SOOEW Chapter 146 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XXVIII

“I’m sorry.” Wen Ying looked up at him, slightly lowered her eyelashes and said, “Although you helped me out, and I’m very grateful, but it doesn’t mean you are qualified to interfere in my affairs.”

Jiang Tianye frowned.

He suddenly felt that he must be blind, to feel that she was like Qingniao.

In the past, the latest issue of “The end of the world kamikaze group” was one that Li Shu could not help but pay for and benefited the whole dormitory. This time, they unexpectedly found that Jiang Tianye had already taken a copy in his hand before they knew it.

Li Shu immediately cheekily said: “Let’s look together.”

Jiang Tianye glanced at him and didn’t refuse.

“By the way, where’s your little girlfriend? I haven’t seen her for days.” Li Shu placed his arm on his shoulder. Suddenly he thought of something and said, “I just found out that it’s been such a long time, yet I still don’t know your little girlfriend’s name, where she studies, and how old she was……aren’t you protecting her too much? I admit that I had some daydreams about her, mainly because she looks so much like my favorite little Qingniao, so I can’t help it……Sh*t! Why are you hitting me?”

“Be quiet and read.”

Jiang Tianye leaned on the bed chair and looked at the black and white paper. Li Shu drew close to the stool and approached close to him to read together.

While they were reading, Wen Ying turned off the bedroom light and got into the quilt. Then, when Xia Yi was distracted, she slipped into the comic book.

This was the first time that she has stayed in the comic book for a long time. In the past, she always went straight to her goal and didn’t look at it more. This time, it was different.

Under the dark without light, there was an almost straight passage slanting above their heads.

This was a secret passage discovered by the Shenfeng regiment while tracking the trace of Dr. Crazy. Only one member of the regiment was left to meet him at the top, and the other four people went deep underground. Previously, only a set of incomplete data was found in the other party’s laboratory. It could be seen that the other party was already on guard, so they made repairs and found the way along the road.

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The ground was wet and the sound of water drops could be heard occasionally.

The first reaction of Wen Ying after she came down, cold.

Generally speaking, the body of psychics has been improved and will not be affected by the external temperature, but the temperature here was different and could affect them. In comparison, Wen Ying’s physical fitness was the worst and she was the most affected.

Bi Fang spread out his palm. Immediately a flame sprang up, illuminating the surrounding environment.

He saw Wen Ying holding her arms and shaking. He hooked his fingers to her and said, “Still not coming over.”

Bi Fang was the exact same as what she saw in the comic book, but the red hair was particularly brilliant. His facial features were particularly deep in the flames. Most of the time, he was influenced by his powers. He acted recklessly, and often, even the commander Bai Ze couldn’t couldn’t deal with him. However, if it’s Qingniao, she could control him with softness instead.

Wen Ying quickly ran over tightly, and warmed up next to his palm.

The others: “……”

Bi Fang burst out laughing, “Are you stupid? I told you to place your hands in here.” He pointed to his coat pocket.

Maybe it’s because they have lost the restriction of moral rules in the end of the world. They were indeed intimate, but they just threw the situation behind their heads and won’t stay in their hearts. Everyone was used to it.

Wen Ying simply placed her cold hand into his clothes and stuck it on his waist through a layer of underwear.

It’s a pity that Bi Fang didn’t feel her malice at all. Her chill was not enough to make him feel cold. While they were waiting for Lu Wu to explore his way, he played the snake game on his phone.

Wen Ying stood on tiptoes and leaned over to the screen to see, “This is not fun. I’ve played a better game than this.”

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