SOOEW Chapter 147 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XXIX

Bi Fang let the gluttonous snake entwine around his body, and looked up at her, “It’s truly rare, when have you started to like to play games?”

“Just……” Wen Ying blinked, “when I was dreaming.”

He continued to bend his head to control the buttons and asked casually, “Nightmare?”

“It definitely wasn’t!” She protested, “I don’t hate games that much, actually……”

Wen Ying’s last word was spit out halfway, when in the dark, a sharp light flashed, stabbing directly toward their direction.

In the flash of light, she was pressed into the arms by Bi Fang, “Shut up.” He reprimanded, fearing that her voice might interfere with his hearing. Sharp as a needle, the object immediately scratched a bloodstain on the back of his hand. He looked in the direction of the attack for a moment and raised his hand in front of her.

Wen Ying converged her relaxed and lively look, and immediately tacitly understood to observe the wound. She instantly declared a result: “Non-toxic.”


As the word falls, his body moves quickly, holding the person in his arms to avoid a wave of attacks.

“Be careful. It’s a mutant pinwing bat.” Lu Wu, who was currently looking for a path, came from the dark passage. His power was strength. He was like an iron wall, but now he was hurt badly. However, after seeing Bi Fang, his expression was obviously relaxed.

The attack of the mutant needle wing bat was dense and can’t be prevented, but it can be solved using the fastest speed of fire attacks.

Bi Fang understood and pushed Wen Ying to Bai Ze, placing him in charge of protecting her. He and Lu Wu joined hands to lock the front attack.

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The battle was almost over, but before they could breathe a sigh of relief, they heard a short exclamation from the rear.

There was a flash of fire in Bi Fang’s eyes, and then the flames in the whole passage soared to the sky, burning the mutant bat almost in an instant.

The next second, he had swept to her side like the wind, “Are you hurt?”



“The snake is dead.” She took the phone he had thrown to her before, and the bright light of the screen shone on her face, reflecting her pitiful appearance, “It’s too greedy.”

Others: “……”

Bi Fang rubbed her head and complained to Bai Ze: “Chief, aren’t you protecting her too well?” When they were fighting, she was actually still in the mood to play games.

The chief, Bai Ze, pushed up his golden framed glasses, and lightly smiled: “It’s you who protected her too well.”

“That’s right.” Wen Ying fluttered her big eyes and said sincerely, “I trust Bi Fang. That’s why I played so hard.”

“Don’t use this.”

He sneered and made her hair more disorderly without mercy.

Bai Ze and Lu Wu look at each other and smile. After the battle, the warm picture of the team was framed in the sub lens, which became the last frame of the current page.

Li Shu pondered over the battle scenes, then looked at the last few frames, smacked his lips and sighed: “The more the author wrote these two words, the more obvious it is. This is a firm intention to make Bi Fang and Qingniao a couple? Yi, what are you……”

Jiang Tianye’s eyes stayed on the last space.

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