WFILTU Chapter 191 – Mentor V

That big shot shared a lot of interesting things about mathematics. At that time, Xue Jiao thought that the boring theorems with names in the original books had interesting stories of those lovely mathematicians behind them.


Fermat’s Last Theorem……


As the time passed by slowly, Xue Jiao never wrote.

Twenty five minutes later, Bai Jiu placed down his pen with a white face.

He gave up.

It’s really unreasonable not to give up. At such a time, rather than writing randomly, it’s better not to write anything in public.

It was not a shame.

At this time, Xue Jiao moved and quickly wrote down a sentence.

Fermat’s great theorem referred to……he didn’t leave any evidence about his theorem. Therefore, I cannot be sure that Fermat really had clear evidence, but I am sure that I could prove it by hypothesis in the future. Unfortunately, there is too little time to finish it now.

It was time, the pens paused.

Lin Zhihui laughed.


Not only did Lin Zhihua smile, but the judges were stunned for a moment. The professor of mathematics at Tsinghua University first laughed and shook his head, but he looked at Xue Jiao with appreciation.

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“The following is the judges’ question time. The first one is Yang Zhan.”

During Yang Zhan’s question time, the first one who asked was a teacher from the Chinese Academy of Sciences: “You are very good. You are the best in the scene. You can write the formulas and proofs used by Andrew Wiles in such a short time. You also mentioned how Wiles solved the loopholes. I’m sure if I give you more time, you’ll write it all out. “

The professor next to him nodded and asked, “Do you have such a wide range of knowledge all the time?”

Yang Zhan nodded and replied with a smile: “I think books are the most beautiful things in the world. Fortunately, my brain is pretty good. I remember most of what I read.”

“You are very strong.” The professor of Beijing University nodded and thumbed up.

Following up was Zheng Mingyu, who was similar to Yang Zhan, but a little worse than Yang Zhan. The formula he wrote had a lot less and was a little messy.

But for a high school student, it’s already very powerful.

The third was Bai Jiu. No one said anything about him. The professors encouraged him by praising him.

“Bai Jiu, you are very powerful. It’s the organizer who was immoral!”

With that, the audience laughed.

The next one was Cheng Mingze.

Fudan professors didn’t say anything. They applauded first.

Xue Jiao looked back at Cheng Mingze’s paper and just wanted to sigh——the male lead is sure the male lead.

Look at the strength of others.

He and Yang Zhan finished writing their ideas simply, but they didn’t write the specific steps because they didn’t have enough time. They used different methods, and they were really the two strongest tonight.

Several professors on the spot stretched out an olive branch, eager to quickly place the student in the bag.

Finally, it was Xue Jiao’s turn.

“Student Gu Xuejiao……” The professor of Tsinghua University coughed, couldn’t endure and laughed again. “You are very interesting.”

Use Fermat to solve Fermat.

Fermat said there was not enough space, so he stopped writing.

Xue Jiao said that she didn’t have enough time, so she didn’t prove anymore.

“I saw that you didn’t move your pen. How did you think of writing like this in the end?”

Xue Jiao coughed and a pleasant voice came out——

“I actually don’t know how to prove it. I recalled my memory of Fermat’s theorem in my head, but I only thought of interesting stories and didn’t think of any proof related content, so I didn’t plan to write it at all.”

“Oh? Then why did you write this sentence in the end? “

Xue Jiao laughed, and her eyes were grateful: “I thought of my mentor, a friend who is both a teacher and a friend. He once said whether you can do it or not, that’s your ability, and whether you do it or not is your attitude. I thank him for his continuous lessons. Maybe my ability might not be enough, but my attitude is pretty good. I’m sorry, teacher. I can’t do it now, but in the future, I will test my hypothesis and see if it can succeed. “


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