WFILTU Chapter 187 – Mentor I

Tan Qi was stunned for a moment, then nodded and said respectfully, “Ok, boss.”

With that, he walked out quickly.

In the evening, Tan Qi sent a ticket into the office. It’s in a good position, and can clearly see the stage, but was still inconspicuous. It can avoid the sight of others.

The hotel reserved by Qizhong was currently in a meeting.

The leading teacher stood and raised his voice to encourage: “Jiayou tomorrow, students! It’s a new competition mode for you guys only, but it’s the same for other students! So don’t worry! As long as it is fair and just, we should believe in our own strength! “

After a pause, the teacher added, “Definitely don’t be nervous everyone!”

Xue Jiao’s sight turned to a school senior nearby, sure enough, the other party was more nervous.

The teacher said a few more words, and finally made the students hurry back to the room to have a rest.

“Jiao Jiao……” Cheng Mingze’s room was next to Xue Jiao’s.

“En?” Xue Jiao raised her head.

Cheng Mingze suddenly grinned: “Jiayou.”

“All right!” Xue Jiao returned a slight smile, “You too, Jiayou.”


March 28th, the finals of the mathematics competition.

Lin Zhihua waited until almost everyone went in, then walked in through the small door, and quickly sat down in a corner with a good view.

He was wearing a long black windbreaker today, which was not noticeable at all. As long as no one could see his beautiful face directly, they would not notice what kind of person was sitting in this seat.

Xue Jiao was wearing the school uniform of Qizhong School. More than fifty people were all sitting. There were eight people in a row, and seven rows in total.

Her position was the fifth in the third row. Xue Jiao looked up and saw the invited professors sitting in the front of the stage, and then there were three hundred audience members. Three hundred people were not many, but when she looked over, there was a dark mass.

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Most of the students who have no stage experience can’t help but get nervous. In their past experience, the examination was relatively quiet in an independent classroom. When they are surrounded by so many people, their hands and feet suddenly tremble.

Xue Jiao couldn’t help but become nervous too. After all, in both her lives, she had no experience of working on problems in the sight of so many people.

The only one who was really not nervous was probably only Yang Zhan in the front row.

Like the senior in year three of Qizhong school, the questions hadn’t even come out yet, but he was already sweating profusely.

Xue Jiao closed her eyes slightly and breathed deeply: Xue Jiao, don’t be afraid, there are only cabbages below!

She opened her eyes again, and her eyes were clear and firm.

The host teacher came on stage and announced the rules of the competition from the side. It was divided into three rounds. The first round was the examination. There were two questions in total. Each question was worth ten points and the total time was 40 minutes.

When she got the test paper, Xue Jiao felt that it was no different from the previous exams, but it was only that there were more people watching it?

Two problems. The first problem required a large amount of calculation, and the second problem was geometry.

Xue Jiao and Lin Zhihua talked about similar problems when they talked with each other. Although they were completely different, some of the thought process for the solutions were the same.

The time was very tight. Xue Jiao saw that the paper had no problems, the top right corner of the table time began to countdown, and she immediately began to calculate desperately.

They didn’t know that when they were “wielding their pens furiously”, the background began to play their answers.

The grid was very small. Lin Zhihua soon found Xue Jiao’s exam in a couple of minutes.

He couldn’t see clearly how she solved the problem, and he couldn’t see the problem clearly, but Lin Zhihua knew the two problems were stable by looking at her rhythm and expression.

The corners of his mouth rose slightly, and Lin Zhihua smiled a little proudly.

Xue Jiao didn’t think that any of her steps were a waste of time, but she just finished it in the thirty first minute, while Yang Zhan, that genius, finished it in about twenty minutes. There was also a year one genius Zheng Mingyu, who finished one minute later than Yang Zhan.

She gave the exams paper to the passing staff and breathed out lightly.

Sure enough, a genius is genius. What kind of speed and brain speed are necessary to finish the exam so smoothly and quickly?

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  2. It’s fortunate they don’t know their process is being shown, imagine how much more pressure that would be.

  3. Are their computations being shown on the screen or just their expressions? If it’s the latter, it’s a bit silly that 300 ppl would be willing to watch what would be a boring competition

    • Lol, yeah. I just don’t really see it as interesting. Maybe there’s a commentary that they can’t hear.

    • Since there is a ticket to purchase, I think all 300 participants are in the field of Mathematics and very interested with the way the participants tackled the question. They basically was there either as scouts, to select who to sponsor or like Zhihua.. to support. Whichever they are, they won’t find that to be boring.

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