WFILTU Chapter 197 – School Flower I

Xue Jiao had a moment of pause. The big, black umbrella above her head was very big, and covered both people well underneath it.

Snowflakes fell one by one, and most of the black umbrella covered the head of Xue Jiao well enough that she didn’t even see a snowflake. Even if the wind blew gently, no snowflake slipped onto her.

The cashmere shawl was warm enough to cover half her body.

The two people were underneath an umbrella, reserved and not speaking. Xue Jiao tightened the shawl and stared at the tips of her shoes. The atmosphere was slowly getting strange.

Lin Zhihua had no special feelings for snowy days before, but from this day on, he seemed to like snowy days.

Snow flowers, Xue Jiao*.

*a slight play on her name as Xue means snow

This was probably the so-called love extending even to the crows on their house.

The wind became a little stronger, and Lin Zhihua held the umbrella close to Xue Jiao to make sure that she would not be drenched by the snow.



They both spoke at the same time and paused at the same time.

After a moment, Lin Zhihua laughed: “How about it? Is it cold? “

Xue Jiao shook her head and said seriously, “It’s not cold. I’m wearing thick clothes.”

She was really not cold. Today she was wearing a down jacket, which had a good function at keeping warm. Her neck, half her face and ears were all covered by the shawl sent by Lin Zhihua. The cold didn’t infect her at all.

“This shawl is……” Xue Jiao doubted, how could Lin Zhihua always carry a shawl?

“When I picked you up today, it looked like it’s going to snow, so I prepared a shawl and umbrella beforehand. Do you like it?” His voice was soft, filled with tenderness.

Xue Jiao touched the warm shawl and felt that Lin Zhihua was really good to her.

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Was he originally such a gentleman or was it……

“Why are you so nice to me?” Xue Jiao halted her footsteps, curious.

Her big eyes looked straight at him with doubts. The snow blew bigger, the dim light of the street lamp slanted on the snow, making the whole sky clean and bright. The girl looked up at him with big black eyes, clear and penetrating.

Lin Zhihua pulled out a smile from the corner of his mouth and swallowed bitterly. It was obvious with such a question that she wasn’t enlightened yet.”Because……I taught you……”

Lin Zhihua stretched out his hand and rubbed her little head. He restrained himself and suppressed all his emotions and obscurity. He just gave her a light smile.

Xue Jiao’s pair of big eyes blinked, her face suddenly full of realizations.

It turned out that she was not the only one who regarded him as a teacher, but he also thought of her as a student……

From the corner of Xue Jiao’s mouth, a smile peeped out, from inside to outside full of sincere gratitude.

The snow outside was getting heavier and heavier. This heavy snow may be the last snow of this winter. Under the big black umbrella, a man and a woman looked at each other and smiled.

One had a sincere smile from the inside out, and the other swallowed all the bitterness, pretending to be at peace.


Lin Zhihua sent Xue Jiao to the door of the hotel.

“Then I’m going in?” Xue Jiao took the insulated bento box.

Lin Zhihua nodded and said with a smile, “Go back.”

Xue Jiao turned around with a smile. After approaching the door to the hall, Xue Jiao turned around. Lin Zhihua was still standing in the same place.

She grinned, raised her hand, waved hard, turned and disappeared from sight.

Lin Zhihua raised his hand after a long time. He waved and placed it down.

When he turned around, he didn’t hold an umbrella. The flakes of snow stuck on him. His back was cold and lonely.

Xue Jiao has not been enlightened, but all he has to do is guard.

One year, two years, or five years, as long as she was still there, he would wait.

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  1. Uh huh.. wait til she falls for someone else??
    Jk she’s still a minor.

    Many thanks

  2. If you’re an adult in true love with a child this is how you should wait.


    • Yeah. He never said anything about his feelings, never pushed them on her and make her feel obligated to reciprocate. He just….waits.

      (Though the word ‘child’ makes me feel a bit weird. She’s a teenager, not a preteen)

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  4. Yep high IQ and low EQ… shoulda said “because you saved my life, I belong to you now 🤩”

    Thanks for the chapter 🤔

    • But he is an adult and she a child so he has to hold back the ML moves slow and steady into this little scholar girl’s heart(he doesn’t know she is mentally 19/20)

  5. Mixed feelings with this ML, glad that he’s not pushing for it (I can tell it has a 90% chance of failing in these years) while feelings grossed out realizing he was going to live as a cockblocker by her side. I understand the benefits of having one when you’re not interested, but I believe in equal opportunities alright? How they shot it and the aftermath of the action should be clear to witness instead of letting it harbor deep inside until it blows up


    It’s a tiny red flag since he’s not pushy, but STILL a red flag.

    As the readers, we know she’s mentally of age, BUT HE ONLY KNOWS SHE’S UNDERAGED. The only healthy thing to do is to back off and come back when she’s grown up a bit and ready for romance.

    That said, he really does benefit her. I just wish it was a mutually platonic and grow into feelings, rather than ML instantly falling in love with a minor.

    • EXACTLY!!
      I really wish this was something more like “You saved my life so I’m helping you out of gratitude… oh we actually have a lot in common and we became real friends… wait, do I like you as more than friends?… Oh, I really really like you, let’s date/get married” over the years. But the ML got through all of that in the first few weeks they met while the FML is only in the friendship state. Nonetheless, I’m still enjoying it!
      On the other hand… This Teacher/Student thing can become a kink for them to experiment when they do get married….. 🤣

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