WFILTU Chapter 193 – Get Prize II

“Are you going to have dinner with President Xu in the evening?” Chen Yan went on with what he just wanted to say. They have a cooperation with President Xu. Recently, they often make appointments to have dinner together, so that it’s convenient to talk about cooperation.

Lin Shi was very powerful, Lin Zhihua was also very strong, but it will take a little time for the newcomer to create their own kingdom.

Lin Zhihua shook his head, raised his hand, his palm to Chen Yan, and refused.

“Don’t make an appointment with President Xu tonight. If he calls to make an appointment with me, tell him that I have something very important to do. We will have dinner together tomorrow.”

Chen Yan: “……yes.”

Lin Zhihua’s fingers tapped, replying——

【Ok, the same place?】

Xue Jiao paused for a moment, instantly thinking of that delicious meal. She sucked her saliva, and crazily nodded——

【Alright! ! ! It’s my treat.】

At this time, Cheng Mingze patted Xue Jiao on the shoulder, “Who were you sending messages to?”

“My mentor!” Xue Jiao placed away her phone.

“Who were you thanking on stage today?” Cheng Mingze frowned slightly.

He didn’t know why, but when he thought of someone who he didn’t know appearing beside Xue Jiao, with a story he didn’t know, he felt a little uncomfortable.

Cheng Mingze shook his head, shaking off these emotions and said, “Let’s go out for lunch. The teacher said that we can climb the Great Wall in the afternoon. Are you going?”

“Go!” Xue Jiao said with certainty.

Lin Zhihua and her had an appointment in the evening. They could play together in the afternoon!

Cheng Mingze looked at her with a smile and said, “If you go out to play in the afternoon, don’t wear the school uniform.”

Xue Jiao rolled her eyes: “Definitely!”

After the Spring Festival, the relationship between Xue Jiao and Li Sitong has improved. This time, Li Sitong brought two new clothes for her.

In the afternoon, Xue Jiao was wearing a white down jacket with a white sweater and a red scarf inside. Her small face appeared very small when lined with the big down jacket.

Cheng Mingze wore much less. For young boys, it’s enough to wear a windbreaker in winter.

The group went out happily. Even the few students who didn’t do well on the exam were happy to follow.

It’s easy to forget your troubles when you go out to play.

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“Shulan, why do they like climbing the Great Wall? I’m so tired! ” A girl complained to another girl nearby, with a face full of complaint.

Shu Lan placed her finger between her lips and lowered her voice: “Fangfang, don’t let Lin Yinyin hear it.”

Fangfang said: “Is it so great to have money? It’s as if the whole class were her slaves! She said she wants to climb the Great Wall, and a group of people follows in her wake!”

Although she said so, she and Shu Lan followed the group of students in front who tried their best to take pictures of themselves.

She complained about Lin Yinyin, but she didn’t dare to express it.

“You guys run faster!” A boy in front shouted behind him. That boy looked good, full of sunshine and handsomeness.

At this time, he was smiling, with his row of neat teeth exposed. His eyes stared closely at Shu Lan from across a distance.

Fangfang immediately yelled: “You guys run too fast, we can’t keep up.”

The boy immediately paused and walked back, saying, “Shu Lan, are you tired?”

His voice was worried, with unspeakable concern.

“Yu Cheng!” A pretty girl in front suddenly yelled, “Yu Cheng, come and take a picture for me!”

“Wait a minute!” Yu Cheng turned around and said, then he quickened his pace and continued to run in the direction of Shu Lan.

Lin Yinyin saw that Yu Cheng ignored her, stomped hard, stared at Shu Lan, turned around and ran.

“Yinyin, wait for us——”

Lin Yinyin ran faster. Suddenly, she ran a person head on.

“Aiyo!! Do you not have eyes! ” Lin Yinyin’s voice rose with anger.

“Yinyin! What’s the matter? ” The people walking in front of Shulan rushed up to see what happened.

“Let’s take a look, too!” Fangfang’s voice carried a smile, pulling Shu Lan to run forward.

Shu Lan glanced back at Yu Cheng. The other side just shook his head and went up with them.

“How do you walk?” Lin Yinyin’s voice was very angry, staring at the person who made her fall.

Xue Jiao also had a confused expression. They were all walking well, when a person suddenly rushed in front of her and hit her. Her footwork was steady and she did not fall, but the other party blew up instead?

But it was obviously that person who had ran into her?

The head teacher and the several Qizhong students were also stunned.

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter? ” Some people in the crowd came forward and asked Lin Yinyin anxiously.

Lin Yinyin said angrily: “She knocked me down!”

Xue Jiao: “……”

After a moment, she voiced, “I feel that it was you who had knocked me down.”

Today’s weather was not very good. When the wind blew, Xue Jiao immediately placed the hat from her jacket on. Now that she was talking, she took off her hat.

She looked at Lin Yinyin, her emotions calm but not letting a step.

Lin Yinyin was about to say something when Xue Jiao exposed her face from under her hat.

Lin Yinyin looked at the beautiful face in front of her and paused slightly. She took back the words she wanted to explain.

After a moment, she continued to be angry: “You have to apologize to me!”

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