WFILTU Chapter 195 – Get Prize IV

It was still the familiar alley.

Today, Lin Zhihua drove his own car and stopped before he entered the alley.

“It’s not convenient to park inside. We have to walk in.” Lin Zhihua turned to explain to Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao nodded and said with a smile, “No worries, no worries.”

She pulled open the car door and followed Lin Zhihua to go inside.

Shu Lan and Fang Fang walked out of the store with her classmates. She couldn’t help saying, “it was delicious……but it was just too expensive……”

“Wasn’t it.”

Shu Lan also said: “Such a high price, if everyone A 1*A means everyone pays for their own share……”

Fangfang said: “A what A, isn’t Lin Yinyin rich? We’ve been running with her for so long today. What’s wrong with eating a meal? “

“That’s not too good……afterall, it’s not too cheap……”

Fangfang also thought of the price and hemmed and hawed, “It’s a really well-known shop. An appointment needs to be made in advance. When can we have a chance to have another meal?”

“No knowledge and experience.” Lin Yinyin walked beside them and said, “What does this shop count as? There is a shop in this alley where ordinary people can’t get in even with money! “

“There’s even a super like this?” Fang Fang was surprised and curious. She didn’t look sour and disgusted like before.

Lin Yinyin raised her chin slightly: “The chef inside is the top chef in China. You have to have a card to eat inside. The general rich people, who hold money, would not even receive a card!”

“Have you eaten it before?”

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“Of course!” Lin Yinyin lifted her chin slightly, her line of sight stared at the door deep with the lane.

In fact, she had only ate here once, because someone had something to beg Lin Zhihua, so they invited the entire Lin family to eat once. Later, they knew that Lin Zhihua had a bad relationship with the Lin family, so no one flattered them any more.

She had just thought so when Fangfang suddenly said: “Yinyin! Isn’t that the girl we met today!”

Fangfang recognized her according to her dress. She kept the impression of that girl in her mind.

Lin Yinyin paused, immediately angrily staring at that figure.

The two figures came from the side road and went straight to the innermost shop in the alley.

They watched the two figures enter the restaurant.

“She she she……went in……” Fangfang stammerred.

Lin Yinyin angrily turned her head and glared back: “You guys see the man next to her was not the boy from daytime. Such a woman must be a socialite! Or be a sugar baby. I have seen many of these people, relying on their face to approach the rich, pinch point! “

“It’s probably not……” Shu Lan couldn’t help saying.

“How is it not! You wait and see! I’d like to see which man she accompanies. The person who can enter here must be a familiar face. I want to see who it is. Maybe the other even has a family!” Lin Yinyin was angry.

Then, in order to prove her story, a group of people stood at the door in the tail end of winter, waiting in the cold.

Shu Lan wanted to leave, but Fangfang held her back and wanted to stay to watch the show.

A group of people just stayed and waited.

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