WFILTU Chapter 190 – Mentor IV

“The third round also takes 40 minutes, 30 minutes to answer questions and 10 minutes for judges to ask questions.”

The host teacher’s words fell to the ground, and the five people were immediately stunned.

They originally thought that these professors and the audience came to have a look, but they turned out to be the judges in the final round?

How would they evaluate?

How would they ask questions?

The five people were all muddled. Ignoring Xue Jiao, even Yang Zhan had a silly expression

When the bell rang, there was no sound below. At this time, the staff came up with several papers.

They passed it out one by one.

As a rule, Xue Jiao glanced over it first, then started to work on the questions.

There was only one question, but Xue Jiao was so scared that she turned white.

Not only did Xue Jiao’s face turn white, but everyone else’s face didn’t look good. Zheng Mingyu in year one was the youngest, and he was a little out of shape at this moment.

It was obviously not only them that was stunned but even the audience below.

The problem appeared on the back screen. They couldn’t control it at moment, and a sound of unexpectation come from the audience——

“How could that be?”


“How could they test this in a high school competition?!”

“Could these high school students even understand this?!”

“That’s right!”


The students who had finished sat in the audience, their eyes widened in shock, and some people were at a loss.

Some people were glad that they had come down, otherwise they would definitely turn in a blank sheet.

How could they test this in a high school competition? !

Even the judges were not quiet——

“Before, when I entered the arena, I was shocked when they said this……”

“I was also. I said at that time that they shouldn’t test this!”

“I also don’t agree! Isn’t this causing them trouble. “

“That’s right, how could high school students be tested on this?”

“Didn’t the organizers say they didn’t have to answer? It’s just a new attempt. Anyway, these five people can basically walk to any university now! “

“It’s all the first prize, but the ranking is different.”

“That’s true. When we hand these five students to the mathematics department, they would all be willing to accept! Hahaha!”

“Yi, we’d be willing too!”

“Just take it as an additional question. It doesn’t matter whether they do it or not.”


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“Ding——” the bell rang, not only to remind the audience to not make a sound, but also to remind the candidates to start the exam.

But there was still no one writing. The five people all had a uniform action, frowning while staring at the paper.

Xue Jiao spat out a breath, slightly closing her eyes. When she opened her eyes, she finally checked the authenticity of the words in front of her ——

Prove Fermat’s Last Theorem.

Yang Zhan was the first one to start writing, and his exam contents appeared on the screen immediately.

First, he explained what Fermat’s theorem was, and then he began to write out the formulas.

Lin Zhihua said silently: Andrew Wiles.

Yang Zhan used Andrew Wiles’ method of proof. He could not necessarily remember all the steps clearly, but Lin Zhihua knows that he absolutely wanted to write about Andrew Wiles’ method of proof for Fermat’s theorem.

Lin Zhihua frowned slightly. He knew that Xue Jiao worked hard, but Xue Jiao was not a genius. Even if Xue Jiao knew Fermat’s Last Theorem, she would not remember as much as Yang Zhan.

The teacher of the Chinese Academy of Sciences narrowed his eyes with a smile. Other teachers nodded and looked forward to it.

Five minutes after Yang Zhan began writing, Zheng Mingyu also wrote the same way.

But from the beginning of his writing, Lin Zhihua knew that this man was not as good as Yang Zhan in describing Fermat’s Last Theorem.

Next to Yang Zhan was Cheng Mingze, who wrote so fast that even Lin Zhihua had to nod his head.


Cheng Mingze used McLarty’s method.

The three of them struggled with writing, but the other two of them never started.

Bai Jiu hasn’t written and his face was pale. It’s obvious that he doesn’t understand anything.

Xue Jiao didn’t write either. She closed her eyes and held the pen tightly. There was sweat on her forehead.

Her eyes were closed and no one knew what she was thinking.

Lin Zhihua looked at her anxiously, his heart saying——

You’re not a genius. There’s no need to stress yourself.

Lin Zhihua’s conjecture was right. Xue Jiao doesn’t know how to prove Fermat’s theorem or even know what Fermat’s theorem was like.

But vaguely, she used the memory of her last life to find fragments. In year one of high school, she had attended the lecture of a big shot.

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  1. I feel like the chinese education system invests heavily in training highly qualified scientists. But what about teaching philosophy, psychology, and politics? Teaching the humanities helps young people to judge their own political, economic and social system more objectively, isn’t this important too ? Idk, I feel like they teach young chinese to be excellent worker, excellent consumer, but with poor ability to understand and change societal issues, which is sad… But it is only my guess… Anyway thankyou for the update !

    • lol isn’t that intentional? just think about it for a bit, why would they want to create people who are able to judge their country’s systems? rather than that, minimising the ability to think for oneself and encouraging the process of straightforward, rigid thinking… most governments do not want their people to be able to criticise them.

      i won’t say anything too opinionated on this because it’s a very sensitive topic, but teaching young people to challenge and question issues they find fault with is never going to be a priority.

      thank you to the translating team!

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  3. It’s a bad way to learn but I memorized things when I was in college, instead of understanding the content. So when I am stuck, I have to close my eyes and sweep through my mind to help jog my memory. Then I write down what I remember and try to see if that information is relevant enough to solve the question. My brain was wired weird lol I still got pretty good grades though. Not a 4.0 student, I was like 3.6 haha

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