WFILTU Chapter 196 – Get Prize V

It was still the private room from last time, the familiar woman walked slowly over and asked with a smile, “Are you bringing your little girl over for dinner again? What would you like to eat? “

“If you have anything ready, bring it up first, such as your stewed soup, and then make two fish and a few signature dishes.” Lin Zhihua had a light expression.

The woman glanced at him: “You only remember to think of my precious materials, alright alright alright, black chicken soup 1*black chicken soup is really good for females, it supposedly enhances the face, helps the monthlies, and even enhances(coughs, winks), if cooked for 40 hours, the chicken would be very soft and tasty, placed on a small fire for 40 hours, just right for the little girl to eat.”

She paused, “Didn’t you not eat fish? You actually want two of them? “

Xue Jiao was a little surprised and couldn’t help saying, “You don’t eat fish?”

Lin Zhihua placed his fist in front of his lips and said while acting seriously, “I’m going to eat now. It’s pretty delicious.”


The woman smiled meaningfully, shook her head and went out.

Very soon, a table of food was brought up, Xue Jiao scratched her head——

“That……could I bring some back for my brother? “

Lin Zhihua helped her pour soup, then said with a smile, “Alright.”

First of all, they placed aside what they wanted to give Cheng Mingze, and then they started to eat——to be exact, it was Xue Jiao who started to eat. Lin Zhihua kept helping her clamp vegetables and pour soup.

After the meal, the plates were emptied, and Xue Jiao was propped up on the chair: “It’s too delicious!”

Her face was satisfied: “If I could eat it every day, I’m afraid that even immortals only live like this!”

Lin Zhihua’s heart slightly moved, and an idea came out.

Xue Jiao continued to show a smile, her eyes seemed like there was a spark inside, satisfied and happy.

After a moment, Lin Zhihua felt that the seed in his heart was rooting, wrapping his whole heart.

He quickly looked away, and his voice was a little hasty: “Let’s go, let’s walk slowly for a while, to eliminate some food.”

“Alright!” Xue Jiao quickly responded, she was really flustered by how full she was.

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The two people walked out of the door. Lin Zhihua carried an insulated bento box that did not match his clothes. Xue Jiao walked beside him.

In the distance.

“They’re coming, they’re coming!”

“Hot damn! That man is too good-looking!”

“Sure enough, good-looking people only play with good-looking people.”

“They’re a pretty good match.”

“Maybe it’s just ordinary love?”


Fangfang was a little sour and pulled on Lin Yinyin’s clothes: “Yinyin, who is that man? Is he her sugar daddy? Does he have a wife? “

Lin Yinyin’s face has long changed, whitened to the point it was frightening, but Fangfang did not notice.

“Let’s go!”

“What did you say?” The others were stunned.

“I said! Let’s hurry and leave now!” Lin Yinyin gritted her teeth.

She doesn’t know if the man beside the girl was raising her. She only knew that the man was a devil!

The devil with ruthless and unfeeling means!


Xue Jiao looked at the sky, and there were small snowflakes falling down.

“It’s snowing……”

Lin Zhihua nodded and pushed her to the gate where she could not get snowed on.

“Wait for me here. If it’s cold, then go in, I’m going to get something.”

“Ai——let’s just run over. The snow isn’t that big.” Xue Jiao said it like so.

On the day of the annual event, under that type of snowy weather, she was able to endure it……

She suddenly thought of Yi Tianyu, and only felt more pain in her stomach.

Lin Zhihua shook his head: “Snow is also water, don’t catch a cold, wait for me.”

He said this, and ran away quickly.

Very open, he ran back, his shoulders a little wet. Xue Jiao was about to say something, when a big red shawl was placed around her neck.

“Surround yourself. Don’t catch a cold.” Lin Zhihua’s voice was soft, without any impolite actions.

Then he stretched out his hand, opened a big black umbrella, and enveloped them. A snowflake could not even be seen.

Lin Zhihua’s voice was light, very gentle: “Let’s go.”


The author has something to say: 

Lin Zhihua: Without contrast, there is no harm.

Yi Tianyu:  ……………………………………

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  1. Uh huh their second date before being official

    Many thanks

  2. Courting like a boss. Obliterate any other ‘fond’ memories of immature boys.

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  4. Well, the author’s note also means that Yi Tianyu is treated as an immature child (I personally did not like their sneak out much) maybe because im an one-true-pairing kind of guy

    Also, Zhihua being a badass plot armor XD XD

  5. hahaha Lin is such a vinegar bottle, but agreed this date is alot better than running in a little dress in the snow. But damn poor Tian’er has really no chance(I am glad about that 1v1 forever) I wish he would switch targets so his little heart wouldnt break

  6. Anyone else hoping Lin Yinyin goes home and reports that the devil was accompanying a girl? The whole Lin clan will turn upside down. His parents will light fireworks — and probably get even more pushy. … Good thing they are abroad.

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