WFILTU Chapter 198 – School Flower II

Lin Yinyin came home with a pale face and collapsed on the sofa.

Her parents, Lin Sheng and Xu Jiaohong, were currently speaking with a sad face. Seeing her like this, they became furious and glared.

Lin Sheng said: “Lin Yinyin! Did you go out and waste money again today? I’ll tell you, our small and broken company has no more support from Lin Shi. Bankruptcy is just a matter of a moment! “

Lin Yinyin looked numbly at the ceiling.

Lin Sheng shook his head angrily and helplessly.

Xu Jiaohong also had a face of dispiritedness, sitting on the sofa, powerlessly: “Can our company still be saved?”

Lin Sheng shook his head: “It can’t be saved. Our company was the same as the Lin family’s subsidiary companies. They were all small companies relying on Lin Shi. Now Lin Shi doesn’t care. We can count as enduring for a rather long time in comparison……”

“We shouldn’t have gone if we had known that the old man would be hard on Zhihua that day……” Xu Jiaohong couldn’t help saying.

“Can you avoid it just by not going?” Lin Sheng glanced at her, helplessly saying, “Even if we didn’t go that day, as long as it’s useless to Lin Shi, Lin Zhihua would cast everything away!”

“Why is Lin Zhihua so cruel?” Xu Jiaohong curled her lips, then suddenly said, “How about we go back to W City? Back then when we were in W City, we were still……”

“It’s useless to go back. No one will look up to us without Lin Zhihua, but indeed we should still go back. The consumption in Beijing is too high. Let’s sell this house and go back to think of ideas.”

“Go back?” Lin Yinyin, who had been silent, suddenly jumped up.

“It’s none of your business.” Lin Sheng was impatient with her daughter, who was becoming more and more useless.

“I’m definitely not going back!” Lin Yinyin’s eyes widened.

She finally became so brilliant in Beijing, she didn’t want to go back to W City!

“You have no say in this!”

Lin Yinyin stared, then suddenly said: “Third uncle seems to have a woman! You just offended third uncle because he has health problems and made our family like this, but the third uncle actually has no problems! “

Lin Sheng and Xu Jiaohong don’t have time to care about Lin Yinyin’s complaint, their attention was all on——

“Your third uncle already has a woman?”

Their voices were shocked to the extreme, as if  they heard something simply out of the question.

“That’s right ah, third uncle took her to Wuliu lane for dinner today. She still looked like an ignorant little girl. Third Uncle gave her an umbrella and a scarf……”

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“Really?” Lin Sheng asked, his eyes wide.

“Why should I lie to you? It’s not like I saw that scene alone.” Lin Yinyin was very angry. If she didn’t see the third uncle, she would have definitely settled her debts with that girl!

Lin Sheng slumped down on the sofa and said, “There’s no problem with Lao San……”

Then why did they offend Lao San and stand on Lin Zhitang’s side?

But Xu Jiaohong’s eyes brightened instead, “Husband, this is also our chance!”

“En?” Lin Sheng looked at Xu Jiaohong suspiciously.

“No woman has been able to touch Lao San for so many years. Now this woman has appeared…… I’m afraid she will probably be Lin Shi’s Madam in the future!”

“En? And then?” Lin Sheng still doesn’t understand.

“Weren’t Auntie and Uncle sent abroad by Lao San? That girl is still young. Let’s get in touch with her first and start from her!” Xu Jiaohong’s eyes brightened.

Lin Sheng frowned slightly. He was a little afraid of Lin Zhihua and didn’t dare to think of handling him or the people around him……

Xu Jiaohong continued: “Husband, this is our only chance. Do you have the heart to go back so disheartened? Yinyin said that she was an ignorant little girl. The younger ones are easier to control. It’s not like we are harming her, we just need to have a good relationship with her. “

Lin Sheng gritted his teeth: “ok!”

“What do you mean? Are we going to please that little goblin?” Lin Yinyin’s eyes widened, as if she had heard something crazy.

But no one paid attention to her.

Instead, Lin Sheng glared at her: “I tell you, don’t shout all day long! If you drag our hind legs, then you can go live the hard life yourself! “

Lin Yinyin: “……”

Lin Sheng and his wife decided to start their investigation in Beijing, but……there was no information.

Xue Jiao had already returned to W City. Naturally, Lin Sheng and his wife couldn’t find the person in Beijing. They haven’t seen Lin Zhihua have contact with any women for half a month, so they had to come back and scold Lin Yinyin, angering Lin Yinyin into cursing the Xue Jiao who had already left.

“She really is a goblin? Hiding so deeply!”

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