suddenly felt guilty and didn’t speak again.

He just remembered that today’s task had not been completed and he wouldn’t be able to hand it in. He didn’t expect that he had such a harvest before he left, so he wanted to record it with the camera. #Money worshipper won the title of “Sleeping Beauty”. A sleep that she can’t wake from, is she sick or too tired?# Such a title was absolutely eye-catching! It’s a pity that the camera has already been smashed……

At this time, Jiang Tianye had already pulled Wen Ying to his side. He looked around the three people and sneered at her: “This is your taste?”

“It’s just some spare tires.” She saw that someone had come to support, so she calmly picked out the truth, “I don’t know where they have the face to dare to say it’s my boat.”

What the f***???

The spare tire group was driven crazy by her arrogance, and began to all talk at once to mouth off her “brilliant deeds” to the reporters, including the value of the things gifted to her.

Hearing this, Wen Ying and Jiang Tianye frowned together.

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    Like this is brilliant writing & consistent characterization. The line “It’s just some spare tires” <3

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