WFILTU Chapter 199 – School Flower III

When Xue Jiao and her party came back to Qizhong School, the vice principal and the head of the mathematics group came to meet them in person.

Their honor was not only their own honor, but also the honor of Qizhong School!

Especially Cheng Mingze and Xue Jiao, they were people who had entered the final round!

It was just right that it was Monday. During the flag raising ceremony, the headmaster boasted about the several students who had won, and also paid prizes through the mathematics group.

Xue Jiao doesn’t know how much Cheng Mingze has. She had 3000 in total, not much, but she earned it by herself.

She saved the money in a box and decided to buy it as a gift for Lin Zhihua the next time she went to Beijing.

At least most of Xue Jiao’s honor came from Lin Zhihua.

It was no exaggeration to call him a mentor.

When the bell rang, Yin Fang came in with a smile on her face.

“First of all, let’s congratulate Gu Xuejiao!” The former abbess, who was always serious, narrowed her eyes, clapped her hands and applauded first.

“Clapclapclap——” under the stage, the students applauded fiercely, and looked at Xue Jiao together.

“Children, there’s a distance of 431 days from the college entrance examination! Gu Xuejiao has achieved such excellent results in the competition, and has been qualified to be recommended to the top university, but our Gu Xuejiao has still not slacked. Her weekend was used to take the exam, which is allowed by our teacher! But this morning, there was Gu Xuejiao’s name in the homework collected by the class representative! “

Yin Fang paused for a moment. Her eyes swept the crowd coldly, and continued to stay on Xue Jiao with a smile.

“Gu Xuejiao has been so excellent, and still has not stopped working hard! But what about the other students? You feel your heart and tell yourself, have you worked hard? Some people……”

Yin Fang began her daily criticism. Xue Jiao bowed her head and felt the sight around her.

Maybe every teacher is like this. They want to put all the good words on a student she likes, and then take the opportunity to educate other students.

Xue Jiao had no choice but to take out her English textbook and began to read it.

Yi Tianyu’s eyes were on the girl beside him. She seems to be the same as before.

Wearing the simplest school uniform, hair tied up freely, except for the hair behind her ears, a clean face that has nothing but seriousness.

But Yi Tianyu once again felt the distance between himself and her. She was like a towering mountain, suddenly appearing in his life, in his……heart.

Recommended to top universities?

He was still Xue Jiao’s deskmate this year, but what about next year? And the year after that?

She went to a top university, and he……was he getting further away from her?

Would he become a common passer-by in Xue Jiao’s life and a member who used to sit at the same table? Then disappearing in the long river of her memory, occasionally turning the album she would say: Oh, this is my former high school deskmate whose performance was not too good.

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Yi Tianyu placed his hand in his heart. He didn’t know why. It was sour and astringent, and his eyes became moist.

The young Yi Tianyu didn’t understand this feeling. Many years later, when he recalled the time he spent with Xue Jiao, he would suddenly understood it——

Young and rampant Yi Tianyu, heavens is boss, earth is second and the third Yi Tianyu, there will be such a person that let him raise a kind of feeling called inferiority.

His mood gradually went down, two scallion-like fingers suddenly appeared nearby, pressing down a piece of paper.

Yi Tianyu reached out his hand and drew on a piece of paper. It said——

Don’t look at me. Read.

Yi Tianyu suddenly raised his head and looked at Xue Jiao, who had already restarted pressing the book and started swiping questions again.

He turned his head, picked up the book and began to read.

In the future, he had to be more serious in class. He had to practice basketball at noon and step up his practice at night.

The provincial basketball match was about to start. He must get the certificate for the second level player.

Xue Jiao was working hard, and Yi Tianyu was also working hard.

In such a time of life, meeting people who makes you work hard, struggle hard, and better yourself is a sweet and sour taste with hope, and a fragrance that can last your whole life.

Under the light of sweat and night, early April quietly passed, spring blossoming, and the provincial basketball game started.

“Nerd, the first game is in the gymnasium, against Sanzhong. Are you going to watch it?” The weather was not warm enough. Yi Tianyu wore a vest inside his jersey, sweating from exercising just now and asked.

His eyes turn around, looking here, looking there, just not looking at Xue Jiao, obviously nervous to death, but pretending to ask inadvertently.

Xue Jiao slanted her head: “Fighting with Sanzhong?”

“En!” Yi Tianyu’s chin lifted slightly, “Sanzhong is a group of trash chickens*, you can rest assured. Brother** will easily crush them.”

*technically says vegetable chickens, in Chinese, vegetable is slang for trash **hes referring to himself in the third person as older brother to make himself sound even stronger

“Puchi——” Xue Jiao couldn’t help laughing, “You are pretty arrogant.”

She asked again, “When is your competition?”

“Saturday morning is us!” Yi Tianyu said quickly.

“Saturday……” Xue Jiao touched her chin, “We’ll talk about it later.”

“What else do you have? ! Why do you have to talk about it later? !” Yi Tianyu was anxious.

Xue Jiao looked at a loss: “Isn’t Saturday the day after tomorrow? I also don’t know if anything would happen on that day. “

Yi Tianyu:“……”

So angry.

This nerd!

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