SOOEW Chapter 151 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XXXIII

He glanced at her, and finally squatted down to take photos of the kitten and the carton. He edited the text and sent it to the microblog, conveniently placing it on a blog related to adoptions.

She stood by and looked at him in surprise, then laughed and teased, “Gentle boys are very well received.”

“It doesn’t matter.” He paused. “If this is done, you can live better.”

After that, Wen Ying and Jiang Tianye began to get in touch. At first, they talked while trying to find a person to adopt the cat. Slowly, they found resonance on other topics. After Xia Yi found out, she even yelled that Jiang Tianye was shamelessly robbing people, which made Jiang Tianye’s headache.

Hence, when Wen Ying fell asleep again, they both attached great importance to her and sent her to the hospital. They also contacted famous experts in China to have an examination.

Just as Jiang Tianye went to the bathroom to wash his face, on the way over, he heard someone say that there were more patients in the ward where Wen Ying was. It was said that she appeared inexplicably. When she was found, she had fainted on the ground covered with blood.

He thought of the comic book in his bag. His heart suddenly raised. He reluctantly resisted the impulse of running in the hospital corridor and walked quickly to the ward.

The curtain opened, and Qingniao’s face came into his view. She was lying there, not as terrible as he imagined. The nurse was cleaning up some small wounds on her body.

When she saw him coming, her eyes lit up, “Ah Ye!”

“How are you……here? “

“You know, this is out of my control. They pushed me to bed as soon as I came over.” She had a helpless appearance, and with her beautiful face, she used her coquettishness against him, “I’m fine. There’s no need to stay overnight at the hospital.”

He looked at it carefully. There was a lot of blood washed down, but there was no big wound on her body.

She grabbed his clothes and whispered, “It’s all other people’s blood.”

Jiang Tianye’s reacted. It was probably because he had just had a fight with others, which is why he was so embarrassed. He seized her hand with a sigh of relief.

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The hospital confirmed that she was harmed not in a big way, and would not let her take a bed in vain. Naturally, they let her go.

It was dark and dusky was all around. He took her to a small restaurant nearby.

“I have to rush back this time.” She puffed her cheeks and chewed. She was more anxious than ever. She was not there. Worry lingered on her face. “We found that man’s base. Now everyone is currently fighting. I hope I can go back to help as soon as possible.”

Jiang Tianye has already seen the content of this part. Shenfeng group was just a team of pioneers. After determining the position, naturally, other powers will come to help. Dr. Crazy’s base was underground. He had great ability. He has built a huge fortress underground. He even used special gas to change the climate, so that the monsters he had cultivated could survive. However, it had great side effects on human beings. It can be said that it was easy to defend but difficult to attack.

Hence, all the bases united and they sent all the powers they could. This was a crucial battle. As long as they can gather another part of the data, they could find the key to unlocking the genetic variation.

“Eat slowly.” His mood became tense under her drive, and then he seemed to think of something and said with a laugh, “Then tell me, how can you go back?”


He scooped soup into her bowl. “The time you come can’t be determined, but every time you go back, it’s three days, so if you can’t find a way, stay here for three days first.”

“…… That’s true too.” She slowed down, hesitated, and asked him, “Ah Ye, do you know the ending of this battle?”

Jiang Tianye: “……”

This is the second time that he has fallen into the pit he dug. The comic book has not yet drawn the end of the battle.

He didn’t change his expression while responding: “I only know that the final result was success, but I don’t know the big and small battles that occurred.”

“But this is a very important battle.”

“According to history, every battle is very important.”


It really sounds reasonable. She shut up in silence.

Jiang Tianye doesn’t know the ending of the cartoon. She knew, so this was the last time she would appear in front of him as Qingniao.

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