WFILTU Chapter 189 – Mentor III

“The students who passed the second round were——”

Her breath suffocated again, keeping an eye on him.

“Yang Zhan, Zheng Mingyu, Bai Jiu, Cheng Mingze, Gu Xuejiao.”

Suddenly, everyone was stunned, Li Lei’s face became visibly pale to the naked eye.

The boy, who has been preparing for the competition for so many years, had a frightening white face. Obviously, he didn’t expect to be eliminated.

Not only him, but several students also had the same expression.

Only five people entered the third round, and the remaining 27 were eliminated!

Some of the students looked at the head teacher, their hands moved, obviously wanting to raise them.

Without waiting for them to raise their hands, the head teacher said, “Students who have objections can check the papers later, and those who have points deducted can’t enter the next round. Next, I’d like to announce the sixth and following ranks——”

He looked at the people on the field: “Sixth place, Li Lei, seventh……”

Li Lei let out a sigh and made a gesture of Jiayou to Cheng Mingze and Xue Jiao, who stood up and walked to one side.

He was the sixth rank, and was in the first prize for the winter camp. If there was no accident, there would be famous universities willing to recruit him.

There was no problem in being guaranteed for a famous university.

He cheered for Cheng Mingze and Xue Jiao because they were wearing the same colored school uniform after all.

Xue Jiao’s eyes also looked slightly at Cheng Mingze. It’s a pity that Cheng Mingze in the original text was locked up.

Cheng Shuo wanted to help Gu Xuejiao solve the problem, but he couldn’t accompany Cheng Mingze, so he was locked up until the end of the exam.

After that time, his relationship with Cheng Shuo also dulled a lot.

In order to solve the problem for his stepdaughter, his own father wasn’t even around when his own son needed it the most.

His strength was able to go to today, Xue Jiao had some regrets for the original Cheng Mingze. The original plot may be a better plot of love between the male and female lead, but for students, those missed may be an unforgettable experience.

Just because of jealousy, the boy locked Cheng Mingze up.

Cheng Mingze was not able to participate in the competition, so there was no relevant information about the competition in the original text.

Cheng Mingze, who could obviously get glory, had nothing because of other people’s jealousy.

Xue Jiao suddenly thought of Cheng Mingjiao. She had never seen her since the Spring Festival.

Xue Jiao, no matter what achievements today, no matter how many excellent people appeared around, would not envy others.

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She could try to catch up but could not be blinded by jealousy.

When the twenty-seventh name was read out, they bowed to the professor and the audience, and then went down to the audience.

“That white school uniform is the tyrant of our school. He’s very powerful. I didn’t expect that he didn’t even enter into the third round.”

“It’s not that they can’t do it. Maybe they will be deducted points if they have only a little problem. There was no time to double check on today’s match!”

“He didn’t check, and no one else checked either.”

“That’s right, look at the top five above. These are the most powerful ones. They were fast and accurate.”

“In fact, when it comes to their situation, it’s not just a matter of strength. They all have a lot of strength and a bit of luck.”

The more lively discussion began to talk about looks——

“The first five from this session are too good looking to watch!”

“That’s right, the best looking people we saw just now all stayed on!”

“How do parents teach the children these days? Handsome and smart!”

“Look at that little girl. She is the only girl left.”

“I have never seen such a beautiful girl!”


There was a lot of discussion. The staff took away the tables and brought up five tables with projectors and lined them up.

They sat on the seats, with their names on the front of the seats. Xue Jiao glanced down——Qizhong Gu Xuejiao.

“There are two from Qizhong school? Is this Qizhong School the one from C City? “

“Yes, it’s that one. The school is not bad.”

“Many famous high schools in Beijing have only one who entered, but there were two in Qizhong School? Too terrible, too terrible!”

“This school was quite lucky this time.”

“I’m afraid that their headmaster would laugh into a flower.”

“Ha ha ha, if it was me, I would also laugh into a flower.”


Listening to the discussion, the teacher in the audience smiled into a flower.

Needless to say, the headmaster will praise him when he goes back this time. He probably will have a big bonus this time!

While smiling, the team leader rubbed his hands excitedly.

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  1. Damn I can’t imagine doing this competition I already dislike math in general but having the whole audience see my paper would make me freeze like a deer on the road

  2. Lembrando da última prova de matemática da oitava série, onde tive um professor de merda que só sabia dar em cima das novinhas e não sabia ensinar, não aprendi nada de geometria e ele ainda me deu nota seis

  3. Thanks for the chapter! I can’t really remember what she means about Cheng Shuo locking Cheng Mingze up in the original plot. Does anyone know exactly what happened there?

    • I think you may have misinterpreted the sentence – do you remember when the gu step sister (can’t remember that girls name) and cheng mingze were locked up together? It’s referring to that time. If mingze hadnt been saved by xue jiao, he would have missed the competition.
      Hope that helps~!

    • Cheng Shuo never locked Cheng Mingze up. Cheng Mingze was locked up by another jealous school boy hoping to knock out a strong competitor in the math competition. Because Cheng Shuo was too busy keeping an eye on the past Gu Xuejiao, he neglected Cheng Mingze and didn’t find him in time for the competition. Due to that, their father-son relationship cooled.

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