WFILTU Chapter 192 – Get Prize I

Xue Jiao said it seriously and stared firmly at the teachers.

Even if the audience below doesn’t know her, it doesn’t prevent them from feeling the respect this person conveyed——the respect for the teacher.

In Lin Zhihua’s heart, thousands of thoughts flew in a moment. In one moment, towards such an important day, she was not grateful towards her own parents, or even her real teacher. Instead, she was grateful to him.

She remembered him.

She always remembered him in her heart.

But……respected mentor……

Lin Zhihua felt bitter for a moment.

The professors judging all nodded. Professor Tan of Tsinghua University nodded and said with a laugh, “I hope that you would remember what you said today, and I hope that you have the chance to tell me in person that your hypothesis method proves the result of Fermat’s theorem.”

Xue Jiao nodded with a smile.

Cheng Mingze clapped gently, and his eyes were fixated on her.

He couldn’t remember Gu Xuejiao’s former appearance. The image of the youth who dressed strangely, and bared her teeth had disappeared completely. He just needed to slightly close his eyes and he could think of the girl who lowered her head to read seriously, and gently smiled, adding color to the world in an instant.

She was confident and hardworking. She was not discouraged and did not give up. Every achievement she gets was through her own effort.

“Next, let’s ask the judges to determine the ranking.” When the staff finished speaking, the professors tilted their heads slightly and communicated with each other.

Professor Tan nodded. It was unknown what he said following, but the others all nodded.

Hence, Professor Tan took up his pen and “brush brush brushed” for a while and handed it to the staff.

In fact, there was no suspense about the results of this competition. No matter on or off the stage, almost all the results have already been determined.

The first place was Yang Zhan;

Second Place, Cheng Mingze;

Third Place, Zheng Mingyu;

The fourth place was Gu Xuejiao

The fifth place was Bai Jiu.

Professor Tan was the most experienced between the several professors. He should give the award to Yang Zhan.

However, Professor Tan who came on stage walked to the fourth and stood in front of Xue Jiao.

He took a red book and handed it to Xue Jiao. Then he said softly, “I appreciate you very much. Compared with talent, I prefer hard-working and purposeful people. There are many talented people and even more hardworking people. You have one part talent and nine parts of hard work. “

“Thank you!” Xue Jiao’s voice carried a little excitement.

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Being commended by the mathematics department’s respected professor, Xue Jiao’s excited mood couldn’t be described by words.

Professor Tan was already very old. They don’t know how long he could contribute to the history of mathematics. Xue Jiao has heard about him for a long time.

Professor Tan nodded with a smile and said seriously——

“Gu Xuejiao, I’ll wait for you at Tsinghua.”

Xue Jiao’s eyes reddened, holding the certificate to exert herself.

Tan Qi stood beside her, and other professors also came forward. About ten professors took a group photo with them.

“Look at the camera, one, two, three, click!”

Xue Jiao smiled with slightly wet eyes.

Thank you for the new life, thank God for giving her a chance to realize her dream.

It was also thanks to Lin Zhihua, a teacher and friend.

She has lived up to the glorious youth, and the glorious youth would certainly live up to her.

With another chance at youth, her ups and downs and achievements should be carefully written in her life.

At this time, Xue Jiao didn’t know what the future would be like or what she would meet in the future. Good, or bad, full of fireworks, or bumpy thorns, but she was full of hope and expectation for the future. Life would be written by her own pen.

The pen pointed to rivers and mountains could only point to her own rivers and mountains.


After the five of them finished taking photos, the participants eliminated in the second round came over. They were all the first prize winners of the winter camp. According to the level of the imperial exams, they were all Jinshi, but Xue Jiao’s group was the first, Li Lei’s group was the second, and the participants eliminated in the first round were also the same Jinshi.

After all the people finished shooting, they took another big group photo, and the math competition finally ended.

Lin Zhihua left the venue quietly when it ended and sat in his car.

“Boss, for the following……do you want to meet President Pang? “

“En.” Lin Zhihua nodded, “Tell President Pang ahead of time. Arrange a meeting for afternoon tea.”

“What about dinner?”

“At night with Xu……” A slight vibration of his phone broke his command.

Lin Zhihua bowed his head and opened WeChat——

【I finished the exam!! Thank you! I’ll go back tomorrow, let me invite you to dinner today?】

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  1. Somhow I pity the original XueJiao, she wasn’t as smart and likeable as or FL but she was just a rebelious youth going through puberty, it didn’t make her a villain no ?

    • I know! A lot of transmigration stories make me feel that way nowadays. Like, what happens to the original when this new soul takes over? They just disappear? And their original family and friends become the new soul’s family and friends? I feel like it’s unfair and deceptive to the family.

      • I think….I think she really died. It’s just that the timeline scrolled back and let the second Xue Jiao enter. That’s the impression I get from most transmigration stories like this.

    • I was thinking this too. Moreover, she was also being pitted by her step sister and mother and it contributed to her being rebellious. I know it was cheng mingze who made the comparison but I feel the current xuejiao could do more to honor the og xuejiao. She mentions being thankful for the 2nd chance but I don’t remember her mention the og one. It’s as if she was just gone. I was able to read a novel wherein the transmigrator held a small funeral for the og one.

    • Original really isn’t a villain. She is more likely “naive” or bluntly speaking stupid, like her mother. Probably what we saw as Li Sitong.. is how original is; headstrong, stubborn, don’t want to lose, desperate to be accepted, but totally depended on those they trust. Li Sitong trusted Cheng Shou which is a good guy but sadly original trusted Gu Shiyun and Wu Wanjun that only wanted to destroy her. And just remembering Gu Shiyun is the heroine of original’s world, makes original much more pitiful. I actually hoped original had transmigrate into Xue Jiao’s world. She might be orphaned there, but she can start anew without any baggage from her parents past.

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