SOOEW Chapter 149 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XXXI

She was dressed in a simple and clean white coat and jeans. Her hair was tied into a high ponytail, and she looked much more capable and energetic than usual in school.

Even if it’s back to back, he can see from her back that the person the teacher spoke of, who was born in an orphanage and admitted to a university, was actually Wen Ying!

He looked at the scene in front of him with a little surprise.

The way she gets along with the children was very different from her usual appearance. When they met for the first time, she had a fake smile on her face and desire in her eyes. It was like a vortex that could attract everything she wanted. Later when they met again, she became less annoying, but the quiet smile still gave him a sense of dissonance.

Until today, all her actions were so sincere and light, as if in front of the children, she can unload the heavy shackles brought by society.

She praised the children who had drawn well and pretended not to be able to draw lines, so that the depressed children could teach her and arouse their enthusiasm.

The teacher probably liked her very much and couldn’t help saying to him, “Now the orphanage is becoming more and more difficult. This child has a heart. Probably after listening to our complaints once or twice, she often remits money to the orphanage. To be honest, she’s only at this age, and she hasn’t got a job yet. I’m always worried about her……”

Probably because she suddenly realized that he was a person who she had only seen once, and she didn’t go on speaking.

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Jiang Tianye could still understand even if she doesn’t speak. The teacher was afraid that she wouldn’t continue on the right path. He thought of the price list that the three people had quoted when they complained. Afterwards, they didn’t really ask him for money because of their self-esteem. But just by looking at her attitude, people could understand that what they said was true and the matter was true. In a flash, he realized where her money came from.

To some extent, the kindergarten teacher was right to worry.

When he fell into deep thinking, a clear and loud call came from inside: “Big brother!”

Previously met, the boy named Mu Mu’s eyes lit up and waved to him happily.

Wen Ying realized that there was someone behind her and turned her head.

The two people’s sight met.

They walked on the road, the atmosphere was harmoniously quiet.

Wen Ying broke the silence. “Do you have anything to ask me?”

“Even if I help you, I’m not qualified to ask about you. I understand.” He replied.

She couldn’t help laughing, “You’re such a big man. How can you be so petty? You still remember the grudge from last time.”

“The teacher has already told me, you should have sold those luxuries and remitted them to the orphanage.” With his hands in his pockets, he walked slowly, with a kind of indifference and coldness. “Although I don’t agree with your means, the starting point and purpose are good. I really didn’t expect that.”

She laughed. “Although you didn’t expect that, you still can’t agree with me, right?”

He acquiesced.

“I actually don’t think I’m doing anything wrong.” She turned and walked backwards, looking at him, lightly and firmly. “It’s just a trick of the rich. They need something to pass the time. It’s good to eat, chat and laugh with them, so I showed up. When they find something more fun, I’ll be sent away. It’s just a sum of money, and they’re so poor that they have nothing left except money.”

Her words sound like the topic they just talked about, but Jiang Tianye was acutely aware of the difference.

Then she went on to say: “……I had a chance not to be an orphan before. There was someone to adopt me. “

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