WFILTU Chapter 186 – Seats V

At night.

Xue Jiao lied on the bed and submitted her ‘homework’. She beautifully received a new question from Lin Zhihua.

【Thank you! ! !】

The other party responded very quickly——

【You are welcome. 】

A moment later, another sentence came——

【Have you changed seats today? 】

Xue Jiao paused for a while, then replied——

【It’s changed. 】

Lin Zhihua on the opposite side of the phone raised his mouth slightly and knocked——

【Have you changed your deskmate? 】

Xue Jiao replied with a face at a loss——

【No change ah, it’s still Yi Tianyu. 】

Lin Zhihua: “……”

The radian of the corner of his mouth immediately cooled down and he looked straight at the three words “Yi Tianyu”, as if staring at it could make it disappear.

After a while, he said——

【It’s still him? You didn’t change seats? 】

Xue Jiao replied very fast——

【Changed, choosing the seat according to scores.】

Lin Zhihua’s expression was even worse, so……after the change, you are still seatmates?

After a while, he replied——

【It’s time, you should sleep. 】

【Oh, oh! That’s right! You too. Good night! !】

Xue Jiao finished speaking, placed down her phone and fell into a dream.

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The second semester for year two was very busy, and the curriculum was very full. All the remaining lessons in senior high school will end this semester. The third year of high school was a review year.

Xue Jiao had to attend classes, finish homework, preview, review, and take time to prepare for the competition. She hated that she couldn’t just split herself into two.

All the way until the end of March, no matter how busy she was, she still took out a few days to go to Beijing.

The third round of the math contest was about to begin.

The time was not long. The school had a teacher to lead the team. It was a total of three days. They arrived a day ahead of schedule to adapt, the second day was the exam, and the last day was the award ceremony.

It was not until they set foot in Beijing that they received the mode for the third round of examinations.

To be honest, the moment they saw the examination method, let alone the students, the teacher in charge of the team was confused.

They all know that the mathematics competition was a series of tricks, but to this extent, it can be said that it was rare to hear.

Tsinghua University, Peking University, National People’s Congress, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other well-known institutions invited a total of 10 well-known mathematics professors to observe, and there were 300 spectators at the scene.

The assessment method was an on-site assessment, and there was no information about the question type, so they didn’t know until they went to the scene.

“Ten professors?! Three hundred spectators? ” The teacher stood up in shock, “and invited ten professors? Although it’s not only about the scores, but also about the comprehensive ability, what’s the matter with the 300 spectators? “

The teacher in charge of the team was very anxious.

Xue Jiao sat beside Cheng Mingze and the two frowned like two peas in a pod.

“Buzz——” the phone vibrated.

Xue Jiao took it out, and slightly paused for a while.

【Lin Zhihua: The mode of the competition has come out. You should already know. Don’t be nervous. The notice issued a before the year is about the comprehensive assessment of talent selection in colleges and universities. It is mentioned in it that some of the students who come out of examination oriented education have poor comprehensive ability and they hope to improve this. The mathematics group should have responded to the call to select more excellent talents.】

【Lin Zhihua: The three hundred spectators would never interfere with you. They are just there to give you psychological pressure. Don’t be afraid. This is helpful for screening. Don’t worry about answering questions on the spot. It should assess your adaptability and comprehensive quality, but in the final analysis, it’s still mathematics. No matter what, it is impossible to test English in the math contest. As long as you answer what you know, there will be absolutely no problem. 】

She had to say, Lin Zhihua’s words let Xue Jiao’s flustered heart suddenly calm down.

That’s right, no matter what, a math competition is still math. What else is she afraid of?

She just needs to pretend the people below are cabbages!

Xue Jiao was relieved at last.

At the other end of the phone, Lin Zhihua frowned slightly.

No one knew how hard Xue Jiao worked better than him. The girl’s efforts were far beyond people’s reach.

Lin Zhihua reached out and rang the bell.

Very soon, Tan Qi paced in.

“What can I do for you, boss?”

“Help me find a way to get a ticket for the audience of the math contest.”


The author has something to say: Yi Tianyu: ha ha ha! I’m still at the same table! You are still an internet friend!

Lin Zhihua: …………………

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