SOOEW Chapter 150 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XXXII

Although Jiang Tianye didn’t know why Wen Ying became an orphan, looking at her present appearance, he can imagine that she should have been a lovely and likable type when she was a child. It’s not uncommon for her to be adopted. But since she has already said “once”, then it must have not succeeded in the end.

“You refused?” He thought of this possibility.

“I agreed.”

She stepped back step by step, her eyes fell on the eyebrows he raised, and she bent them. “Of course I agreed. You are silly. People are like this. The more they lack, the more they want it. Don’t orphans want a complete family? When I first called out the words “Mom and Dad”, I thought it was incredible. I could have a mom and dad too? “

As she recalled, she said, “There was a pretty good memory in that family. They were all very kind to me, no different from their own daughter……it’s just that there’s no difference. They adopted me because they couldn’t give birth to their own children, but a few months after I arrived at home, my mother found out that she was pregnant. The baby was too hard for her. Mother had been waiting for many years. They didn’t want any more accidents and didn’t need me anymore, so they sent me back to the orphanage. I could probably understand that, too. “

He was silent.

He couldn’t understand her emotions in those years, but if anyone had given him expectations and fantasies in his childhood and burst them in a flash, he would definitely burst into tears.

“No one would be liked from the start.” She cast her eyes on the ground and said softly, “I used to be a little introverted and didn’t like to contact people, but slowly, I found that if you don’t fight for it, you can’t get what you want. “

These words, he could not refute them.

Just as they were talking, the sky began to sink and dark clouds gathered. She looked up at the sky and said, “It’s going to rain. Do you have an umbrella?”

At the end of the conversation, he took a look at the weather and said, “There’s a supermarket not far ahead. I’ll buy an umbrella. You can find a place to take shelter from the rain.”

Just as he voiced it, a needle like fine drizzle fell to the ground, and not a moment later, wet the ground.

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Jiang Tianye bought two umbrellas, paid the money and left the supermarket. He glanced to the left and saw Wen Ying squatting on the ground on the opposite side of the street, as if playing with something. When he came closer, he found that it was a little tiger cat. It was very cute, but it was dirty. If it was not a stray cat, it was abandoned by its owner.

She held the bag in her arms, took out a small bread from it, broke it into the size of a grain of rice and fed it.

The kitten was very familiar to her and soon got close to her and ate in her palm.

The shadow of his body came down, and Wen Ying quickly noticed it and turned her head, “Come, look at how lovely it is!”

“It was abandoned by someone?”

She nodded and pointed to the paper box on the side of the road. “It came out from there. There was a note on it that said to ask for adoption. I don’t know who put it here……” She petted along the hair on top of the kitten’s head, and it immediately licked her palm and made her laugh.

Jiang Tianye watched them play for a long time. For some reason, he didn’t feel impatient waiting.

Later, Wen Ying went to the supermarket to buy a bag of cat food for it and then greeted him to leave.

Without taking two steps, the kitten wheezed up and circled at her feet.

“Don’t you want to raise one?” He stopped along with her and said, “I think you like it very much.” Although there was a rule that pets were not allowed in the dormitory, he often saw the loving girls buy all kinds of small animals and raise them secretly.

“I don’t want to.”


She looked at him and chuckled, “Three times, I was adopted and sent back to the orphanage, three times in total. The last time I came back, I never thought about leaving the orphanage again. I think that the outside world, those so-called healthy families, are actually not so warm either.

Maybe her smile contained too much meaning, which made him a little stunned.

He thought of Qingniao’s words. Family has a great influence on people’s growth. She grew up in such an environment, even if he does not agree with her behavior, he can no longer intervene.

“Hence——” Wen Ying picked it up, put it back into the paper box, and pressed its small head. “I’m not sure if I have the energy or time to take care of it,” she said. “If you can’t keep it for a lifetime, then don’t raise it in the beginning. ” 1 *wow too deep, right in the feels, but agree as there are so many abandoned animals and so many animals sent to the pound ):

She placed her umbrella on the cardboard box to cover the kitten. In her slightly soft eyes, there was more emotion that was unknown.

Both her gaze and the way she played with the children in kindergarten were very similar to Qingniao. For a moment, their images overlapped, as if they were the same person. It was just her different emotions, light on one side and dark on the other.

Jiang Tianye laughed at his absurd idea. However, after learning about the origin of her personality, his heart began to feel soft for no reason.

“Let’s go.” She stood up and said.

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