SOOEW Chapter 152 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XXXIV

Although Jiang Tianye didn’t know that this was her last appearance, he still cared about the fact that she would disappear every third day. He also knew that it’s incredible to even like a manga character, but even if he had decided to withdraw his excessive attention and emotion, every time she comes, he still hoped to do his best to make her happy.

Only girls knew what girls like. Helpless, he could only ask Xia Yi. Xia Yi took the opportunity to laugh at him before saying: “Cosmetics, bags, shopping, selfies……or these types of things probably.” Finally, she said, “your little girlfriend is here? Then you don’t have to worry about Ying Ying’s things for now. At the time being, there’s no problem. I’ll contact you if I need to. “

Jiang Tianye agreed.

After that, Wen Ying was pulled out by him to go shopping.

Hearing him talking about the origin of shopping, Wen Ying couldn’t help laughing, “I can’t bring away cosmetics or bags, although, it’s Ah Ye’s money being spent……”

“Then, do you still want to shop?”

“Of course we have to shop!” With a brilliant smile, she took him by the arm. “No matter how it’s said, this was the information that you used hard work to receive, we can’t not live up to it.”

Women’s physical strength is a black hole when they go shopping. Wen Ying only went shopping but didn’t buy anything. Jiang Tianye was dragged by her through many laps in the mall, and finally fell down on the bench for a rest.

“I’ll go over there and have a look. I just saw something I wanted to see.”

He brought out his wallet and said, “Here’s the money……”

She turned around to smile, “There’s no need for money.” Then she ran away in the blink of an eye.

There were so many people in the shopping mall that she soon disappeared.

Jiang Tianye suddenly felt that something was wrong. He recalled that most of the places he had just passed were cosmetics stores and brand bag stores, but the direction she ran to was a bookstore.


His eyelids jumped.

When Jiang Tianye arrived, Wen Ying had been standing in front of the bookshelf for a long time. She was still holding the comic book of “the wind of the last world”.

He pushed her over the shoulder and saw her in a daze.

“Qingniao?” He called softly.

After a long time, she breathed out slowly, “So this is the reason why Ah Ye has been continuously hiding from me?”


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He was not sorry for his deception, but was only sad that he still didn’t protect her well in the end.

“Since this isn’t history, would we win in the end?” She asked.

He was slightly stunned. He didn’t expect that she would ask such a question, because the manga was an fictitious world for him, so he didn’t care about the final result of human beings there. According to the author’s consistent trend, there should be a HE in this story, but for some reason, such an idea made him feel even more cruel to her.

Hence he said, “I don’t know.”

“It doesn’t matter.” She paused for a second, then carefully stretched out her hand and touched his head. When she found that she could touch his soft hair, she looked at her hand curiously. “It’s actually nothing……I can feel the presence of Bi Fang and Ah Ye. For me, everything is real. “

“En?” He was surprised at her idea.

“And……” She blinked her eyes. She was playful as usual. “Who knows if the world Ah Ye is in is also the world of a book. Maybe one day Ah Ye will also transmigrate out of the book. Isn’t this quite interesting?”

Her guess made him laugh and cry, but at the same time, his heart seemed to collapse.

Maybe that’s why he likes her.

This time, there was no reason for the disappearance of Qingniao. She didn’t say goodbye to him, leaving only a note. Jiang Tianye placed the note in his wallet.

Out of an urgency to know her condition, he also bought a new magazine ahead of others.

“I heard that this is the last chapter. ” Li Shu threw a bomb while eating french fries.

“Have you seen it?” He asked.

“No, but listening to others……forget it. I’m not a spoiler. You read it yourself.”

Jiang Tianye glanced at him. He couldn’t control his beating heart. He took a breath and opened the page.


Small theater:

Chestnut (crackling typing): Ah, how should I write here? By the way……


Jiang Tianye: Yi, where is this?

Chestnut: ? ? ? ?

Jiang Tianye: ! ! ! “Beautiful girl out of manga” this……what is this? !

Chestnut (Slight smile) : Welcome to the real world.

Mou Mou (Overtime editing): Do you want this material, wu……


Chestnut: Yi, where is this?

Mou Mou: ? ? ? ? ?

Chestnut: ! ! ! What is《Chestnut and Blade》? ? ?

Mou Mou (Slight smile): Welcome to the real world.


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