SOOEW Chapter 153 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XXV

The black-and-white comic was flipping page by page in the hands of the man, each character seemed to jump on the paper, fresh and three-dimensional.

The theme of this chapter, that was, “the last battle”, seemed to have an unnamed tragic color penetrating from it. It was also like an end, a step towards a new beginning.

During the climax of the plot, the top powers of mercenary regiments and human survival bases had gathered outside the experimental base of Dr. Crazy. Many of them have met before with the Shenfeng regiment. Between them, some of them have had a good exchange and they have fought side by side, and some of them have fought against them for resources. They were defined as the evil characters, but at this moment, they were all fighting for the same belief——for the future of mankind.

However, in the past when the world was considered peaceful, these powers could only barely compete with Dr. Crazy in his experimental base!

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Dr. Crazy was not the most powerful person in the world. In terms of physical strength, any one of the powers could easily defeat him, but he had the most powerful brain, which could produce gene liquid that can change human genes, and could also produce more powerful scientific medicine. Therefore, the monsters in the experimental base were more difficult to deal with than the advanced zombies outside.

Under the threat of force, Dr. Crazy tried to coax the powers. All he did was to follow the principle of “natural selection” and to consider the living environment of the powers. He killed useless ordinary people for them and reserved most of the world’s resources.

For a time, the power of the psychic powers once broke up, and only with the help of the psychic powers could they break the other party’s lies.

Then, the fire system, ice system, thunder system……the powers who were attack based all attacked the base with their most powerful firepower. The powers of flight, space, time and other powers all assisted. They had never cooperated before, but under the control of the king of the psychics, they were controlled like puppets. With the attack of thousands of powers, the shock wave was as powerful as a nuclear bomb. The periphery of the base was destroyed, and countless flames burst into the sky!

The crazy doctor was in the control room, his psych was crazily summoning his most powerful card.

It was more a ferocious and terrifying thing than all the previous experiments. Its eyes were like a cobra, and it was full of fish scales. Its lizard-like tail grows from behind, only from the outline……could the human archetype be seen. It had a height of ten stories. With it’s powerful arm, it immediately clapped the powers flying in the air. The air wave was enough to cause vibrations in the ground.

When everyone was facing the enemy, a researcher who had worked with Dr. Crazy was shocked into calling out a name.

The huge monster looked at him with a hollow cold light in his eyes.

The researcher took a breath of cold air and told everyone in a trembling voice: “This is the doctor’s son!”

All the powers couldn’t believe it, but Dr. Crazy’s crazy laughter passed to everyone’s ears through the console.

It turned out that he used to be just an ordinary researcher, but because of an experiment with others, some lawbreakers grasped the whereabouts of his wife and children, threatened him by kidnapping them, and then brutally killed his wife and children after he told them the key to the experiment.

He had a mental breakdown, and then through biological research, he tried to revive his wife and young son. In the end, his wife died, but his son survived and became the monster in front of them.

His wish was the destruction of the world.

Fighting, was imminent.

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