WFILTU Chapter 194 – Get Prize III

Xue Jiao was a little annoyed, she was walking fine, but she was expected to apologize for this undeserved disaster?

Her voice was even colder: “I think I’ve made myself clear enough. It was you who ran into me.”


“This classmate, it was you who ran into her.” Cheng Mingze’s cold voice interrupted Lin Yinyin’s words.

“Still have a help——” Lin Yinyin looked up, stunned.

It was a gentle face. Lin Yinyin didn’t study hard and never knew how to speak flowery words, but at this moment, she thought of a sentence—the beauty in the high places is like a jade , while the handsome young man is unmatched in the world.*

*lmao I know I don’t normally comment on these, but just wanted to say, please be understanding if i butcher these. The original phrases are very flowy and beautiful, and I’m still working on how to phrase these better 🙂 it’s a work in progress

“Thumpthumpthump——” Lin Yinyin’s heart was out of balance, and her eyes were fixed on Cheng Mingze, unable to move away for even half an inch.

Shu Lan stepped forward, Fangfang quickly held her back: “What are you doing?”

“Don’t let that girl offend Lin Yinyin, otherwise……” Shu Lan was a little worried.

“What do you care about this for?” Fangfang rolled her eyes and lowered her voice. “Look at that girl, she’s wearing a goose, her shoes are MS*, and she’s even wearing a watch that costs hundreds of thousands on her hand. Her family background cannot be that bad……”

*MS- Metersbonwe: extremely large casualwear retail brand in China

Shu Lan stared at Xue Jiao. She couldn’t imagine that someone would just place hundreds of thousands on themselves. Her family was poor and couldn’t understand this.

Fangfang continued to be sour: “This girl is probably heaven’s daughter. She looks better than a star, and has money at home. How can the heavens be so unfair……”

Very soon, she said: “Shu Lan, her grades are certainly not as good as you!”

Shu Lan shook her head, not wanting to compare these. She only stared at Lin Yinyin and Xue Jiao.

In fact, Lin Yinyin was coldly stared at by Cheng Mingze, her chin straightened slightly, and she asked: “What’s your name? Who are you to her?”

Cheng Mingze frowned more tightly, with slight disgust in his eyes: “Apologize.”

Lin Yinyin was shocked by the disgust in his eyes. She didn’t know why. She didn’t want the boy to dislike herself.

“Forget it forget it, I won’t calculate this with you!” She glared at Xue Jiao.

Everyone: “……”

Those who knew Lin Yinyin had their jaws instantly drop. Lin Yinyin would let this go so easily???

Xue Jiao shook her head and didn’t say anything anymore. After experiencing Cheng Mingjiao, she knew that some spoiled girls were unreasonable.

“Let’s go.”

Cheng Mingze was frowning angrily, staring at Lin Yinyin with eyes filled with dislike.

Xue Jiao pulled on his sleeve and shook her head: “Let’s go, let’s just pretend we were hit by a dog.”

Cheng Mingze’s mouth couldn’t help but rise, his eyes doting. He nodded, pulling Xue Jiao’s wrist, and brought the person away.

Lin Yinyin yelled: “You’re not allowed to go! Who are you saying is a dog?! Stop! I, Lin Yinyin am not finished with you! “

Cheng Mingze and Xue Jiao ignored her and continued to walk in the other direction. The others in Qizhong School naturally followed, leaving Lin Yinyin’s class.

She stamped her feet in anger and stared at their backs in indignation. She was angry and indignant, but she was still thinking about the man who was as beautiful as the moon.

“Yinyin, do we continue to take photos?”

“Continue to take what photos! Stop shooting! Go back!” Lin Yinyin went forward angrily.

Shu Lan shook her head from behind and pulled at her. “Fangfang, we can go back now. Let’s go.”

Fang Fang’s eyes also looked at the rear, smelling a sour scent: “Sure enough, the girl who can let Lin Yinyin acknowledge defeat……is also a Bai Fumei 1 *Rich, beautiful, and white girl – White is considered to be high class since it used to signify that the girl didn’t have to go down to the land to work aka farm – also shows up very often in novels to show that the girl is very pretty. ……. “

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“What do you want at night? Or do you want to go with the teacher and them? ” Sitting on the bus back, Cheng Mingze turned to ask Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao felt a little embarrassed and touched her head: “That……I’m going to dinner with my friend and I’ll come back right after dinner! “

Cheng Mingze frowned, his brows scrunching, just like his heart at the moment.

“Your friend who is both your mentor and friend?”

“En.” Xue Jiao nodded.

“Did you eat with him last time?”

“En.” Xue Jiao continued to nod.

Cheng Mingze was silent. His eyes looked in one direction and did not move any more.

After getting off the bus, Cheng Mingze carried Xue Jiao’s backpack and wanted to help her carry it into the hotel.

But Xue Jiao reached for her bag and said embarrassedly, “I’m going to dinner first. I’ll carry my bag on my own……”

Cheng Mingze looked at her, did not move, after a moment, his voice obscurely said: “Come back earlier.”

“Alright!” Xue Jiao nodded and waved to say goodbye. “I’ll bring you a snack when I come back. The food in that shop is super delicious!”

“Alright……” Cheng Mingze slowly nodded and followed the others upstairs with his bag.

Xue Jiao turned around, and took out her phone to send——

【Do I go directly to the place last time? 】

It was still a response in seconds——

【I’m almost at the door of your hotel. Wait for me.】

Xue Jiao paused for a while, immediately thinking, was he really considerate, or was he afraid that she couldn’t find the place?

She had just walked from the parking lot to the front door of the hotel. The sky had darkened.

At this time, the familiar black car stopped, the window rolled down, and a good-looking and familiar face appeared.

“How did you arrive so soon!” Xue Jiao laughed, her face brightening.

Lin Zhihua raised the corner of his mouth, also smiling slightly: “I’m already hungry, so I came early. Hurry onto the car.”

“I’m also very hungry. I feel even more hungry when I think about the delicious food in that store!” Xue Jiao opened the front passenger’s door, touched her stomach, with a face full of remembering the aftertaste.

Lin Zhihua couldn’t help laughing again, shaking his head. His facial expression relaxed.

Cheng Mingze walked out from the side of the hotel and frowned at the car passing by.

He doesn’t know why, but he seemed to feel that this car……has been seen somewhere before?

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