SOOEW Chapter 143 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XXV

“It’s too frightening!”

“I don’t like it, it’s so ugly!”

The children’s direct and harsh criticism made the little boy bowed his head sadly.

Wen Ying touched his head and said mysteriously, “In fact, this is magic. You guys take a look.”

She pointed her fingers at the drawing paper, and the colored pattern suddenly rippled like a water wave. Then a new wave emerged from the bottom of the water, and new colors replaced the original color. In the end, the little boy’s painting became as fresh and lovely as the other children’s, and even had a gradient layer, suddenly standing out.

The children couldn’t turn their eyes away. They all exclaimed “wow”, then they immediately went to look for their paintings and handed their paper to Wen Ying.

“Sister, use magic! Magic!”

Wen Ying pretended to be in a dilemma, “But this magic wasn’t done by me. The drawing was painted by him, wasn’t it? If magic occurred, it’s also his magic. I only saw the magic.”


“Mu Mu is actually so powerful!”

“We want to see magic. Mu Mu, please draw another one!”

Wen Ying saw the boy named Mu Mu staring at the painting in his hands in a daze, so she couldn’t help but push him and let him notice the existence of the enthusiastic young ones.

Jiang Tianye looked at the side of her face in a trance.

He knew why she didn’t directly change the visual effect of Mu Mu, just like that time when she was dealing with the problem of his blood sickness for him. Because after she leaves, the “magic” would disappear. This is where she was smart and gentle.

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The children’s noise attracted the teacher’s attention. As for the magic in the children’s mouth, the teacher did not believe it, and just thought that they had something to coax the children with.

They only said that they would take part in community activities and volunteer to play with children for a day. Of course, the teachers were also very welcoming.

The day passed quickly. Wen Ying felt that it was almost time, so she went back to the apartment with him.

When she was about to leave, she grabbed Jiang Tianye’s hand and said, “I am not at ease regarding Mu Mu. I don’t know if I will have another chance to come back. Please help me watch over him……”


“I forgot to say that I had a good time this vacation too.” She blinked. “Thank you for your accompaniment, Mister Jiang.”

Her relaxed attitude made him smile. After a pause, he called her: “Qingniao……”

“En?” As soon as she made a sound, when her eyes were still confused, her body gradually faded and disappeared.

When she left, he suddenly realized that the two times were both three days long.

Similarly, the sleeping beauty who had been sleeping for three days woke up from her bed.

This time, the one waiting for her was not Xia Yi, the other party probably had something to do, so she was not here. As soon as she woke up, a camera was aimed at her, and someone exclaimed, “She woke up, woke up.”

She blinked uncomfortably.

“Hello, we are reporters from XX newspaper, because your illness is very strange. Do you have the time to conduct an interview with us?”

Wen Ying didn’t expect that the school doctor was unable to stop the person. She couldn’t help frowning, “Sorry, I refuse.”

“It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. You just woke up. It’s understandable. Where are your parents? Can they accept our interview? “

“Sorry, I don’t have parents.”

Her eyebrows were slightly cold, and she wanted to get out of bed to call someone. Maybe she had been “sleeping” for too long. As soon as she got down, her head was dizzy, and she fell to the side.

In the next second, she was caught by the person.

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