WFILTU Chapter 188 – Mentor II

After the staff left, all the students sat quietly on it, and the audience did not speak.

Ten minutes later, the staff came back.

“The students promoted to the next round are——”

Xue Jiao’s breath stagnated. Most people’s hearts tightened.

Were they going to eliminate people so soon?

“Yang Zhan, Zheng Mingyu, Li Lei……Cheng Mingze……Gu Xuejiao……”

Xue Jiao took a deep breath, stood up and walked to one side. The corners of her mouth moved upward slightly, easing her nervous face.

There were at least half of them left on the court. This problem was actually not too difficult. It’s not possible for these people to have problems today. Maybe it’s because they were too nervous, so they haven’t finished the problem, or they were too nervous so their brains couldn’t keep up.

After bowing, the people left were led off the stage from the side by the staff and sat down in the audience.

There were thirty-two people left. They sat back once again.

The second round, the papers were handed out.

Xue Jiao paused slightly, only sweeping her sight around once, and immediately started to speed up her pen.

Three questions! For a total of thirty points.

It was still forty minutes! There were actually three questions!

Inevitably, Xue Jiao was nervous at the moment, and her fingers trembled slightly.

【Don’t worry about answering questions on the spot. You should assess your adaptability and comprehensive quality, but in the final analysis, it’s still mathematics. No matter how, it is still impossible to test English in the math contest. As long as you answer what you know, there will be absolutely no problems.】

Lin Zhihua’s words appeared in her head again. Xue Jiao took a deep breath and began to write quickly.

Forty minutes passed quickly. Xue Jiao closed her pen and wiped her forehead almost right before the countdown.

Very soon, the staff came up and collected all the papers.

When Xue Jiao was working on the topic, she was highly concentrated and didn’t feel much. When she closed her pen, she found that she was not only sweating on her forehead, but also completely wet on her back.

Obviously, she was not alone in this situation. As soon as she looked up, she saw that many people were holding the back of their clothes.

Xue Jiao’s heart still hasn’t steadied down. She was overly tense just now, so it was still beating like thunder at this moment.

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Her line of sight couldn’t help but be placed on the person acknowledged as this time’s strongest, Yang Zhan. She saw the other side also wipe his forehead with the back of his hand.

Xue Jiao spit out a breath, her mood calming a lot again.

It turned out that even the most powerful Yang Zhan can feel the pressure this time. In 40 minutes, he had almost no time to revise the three big problems. He can only write hard for fear that he can’t finish them.

It can be seen in the first round. They have to get full marks to get into the next round.

Full marks meant that they had to finish and can’t make mistakes.

Xue Jiao looked back in the direction of Cheng Mingze. The other side seemed to feel her sight and raised his head.

When their eyes met, Cheng Mingze exposed a smile of encouragement and comfort.

Xue Jiao subconsciously returned a smile to him, and then drew back her line of sight, and gently closed her eyes to rest for a while.

Below, Lin Zhihua frowned slightly and took a look at Cheng Mingze.

At this time, in addition to the students taking the exam who took a rest, the professor and the audience rarely relaxed and whispered.

The professors who didn’t know what they were talking about. They nodded and laughed.

In particular, the professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was smiling. Yang Zhan, who was so brilliant that he was familiar to many universities, was admitted to the Chinese Academy of Sciences last year!

So speaking of it, Yang Zhan was already a student of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In fact, the audience wasn’t just casually found. They were all teachers of the math group. Now they saw the questions on the screen.

“This question is a bit difficult.”

“Which year’s competition is not difficult?”

“Teacher Li, can you do it?”

The male teacher pushed his glasses and said, “I sure know how to do it, but I can’t finish it in 40 minutes.”

“The students now are quite amazing.”

“Isn’t it. I think this term is very strong.”

“This year’s assessment is also very special.”

Of course, there were also younger teachers who gossiped——

“This term’s face value is also very good.”

“Ha ha, that’s true. Yang Zhan and Cheng Mingze can both depend on their face to eat.”

“Look at the girl in the third row……”

“Yes, that’s right. I saw her at a glance just now, and couldn’t even move my eyes.”

She was not the only one who didn’t move her eyes, but there was also a man sitting behind them in the corner who didn’t attract people’s attention—— Lin Zhihua.

His eyes had never left Xue Jiao, and he looked at her with a smile.

He had discussed numerous problems with her, and often received her photos of the problem-solving process.

But he never thought that she could be so beautiful when she was serious. Sometimes her eyebrows were slightly wrinkled and sometimes relaxed.

These simple and unobtrusive expressions were all in Lin Zhihua’s eyes.

It took a long time to correct this time, but soon, the teacher of the organizer came up with a list.

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